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  1. Are you the infamous da of BABN?
  2. Tbf sticking stickers all over the place is a brass neck regardless of how much it costs the club. Type of shit ye do when yer like 7.
  3. I love these kind of threads, they're always a rare laugh.
  4. Missed the game today, anyone got a link to watch or download it? Cheers
  5. That's purely dependant on the drug and the person.
  6. You must be a full blown junkie then.
  7. Kinda Patched my classes today!
  8. Good times.
  9. Exactly.
  10. Put yer tampon back in gaz FS, wee wummin.
  11. It's nobodies fault but your own if you choose to take jokes which are mostly a play on his name as racist jokes. You've came into the thread and looked at what's been written and immediately taken offence, because you didn't understand the jokes. It's not like Somali pirates are some obscure phenomenon that very few people know about, it's that famous a subject that South Park done an episode about it, and Tom Hanks starred in a film about it. Please get off your high horse.
  12. I am getting the sinking feeling that we will be seeing more of Senderos.
  13. Stoating into Ibrox with my Thomas The Tank Engine lunch box. No skool like the old skool!
  14. Well that is a relief, I will indeed get on the waiting list! I will phone them up the morra.
  15. I don't want fucking Tapas when I'm at he fitbaw, mate!