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  1. And countless other keeper captains won fuck all. I just dont think a keeper should be captain, they can't influence the game as much when the going gets tough.
  2. Won the CL is a stretch! He just showed up in his kit for a final he didn't play in!
  3. Jack. Would be shagger but if he wasnt a keeper.
  4. lidorfc


    Ability wise absolutely. Mentality wise, I dont get how you dont lump him in with guys like Tavernier. McGregor makes saves like that on an almost weekly basis, those close 1 in 1 saves, good saves, but morelos should have scored.
  5. lidorfc


    How does morelos it get lumped into that category? Played 11 games against them without a single goal.
  6. lidorfc


    Morelos is an exceptional talent, but we need a striker that can do the business in OF games, we can potentially play our closest rivals 6 times in a season, we need someone that can score in those games.
  7. lidorfc


    And he was right l, Morgan doesn't win that FK, he did literally nothing the entire game.
  8. lidorfc


    Sutton's point was they had no striker and any striker would have done better, not that Edouard was some mythical striker that could change any game.
  9. Man down today, really poor. We needed him and morelos to be on it today.
  10. lidorfc


    If that's the standard of penalty we can expect from morelos though, Tav is probably the better choice for taking pens.
  11. lidorfc


    I dont think he shat it I think he wanted to give Alfie is first OF goal. Massively backfired.
  12. I thought the same thing after the Aberdeen game mate.
  13. What the papers are gonna say is they just won their 10th domestic competition on the spin. We bottled it, better team or no, we bottled it.
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