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  1. UFC live.

    I thought you had just packed it in n turned it off in a huff 😂
  2. UFC live.

    Good fight, another draw. This has been a good card so far.
  3. UFC live.

    Gotta be a 10-8 round for Dariush there,
  4. UFC live.

    Now I hope Dariush win, love this song Credence Clear Water Revival!
  5. UFC live.

    Probably go with Dariush here, he's quality man.
  6. UFC live.

    No I know, but Everlast is just terrible
  7. UFC live.

    But we don't need Everlast singing America The Beautiful
  8. UFC live.

    Had to mute that pish, what a shite song.
  9. UFC live.

    Did you not have Stamann on for that fight?
  10. UFC live.

    As if it wasn't bad enough that 59 people lost their lives, we now have to listen to this pish.
  11. UFC live.

    Decent fight, First time I've seen Stamann, looked pretty good and his takedowns were really good.
  12. UFC live.

    What a fight.
  13. UFC live.

    ffs werdum vs lewis cancelled as well, was really looking forward to that fight.
  14. UFC live.

    Aye mate heading home from work just now.
  15. *** The Official Old Firm Match Thread ***

    First old firm game the day, I've got butterflies