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  1. It shouldn't be going ahead anyway tbh. To put on a televised event, even without a crowd you're risking people getting infected. UFC are just looking after themselves as a business, possibly at the expense of employees.
  2. lidorfc


    Needs replaced in the summer, it's like you only get half a season out of him.
  3. That's no a foreheid that's fiveheid 😂
  4. What was it that you got caught out lying about?
  5. Aye that was always the type of thing you thought was super smart. Shocks nobody that you reared your head when the team was doing shite. Absolute bellend.
  6. Are you no just a mad fantasist but? Who just comes around when the team is doing really shite and tries to act like he's been a bastion of wisdom all along?
  7. Brutal! This ko has popped up on my instagram constantly this week, that follow up strike probably took years off Rockholds life man 😂
  8. I am probably biased tbf 😂
  9. I cannot believe this pish, the taigs are probably gonna lose the night, and these useless fucking cunts are getting beat off Hamilton at home. What fucking chance have you got with these pretenders?
  10. Thought Romero beat Costa tbh.
  11. Defo rooting for Romero here, probably my favourite middleweight. Some really good fights on ufc 248,
  12. lidorfc


    Just laughed at that for a good 5 minutes solid 😂 superb.
  13. Ahh well, if the league wasn't over before it is over now, not a chance this squad pulls this back.
  14. Oooooooohhhhh weeeeeeee!!! Arfield stepping up, love it.
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