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  1. Supplements do get tainted with steroids and amphetamines though, but once is a mistake, twice you're either being extremely negligent or you are just cheating plain and simple, either way I have zero sympathy for Jones. I just dont see this being a mistake, that is just too convenient. Jones to go to Rizin? All thw steroids a man could want in Rizin
  2. I also now believe my calling in life is to be a drug designer for athletes :lol: My course is just perfect for that, I could totally hook JJ up with some undetectable shit in 4 years when hes back from suspension and I've graduated
  3. Tbh after this, DC was right. Cant hate on him for that, he will be the rightful champ if it is conclusive that JJ took tbol.
  4. Tbh im not that fussed about whether he was clean for his other fights, pre-usada was the wild west.
  5. Aye he gets the belt back after Jones has been afforded due process. Dana said as much.
  6. Cormier will be back after this. Great fighter, perhaps Cormier vs Gus for the title?
  7. Yup, im inclined to agree. So dissappointing, has all the physical atteibutes and talent i the world, and still has to cheat, extremely frustrating as a fan. The only person to defeat Jon Bones Jones is Jon Bones Jones, and that is so sad.
  8. The UFC were booking Jones V Miocic for UFC 218 as well :(
  9. Pretty sure you sacrifice a percentage.
  10. I think it is time to accept that Jones is a real idiot, blessed with insane ability. I just find it strange that he was on steroids during the fight, the whole reason for using steroids within sport is so you can train more, recover quicker and put on more muscle. I just dont understand why you would take the risk of using them going into a fight, you would have a strength increase and increased confidence but it is hardly worth the risk a potential 4 year ban!
  11. Jelavic and Mendes in the same sentence as Gazza and Laudrup
  12. Hard to shoulder roll a south paw, leaves you open for a straight left. I doubt you'll see an awful lot of that in this fight, which is a shame because watching Floyd shoulder roll is a joy.
  13. There is stupid, and then there is Jon Jones, having steroids in your system during a fight is really stupid, it is a certainty that you'll test positive if and when you get tested. That is one self destructive man.
  14. No chance would Mayweather fight McGregor under MMA rules, James Toney experienced what happens when a pure boxer steps into the octagon wrecked in no time.
  15. I will see what happens, Mayweather absolutely strolling the fight. For all of this fights ridiculousness I just don't imagine it being fixed.