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  1. Felt so bad for him 😂 1 mistake and Ronnie just comes in and clears up. What chance you got?!
  2. Paul Craig with another submission.
  3. You give off heavy mass shooter vibes mate 😂 take a day off from the internet.
  4. I will reserve judgement until we are a good bit into the season. Optimism is there though.
  5. Mario yamasaki would have been proud of that stoppage.
  6. Good card, last fight was a bit if a snorefest though, Usman is gonna be one of those champions that bores people to sleep then complains that people dont like him.
  7. Tuned in to Witcher 3 atm, really good game, so much to do. Spent a good few hours just roaming about checking out loads of random locations for loot. Need to get into the crafting and alchemy more but enjoying it.
  8. O'malley is gonna smoke this cunt.
  9. He had Cruz trying to goad him into a brawl, was excellent viewing, his boxing was just on another level. When he brought the wee guy into the octagon I was ready for greeting man
  10. Aye he gets way too emotionally invested, his performance against Cruz is one of the all time great championship performances as well, the talent is clearly there, just has a habit of biting down on his mouthpiece and brawling when he has the ability to just outclass people.
  11. Cody needs a win the night 100%, decent card..
  12. Genuinely think I could do better.
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