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  1. His face after he says nigga ­čśé­čśé­čśé he got too real!
  2. Obviously an exaggeration mate but not by much!
  3. They're no playing against joiners though.
  4. Is Fallout New Vegas still really buggy? I was contemplating starting it once I finish Doom.
  5. The card was that poor, I was awake I didnt even bother putting it on until the mcgregor fight.
  6. He had the same problems against Masvidal that he had against McGregor, struggling with punching power and scar tissue. I know I'm sounding like a heavy hater right now ­čśé­čśé I'm just not that enamoured by the fights he has won at 170, they're basically lightweight fights minus a weight cut. If he done that to like wonderboy or something I'd be all in.
  7. As much as I love Diaz and Cerrone, I would be a hard pressed to consider them elite welterweights.
  8. Look at what he done Diaz mate. Ran through him ease, wasnt even that competitive. I know MMA math is bullshit but still ­čśé I think it would be right a good fight,
  9. McGregor didnt break a sweat or even mess up his hair that fight ­čśé took cerrone's soul!
  10. Most of Masvidals losses have been close split decisions that could have went either way no chance does McGregorjust run through him. Everyone seems to underestimate how good Masvidal is,
  11. Cunt must have some kinda premium adblocker! Jesus Christ!!!!
  12. Did you come out with this shit when page after page of slaughtering was aimed at Lee McCullouch?
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