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  1. Undercover for over a decade 👀
  2. 😂 Exactly mate. Why is it always the fucking mental ones that say they don't drink?
  3. Turns hot when you start your bawbaggery no doubt.
  4. You keep going on about contributions to this thread, whilst contributing nothing yourself besides entertainment.
  5. probably because you've been acting like a fucking lunatic in this thread mate 😂
  6. Can't argue with that.
  7. SonOfLuther was on the sauce the night man, fuckin' hell.
  8. Prick, quoting me before I noticed I mispelled De Boer Aye all's good bro, just busy with uni n work! finished up the day thank fuck.
  9. R. De Boer was the first name the popped into my head, could have joined Man U, joined the best club in the world instead, standard.
  10. When he says it he thinks he's made a fucking great point as well 😂 unreal.
  11. lidorfc

    Mortal Kombat 11

    My first memory of gaming is playing Mortal Kombat on the sega, probably one of my earliest memories. Exactly the type of game you love when you're like 5.
  12. I can't recall ever watching a 5-0 pumping with a good bit of extra time added on tbh. Probably not something you would remember right enough
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