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  1. lidorfc

    Gerrard: I’ve got two teams in my heart now

    he's never not gonna get asked about Liverpool.
  2. lidorfc

    Offical complaint lodged against Willie Collum

    "C'mon lads, we're no saying he's biased, we're just saying he's a fucking shocking ref" Love it.
  3. it's not even just prominent ones, there's a deathly silence. Every single one of them that acted like this is was smear tactic by Rangers fans has been clamped.
  4. Watching the news just now, chickens coming home to roost sounds about right.
  5. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    230 about to start, Adesenya vs Brunson up first, what a fight.
  6. honestly ready for turning this pish aff, absolutely brutal to watch.
  7. lidorfc

    New T.V deal?

    Streaming is going to be the way forward, streaming platforms are already making inroads into sports like boxing and MMA with the Canelo and Joshua deals plus bellator signing to DZONE , I don't see TV becoming more popular, it's popularity will on wane.
  8. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    ? Khabib takes no prisoners.
  9. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    Casino was quality seeing all the gutted taigs ??
  10. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    Buzzing for this.
  11. lidorfc


    I doubt it, but then again I missed every single goal so just going on instinct