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  1. Eduardo Bring Back The Bandage.
  2. First top in a few years for me I reckon.
  3. I am pretty sure his comment was tongue in cheek mate.
  4. Ohhh so sleepy
  5. Fat Irish cunt in the pub the night says he seen Danny doon Ibrox
  6. Why would a glass making factory buy more glass?
  7. Man those lads really can't catch a break
  8. I don't think we're gonna ram the 2.7m down his throat mate.
  9. Ultimate team ledge.
  10. They get it wrong all the time. For every Lewandowski there is a Freddy Adu to match.
  11. Very positive signing, hopefully just the beginning of an interesting summer.
  12. Well I for one am appalled. And shocked. Shocked and appalled
  13. This Boxing vs MMA nonsense is getting extremely tiresome. Rodriguez will certainly go on to bigger things, I actually think that loss will make him a significantly better fighter, it's a certainty that he'll put a lot of work in on his wrestling, defending off the back etc, and at 24 he's got 6-8 years before he's in his prime, he'll be ridiculous in his prime, future champ. Don't know if he'll be a superstar but Justin Gaethje who's just signed with the UFC is an absolute cert to be a fan favourite at lightweight, he's so fun to watch.