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  1. That's what makes me laugh man, they're acting like this is some huge achievement, when their biggest rival has been Aberdeen for the majority of those titles, it's not, it was a formality.
  2. It's bizarre how so much of their fanbase buy into it though, they've literally had a clean sweep 3 years running but they'll still claim there's a conspiracy against them.
  3. Always cheated, never defeated, they're just laying the groundwork for losing the league! "but, but the referee's!!!! said it at the start of the season they wouldn't let us get 9", so predictable man 😂
  4. That was fucking good man, main card was excellent.
  5. No cheered like that since Diaz choked out McGregor!
  6. Same, thought with how Yoel finshed those last 2 minutes in the 2nd round he'd done enough to maybe snatch the round. Not a fight you'd want to judge though!
  7. Fuuuuuck that was a great fight, so close!
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