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  1. lidorfc

    How long have you supported the Rangers?

    Didn't go to my first game until I was like 18 as none of my family support Rangers and the friends that did didn't really go to games, was the 95-96 away kit that drew me to supporting Rangers, asked my parents for it and have been a Rangers fan ever since, so about 22 years. Kit was a fucking belter
  2. lidorfc

    Jamie Maclaren

    The optimism I had for next season is fading quickly, feels like we're going to have quite a few loan players.
  3. lidorfc

    Jon Flanagan

    Rangers fans in general have blind spot for Gazza, myself included, the double standard can usually be seen in stan collymore threads.
  4. lidorfc

    Out?: James Tavernier

    One of our most potent attacking threats, wouldn't sell him for 3m. Not the best defender but I don't get people saying he's pish, he's clearly not.
  5. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    What a fight that main event was, couldn't pick a winner.
  6. lidorfc

    UFC live.

  7. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    god damn, holly holm just kicked her ass on the walk out music shit now want holly holm to win.
  8. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    want Megan Anderson to win just for this epic walk out tune.
  9. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    3 good fights in a row I reckon coming up, buzzing for RDA v Covington
  10. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    don't agree with that.
  11. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    arlovski for me, looked really good in his last fight, actually utilised a lot of wreslting.
  12. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    isn't he like a blue belt? to be expected for someone that's trained on the ground so little. it just sounds ridiculous that someone that's been training BJJ for 4 years is still rudamentary. You'd think you could do a lot in 4 years, but not in BJJ, nuances to that shit.
  13. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    because he got into it old, if he went into this at 24 having been training 4 years solid he'd be way more polished, but he's older, in his 30s trying to learn MMA. he looks like an amatuer because he's an amatuer, better yet he's an old amatuer.
  14. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    CM Punk is a man that got into martial arts too late, all the heart in the world he can't learn this shit as quickly as he needs to.
  15. lidorfc

    UFC live.

    Can't believe I missed the Overeem fight becuse this got moved to a main card.