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  1. I can't recall ever watching a 5-0 pumping with a good bit of extra time added on tbh. Probably not something you would remember right enough
  2. You'd actually need to be a mongo to get that tattoo.
  3. It's really not sometimes, it's the overwhelming majority of the time they use the former. I've never heard a black person self identify as the latter, maybe you have but I bet it's nowhere near as even a distribution as your making out.
  4. Black people don't call themselves niggers, them call themselves niggas, they are pretty explicit about it and see it as a distinction between what they themselves refer to each other as and what white people refer to them as when being racist.
  5. lidorfc


    Really good game tonight, so comfortable in possession, reckon he'll go from strength to strength, could me a mainstay in the middle of the park for us.
  6. Got Gio, that's about it I think.
  7. Fucking buzzing after that goal! Went from pure anxiety to absolute joy.
  8. Scottish football is has to have some of the worst officiating in world football.
  9. Loads of people get into football at a much later stage in life. Not everyone grows up in a household where one the parents like football and support a team, you're also neglecting the fact that loads of people have a 2nd team who they like to see do well and regularly buy their tops/merch.
  10. Yeah and you're not a snowflake. Absolutely seething because you're not getting a free tour.
  11. Because the vast majority of young people are on social media all the time, half them even get their news through social media, it's a great vehicle for PR, every big club now has good social media presence. Are they all wrong and wasting their time/money?
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