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  1. He will be gone by christmas i think. Cant see what he is trying to do.
  2. Dont think Pedro going to be the man to turn things round. Hope im wrong but cant see what he is trying to do.
  3. Why the fuck is this clown still playing a narrow diamond.
  4. None simple as that
  5. Too late 800 quid paid for me and my son follow follow
  6. Celtic got all the width again Pedro learned nothing from last week
  7. Too early to judge but playing a 4-4-2 narrow diamond yesterday was a bad move considering there strengths come from width. Also i have question marks over his no 3 appointment.
  8. Pedro standing laughing at end of game. Whats that all about
  9. Reminds me of semi final 2 years ago
  10. Pedro tactics to blame for me
  11. Double check time mate are they not only 1 hour ahead!!
  12. Just back from Glasgow.Rangers FC No Surrender and Martin Mcguinness sucks cocks in hell banners on motorway bridges just before fort
  13. 6/1 with bet365 11/1 score and win 18/1 2-1 Rangers. 10 quid on each bet for me
  14. Sad news RIP Ugo. GBNF
  15. Added sky sports to my package £6.87 a month. No contract just 31 days notice to cancel.