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  1. The accusations of them robbing us blind and bringing us to the brink of administration again have been crushed. Any level headed fan will see that (**puts tin hat on**)the board for all their flaws, have made progress in the rebuilding stages. Other than the non-playing wage bill I don't think the accounts are disappointing.
  2. I eagerly await the sack the board patrols comments, especially North Rd.
  3. All the hate towards specific fans is getting extremely tiresome!!
  4. I have only been a member for around 1 month and was wondering the same. I stay away from twitter, Facebook etc so the problems may have occurred there. I understood e was just a Rangers fan like the rest, I may be wrong.
  5. I really don't know what to say anymore, my brain is frazzled!
  6. 100% agree, unless we unite to fight these fucking leeching bastards together. This support needs to unite now for the good of our club, keep saying it but we really are running out of time to act against this mob.
  7. Scumbags the lot of them, easy enough to say don't rise to the bait but they irritate me that much a good auld glesga kiss would certainly sort the situation out. Hit one and the rest will bottle it and not be seen for dust. But keep it out of sight of the police if this is what it resorts to, Glasgow Cup showed they are all mouth!
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