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  1. Whilst I agree with numerous posts in this thread (and we all have opinions) the question remains.....when Mark Warburton (and his back-up team of scouts, etc) approached Barton with a view to signing him they would have been fully aware of his chequered history, so the events of the last week can not be brushed aside as "unlucky"!
  2. A part-time wee team from The Rock, On the 12th of July heard folk talk, Of how "Selik are great...you'll get humped, just you wait" But the bold Lincoln Gimp walked-the-walk.
  3. Nah.....that's the logo they should embroider on the back of the cassocks of alter bhoys. (drum roll, rim shot...cymbal crash)
  4. Can I just say at this juncture............."Fuck the Scottish Nazi Party!" Thank you.
  5. Wouldn't open the curtains if they were playing in my back garden. Fuck them.
  6. Banned? Moi? Nah.....been busy elsewhere and generally life getting in the way. Been a semi-regular visitor to the Boardroom section these last many months.....my continuing discomfort with the GASL chap doesn't always go down too well.....but hey-ho......time will tell if my doubts about him are justified. Nice to think I've been missed though.
  7. Bilel Moshni is the victim here....his only crime was to defend himself against a cowardly bastard who attacked (yes.....attacked) him from behind. Any other take on that fact is bullshit.
  8. Rangers' supporters voting for this shower of divisive republican shite need to take a long hard look in the mirror. The enemy within right enough.
  9. Was KMcD told the same script for McCulloch?
  10. *Note: See my comment on another thread as to why he won't do "walking away". You couldn't give him a red neck with a nuclear powered blow torch.
  11. 2.30pm and you've missed him. McCoist arrives around 12.30pm, sometimes earlier, sometimes later. Timekeeping was never his strongest virtue.....nor is humility.
  12. Ach never mind. The lads will have fun chatting about this at The Auchenhowie Holiday Camp tomorrow. If they don't discuss it there they'll surely discuss it in Nando's afterwards. Meanwhile...back at the ranch...........
  13. He doesn't (will absolutely not) do "walking away". He is not up to the job at hand, despite having more resources than any other team in the leagues we've been playing in these last two seasons and for that we will suffer for some time to come. Still, let the young cheer leaders sing his praises from the Broomie Front and everything in the garden is rosy. Nice work if you can get it, eh Ally?
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