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  1. Pointless.... just like the employee who does background checks at celtic boys club
  2. The lads just a nazi sympathiser (allegedly) https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/88_(number)
  3. Ronny will be sitting laughing on his payoff money
  4. fucking hell no pussy footing about with that statement
  5. There's no point in jogging about with your arms out Kiernan.. fucking tackle him
  6. for fuck sake wait for 2 years and get an extra 10 million! only a complete fud of a transsexual pumping kind would be that thick to accept a job and ruin his Thailand lady boy pumping fund
  7. he'll be slumped in an alleyway baw deep in a greasy kebab by half twelve
  8. No matter how this finishes the future is looking very good for us, maybe need to add some height in the summer for set pieces.
  9. does she actually believe her own shite or is it a desperate attempt to get likes and retweets?
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