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  1. I was just thinking this myself mate
  2. Well lads im glad i right about it, but on the same token i cannot put in words how fucking angry i feel, dirty vile bastards, may they rot in hell!!!
  3. Nah, i just text him to see if he was at it, he says hes not. So we will see
  4. Mate if its a wind up ile be the first to come on here and admit it, hope its not or ive just made a pure arse of myself
  5. I thought that to mate, not unless the ccunt is at the wind up? we will see in the rhags tomorow
  6. Anyway should be intresting how much this is picked up on by the mhedia tomorow, ahem
  7. No blood stained poppy on our hoops, cunt i work with is a s/t holder, he just text me that they have a banner up at h/t saying this, they really are scum of the earth.
  8. Another fanny, going on about the refs. shuan is his name btw
  9. Aye lawrie thats the wee toad im talking about, what a bitter bitter wee fanny
  10. Some F*nian bastard mumping his gums about our world record of 53 titles, saying that it doesnt count for anything as we play in the spl. If a better man had been in charge ov the hoops, they would have won the title. Why dont you go home ya bitter wee coont!!!! watp
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