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  1. keithgersbear

    Scottish Cup Draw

    We are going to win the Scottish cup this year. God wills it!
  2. keithgersbear

    Defoe's Wages

    It's probably 20k at best from the club side of things anyway. So probably half.
  3. keithgersbear

    Andy Murray Retires

    Retired at 31 but hey Alexander the great died at 32 and they still speak of him.
  4. keithgersbear

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    Who would have benefited from that? Only now is this football club recovering and running again. In patients terms we are in remission.
  5. keithgersbear

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    Some of our fans don't realize just what a terrible situation we were in. Expecting to keep senior international players at the caliber of Davis is just naive.
  6. keithgersbear

    Return always on mind after painful exit - Davis

    Who gives a shit? Davis was proved right in his move and played very good stuff in England. We were in a dire situation.
  7. keithgersbear

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    We did well to pay the cleaners at the start of the dark days, never mind being able to pay players like Davis.
  8. keithgersbear

    Official: Steven Davis Returns

    No one here will give a shit if they help us beat that lot.
  9. keithgersbear

    Steven Gerrard MBE - New Manager

    Defoe wouldn't have come to Rangers if Gerrard wasn't our manager. Big names attract big signings.
  10. keithgersbear

    Defoe confirmed

    Really great signing. He is exactly what we need.
  11. This is why my philosophy is do not believe in conspiracies or make excuses after excuses. Deal with it ourselves and look at ourselves beyond all else.
  12. All the complaints is just sour grapes.
  13. keithgersbear

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    The next 5 league games will decide it imo.
  14. keithgersbear

    The Tide Has Finally Turned.

    Focus has to just be on the next league game. That's all.
  15. keithgersbear


    The lure of Gerrard strikes.