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  1. keithgersbear

    The Boxing News Thread

    Not in the UK. It would be on box office most likely.
  2. keithgersbear

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    Very odd considering the amount of Rangers fans controlling the IFA I would imagine!
  3. keithgersbear

    UFC live.

    I can appreciate the loyalty he has to family to be fair.
  4. keithgersbear

    UFC live.

    Could do with a nickname for this notorious event. The brawl in T Mobile doesn't have a great ring to it.
  5. keithgersbear

    Kent goal

    Kent is electric!
  6. keithgersbear

    UFC live.

    Stamina is his biggest issue. I've only ever seen Mcgregor win one really dog fight so to speak Diaz 2. Malignaggi was right he seems to look for a way out. In such a scenario you dig down and go to the trenches and look to get that one shot. He seemed to just give up.
  7. keithgersbear

    UFC live.

    Conor Mcgregor should never have fought him until he got 2 or 3 UFC fights under him before he stepped in with him.
  8. keithgersbear

    UFC live.

    Should probably take the win off him.
  9. keithgersbear

    UFC live.

    From the 3rd rd Khabib just left his chin open. A real boxer would have ironed him out in that instance.
  10. keithgersbear

    Carl Frampton

    If he bulked up he would murder Mcgregor in a boxing match.
  11. keithgersbear


    Utterly ridiculous thread.
  12. keithgersbear

    What the Austrian press had to say about last night..

    We do have some real idiots on this forum ...
  13. keithgersbear

    What the Austrian press had to say about last night..

    Finally some real news for a change and not fake news!
  14. keithgersbear


    Fantastic player and attitude. Always on the move.
  15. Ryan Kent was like a throw back no fucking about at the full back all game stretching them and dribbling, work rate he was brilliant.