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  1. Is Arsene Wenger insane?

    Is he mentally alright? I can not believe that he hasn't resigned or declared that he is leaving at the end of this season. He has turned Arsenal into a complete laughing stock in European football, sitting in 6th place and can't buy a win right now. Its the worst period I have ever seen from Arsenal under him. Why won't he just leave at the end of the season or declare it now that is his intention? Why stay for another season when the atmosphere around the club is horrific.
  2. Is Arsene Wenger insane?

    The club isn't even finishing in the top 4 anymore and worse of all Spurs are finishing ahead. He needs to go ASAP. Can't be allowed to wait until 2019 for change. Another season of this is a joke.
  3. Is Arsene Wenger insane?

  4. Is Arsene Wenger insane?

    I imagine as a neutral or rival it would be. I'd be laughing too lol. It's pathetic.
  5. Is Arsene Wenger insane?

    Watching Wenger on the touchline now is painful viewing. It's like a boxer having 10 fights too many thinking he can still win the world title, punch drunk. It was shambolic last night. All over the place and sitting in 6th position. Sliding down the league table. It's a joke.
  6. ***Official English Football Thread***

    So many players in the Premier League when going forward play far too narrow a game and over complicate the game. Just now with Utd in the Everton game. The forward rushes to get the ball out wide, passes it to the full back in a way which allows the full back to just swing it in with players making runs forward in the penalty box. Instead he passes it back ways or sometimes turns inside to the midfield. Whatever happened to just the full back whipping the ball into the penalty area? It makes the opposition move backwards towards their own goal which they don't really want to be doing and it gives the attacking team the chance to attack the ball and score. Nowadays so many players and teams try to complicate it, overpass it and it goes nowhere. It's pathetic watching it.
  7. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    The atmosphere was awful from them. Think it's one of the biggest myths in football.
  8. ***The Official Scum vs Rangers Thread***

    Should have won. I think we could catch them next season with better players and a new manager and start quickly in the league. Complacency could undo them.
  9. ***Official English Football Thread***

    England in the World Cup should be doing all they can to play to the strengths of Harry Kane and build the attack around him.
  10. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Man City in a way have actually ruined the league this season, no competitive edge to it anymore. PR disaster for the league.
  11. ***Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Match Thread***

    People feeling sorry for Murty must be joking? He didn't have to take the managers position and he is getting paid to do it. He isn't a manager.
  12. ***Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Match Thread***

    I just want to see actual progress in the league, playing good football, being within closing distance of them by at least 5 or 6 points, not miles behind, showing that the club is heading forward to the ultimate goal of winning the league. Nothing is literally happening and hasn't been for a long time, just hanging about 3rd or 4th positions, doing fuck all in the cup competitions. It's shambolic. What are we seeing that makes you think in 3-4 years time we will win the league again? Anything pointing that way at all which is what we should be looking out for.
  13. ***Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Match Thread***

    No manager, a board which hasn't recruited a proper manager, making shambolic decisions or lack of should I say and horrific signings. The fans need to demand changes on who makes decisions on recruiting players and appointing the manager. The club is an utter shambles right now. Forget competing for the league, don't even compete for the cups or have won anything meaningful since returning to the top division and that's unlikely to change this season. A huge overhaul is needed next summer throughout the club. Club isn't moving forward imo and if you think it is, you could only make the argument that it is very painful slow progress forward based solely that the club was in the lower divisions until recently.
  14. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Wenger needs to go and gets slaughtered by Arsenal fans rightfully but Jurgen Klopp needs more questions asked. Absolutely terrible at the back and haven't done anything since he arrived in England. Going 2 up away from home against a top 4 challenging side to find yourself 3-2 down in 5 minutes. That is scandalous.
  15. ***Official English Football Thread***

    Two joke teams in the league
  16. The Boxing News Thread

    Salido did what was required to win and he beat him. That is the point. Before comparisons start being made of the all time greats, let's start seeing more of him, let's put Garcia in with him.
  17. The Boxing News Thread

    Also what money did the fight make? If no one outside the boxing fraternity is interested then you don't make any real money.
  18. The Boxing News Thread

    So what? He is being mentioned alongside Muhammad Ali and Sugar Ray Robinson. Let's just wait and see. Let's see him fight against Garcia. Rigondeaux was also 37.
  19. The Boxing News Thread

    The guys he fights have no balls. He fought Salido, got roughed up and lost. Way too overhyped and he fought a guy who moved up two weight divisions.
  20. Super Sunday

    It's arcade football, not proper serious football.
  21. Super Sunday

    Klopp hasn't won a pot for Liverpool as manager. Time for him to be judged.
  22. Super Sunday

    It was a penalty because he pushed him over.
  23. Super Sunday

    Guardiola always has his teams being progressive with the ball and trying to actually score, not fucking about for most of the game in your own penalty area.
  24. Super Sunday

    Mourinho teams play horrific football.
  25. Tune into Talksport Drive now for a Timplosion!

    Rodgers is a conman who is the most luckiest manager in Scottish history due to the fact ourselves don't have the players or manager required to challenge them. Very lucky. Taking absolute hidings against any good side he faces.