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  1. They want no part of Joshua. Hell Wilder is dodging Dillian Whyte who would probably stop Wilder himself. Certainly got the power to do so. Wilder doesn't have a great chin.
  2. But you have similar standards in other countries leagues and they can still produce much better than Scotland. Every single campaign it is the absolute pits. As I said it's a joke.
  3. Why are Scotland so hopeless? It's beyond a joke. Should be some sort of investigation into it it's that bad.
  4. Why is it shameful? We have people on here who either want him to go or skeptical. So it's only fair to ask them who they want to replace him. It's well and good saying you want the manager gone but who you want in is the bigger question.
  5. For those people who want Gerrard out (although I think a minority view right now). Who should we bring in then if we replace him? Realistic names.
  6. A game such as this and we can't watch it. Unbelievable.
  7. They should have been buried 3 or 4 nil before they scored. Two things lead to this result. One is the players on the pitch not just shutting the game down and the second is taking chances. We had numerous chances to score and again I don't see how it is possibly Gerrard's fault that players aren't taking point blank chances literally. I thought the pace we played with gong forward was very good, particularly in the first half and we created the chances to win the game easily.
  8. The transition play now compared to 4 months ago is night and day.
  9. THIS is our season. Make no mistake about that.
  10. The league is gone. But Gerrard needs to just keep building. Keep adding better players and keep improving. it's clear we have made big improvements this season. Let's win the Scottish cup and finally win a major trophy again and then focus on the league next season. I think we will be much better in the league next season.
  11. Should be looking at putting 7 or 8 past this lot.
  12. De Gale was absolutely all over the place in the fight. Got battered. He should have retired when he won his world title back in the rematch and called it a day.
  13. People have to ask themselves would he be saying all this if his team had won? I am almost certain he wouldn't. Sour grapes frankly that his team got battered. He tried goading Gerrard for the last few weeks and his team got spanked.
  14. The majority of these people are not Catholic or Protestant. They don't know anything about the Bible or attend Church. It's a political and cultural.
  15. Who actually gives a shit? People in society pretending to be Catholic or Protestant just to be offended. It's all nonsense.
  16. The only time we look like doing something is when Kent is running down the wing or at defenders with his pace. The speed at which it happens is vast compared to how every other player operates.
  17. The ball needs to be zipped to the forwards quickly. It's how you get the defenders unsettled and not in position. It's far too safe and brings with it no rewards.
  18. Sideways passing, slow passing, shit movement and no tempo to our game. Which makes me think we are a boring team to watch. How many here enjoy watching us play?
  19. We drew away to Dundee this season. I pointed that out as my basis why I think cements how we won't win the league and got criticism for it. I said we simply didn't have the consistency or the players to win it but others disagreed. I'd love to know what they saw that I missed. Did we look like winning this game at any point? It was a shite performance from beginning to end which has happened numerous times this season. The passing is slow, the movement is average which is perfect for these teams. Contrast how the scum usually sweep these sides away with quicker passing and movement which they can't handle. If you play static one pace against these sides you are going nowhere.
  20. I don't think they have been under real pressure at all this season. I don't think the scum dressing room thought at any stage this season they weren't going to win the league. Not because they are brilliant but because of how inconsistent we are. We can't put 5-6 wins in a row in the league.
  21. Only winning the Scottish cup would make this a successful season all things considered. Otherwise all we have had to enjoy this season is two things. Getting into the Europa league group stage and beating the scum in a game. Outside that it's not been great otherwise. Would bite your arms and legs off for a Scottish cup win.
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