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  1. Could maybe call it the Texaco cup and run it for a couple of years in the early 70s then abandon the idear because of a total lack of interest.
  2. Pretty much everyone hates it down here..
  3. Rab Douglas. Such a shite keeper for them.
  4. Black and white mate. Also Smethwick Rangers and Black country Rangers from Dudley
  5. That's me done. Fuck this shit. Gonna be 4 or 5 nil
  6. I'm just about to start out for Wembley for the jags v colts game. Am predicting a big win for the colts, the jags have been poor again so far. See you at the game mate, I will be wearing a Rangers hoodie
  7. Got me ticket for jags v colts at Wembley on the 4th of October so I'm looking forward to that..
  8. I honesty thought we had fucked it when we concided the penalty. But I was wrong, the new Rangers got the job done in the end. Well played the Queens eleven.
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