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  1. Laughing everytime a potato gets it.

  2. The parasites all know they are on the way out, and they will take what they came for in the first place, by hook or by crook. "He said he only came for the money" - yes, and he may well leave with it all as well. This is exactly why having a supporter involved who also faces the prospect of losing his club is a good thing. He will fight as hard as us to make the club a success and protect it for his sons and daughters as well.
  3. The only reason Ally should be agreeing to meet popcorn teeth overseas is that Ally will know exactly where he will be, and at what time, and that as a result of the EU recession, any work carried out over there will be cheaper than in the UK.
  4. Well done to Ally and Co. As someone on here said recently - when I was young, I dreamt of playing for The Rangers. I didn't dream of playing in the SPL. Says it all really.
  5. It does in Ayrshire - no fuckin way would any tarrier be getting proposed.
  6. Lets hope we have some positive confirmations tomorrow!
  7. Only a fool declares his wealth - the more you have the more the taxman wants. On paper your a pauper - offshore your not.
  8. I didn't read the rest - are they thieving f*cks or not? I got various family members life memberships with the ticket, etc - after the fail to pay incident I have always felt that the credibility was shot through.
  9. I am tired of AJ. I saw him in Florida and had a chat a couple of years ago - never a Rangers man as per our understanding. He is extremely concerned with how he looks publicly, but ultimately does not give two hoots re our team. Just another selfish prick, that unfortunately we seem to have a plethora of. Very, very disappointing.
  10. The Euro is done. Everyone knows this. Why would the SNP not amend there plans? Because they are spastics? They are a strange group of folk who appear to know nothing of the global economy. The big boys are already moving cash into the USD FFS. Wakey wakey you mongos.
  11. I know several passionate Scottish focused/blinkered Rangers supporters. None of them live in Scotland though. To me that says it all. If you love it that much, why don't you go home.
  12. I heard Malmo played well at the weekend. We covered the game and the report was that we are going to have to play very well to get a result. The stress is building and its only 0236hrs here in Alberta - feck!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. 28 is ideal. Most players peak between 28-32. They have the legs/fitness combined with the required stamina, they have heaps of experience and know what its all about. Rangers played some of their best football with players all in that age bracket, Gazza being the perfect example, and I don't hear many on here complaining about him!!
  14. Sitting here watching it now with my father. What a friggin first half!! Superb. I actually feel quite drained already. Just can't believe that we are 3 up!!
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