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  1. Deffo blue, unless its one of these mind trick things where some folk see a different colour!
  2. Oh yes they do! One of our greatest strips
  3. Yessss alfie!! Now put these wee dicks out of europe!
  4. Hopefully back where they belong next season when clarke is offski.
  5. Its worrying and in any other country questions would be asked.
  6. Hate to say this but Alfredo is done in scottish football, as soon as he touches a player the decision goes against him, just a man down now.
  7. If this is barasic fighting for his future, well he better start packing.
  8. Teams on feckin hols mode already, games over. Plus killie are cheating fucks! Pisses me off that these pathetic wee clubs even trouble us these days.
  9. Notice the killie home end sell out has went well!
  10. Not and never was going to happen, from a couple of sources on twitter
  11. Can't resist his usual dig at us, but never thought something like this would be printed! His lord and masters won't be pleased. SCOTT LUCKY Scott Brown hasn’t worked for his celtic titles like Billy McNeill did, says Davie Provan Brown secured his ninth league title yesterday and if he isn’t among the most gifted celtic captains, he has to be the luckiest COMMENT By Davie Provan 5th May 2019, 12:27 am Updated: 5th May 2019, 12:27 am SFA compliance officer Clare Whyte has a tough job, we know that. In the madhouse of Scottish football she’s in charge of law and order. Brown celebrated in front of Rangers fans The governor of Alcatraz probably had an easier gig, but Whyte is well equipped for the task. With a masters degree and a stint at the Crown Office under her belt, she shouldn’t have to break sweat at Hampden. Which made the silly decision to charge celtic skipper Scott Brown after the last Old Firm game all the more ridiculous. The midfielder was cited for “failing to act in the best interests of Scottish football” after grandstanding in front of Rangers supporters. It resulted in a full-time rammy between both clubs It smacked of a feeble SFA attempt to even things up after Alfredo Morelos and Ryan Kent got themselves into bother. Predictably, it resulted in no punishment for the Hoops captain. You can’t suspend a player for holding his arms aloft. But Brown knows he shouldn’t have been anywhere near the Rangers fans. There were nearly 60,000 celtic punters he could have celebrated with. When the rest of his team-mates had turned to their own supporters, what was the celtic captain doing taunting Rangers fans? If you’re celtic skipper you’re supposed to lead by example, but Brown has never lived up to the armband. Sure, he broke no rules, but his behaviour was cheap. Brown sealed his ninth league championship as a celtic player But by throwing this trumped-up charge at him the SFA allowed him to play the victim card and he’s milking it big time. Apparently, he was smashed in the face but still managed to walk away from trouble. It’ll be the first time. You’ll have guessed I’m not in the fan club, but it would be churlish to dismiss his contribution to the club. You don’t last 12 years at Parkhead unless you are a strong character. He’ll go down as a terrific celtic servant. Fifty-odd caps for the national team also puts him comfortably in the Hall of Fame. But spare me the idea that having more caps than Bobby Murdoch and Bertie Auld makes him a top midfielder. Despite the silverware Broony’s piled up, he’s well down the list of proper celtic players. Thanks to fawning media coverage, his reputation has always outstripped his ability. Brown has now won 18 honours at celtic In a league where serious opposition has been absent for most of his celtic career, he won the lottery when signing for Gordon Strachan. There was never a better time to join Celts. If Brown isn’t among the most gifted celtic captains, he has to be the luckiest. How many of his predecessors have had it so easy? Certainly not the one we lost last week. Billy McNeill skippered celtic to nine in a row in an era when every championship had to be earned. In 1965-66 the first was secured when Jock Stein’s men edged Rangers out by just two points. The next season the gap between the Old Firm was three points and two the season after that. Aberdeen were beaten by two points when celtic secured number six, Rangers were pipped by a point for number eight. For number nine, Hibs were runners-up, four points behind Celts. Opposition at the time was fierce. McNeill is celtic's most decorated player Between 1965 and 1974, Dundee, Kilmarnock and Dunfermline all reached the semi-finals of European competitions. Rangers were beaten finalists in the 1967 European Cup Winners Cup before winning the trophy in 1972. celtic reached two European Cup semi-finals and two finals, winning in Lisbon. The notion that a Broony ten in a row would overshadow Cesar’s nine is comical. With Rangers bust and having to make their way through the lower leagues, the title was gift-wrapped for four years. Even now, the Ibrox outfit are a shadow of the club they should be. Elsewhere, Hearts, Hibs and Dundee United have all spent recent time in the Championship. The only credible opposition Brown’s boys have faced during this run was from Aberdeen — and that is still a mismatch. And when the hapless Ronny Deila can deliver back-to-back championships it sums up the quality of opposition. But hey, don’t let the truth get in the way of a good story. If Brown can stand up long enough, he’ll be the man who collects an historic tenth consecutive championship trophy. In the history books there are only names and numbers, no explanations. For Broony, that’s just as well.
  12. Actually a fair point, forgot he was their manager.
  13. Was going to ask the same question about Sandy Jardine, dont remember there being anything from other clubs?
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