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  1. New Manager... Who?

    Yes, definitely
  2. Millers Agent

    If the majority of his performances over the last few years are 'his all' i'll leave it thanks!
  3. Millers Agent

    What has he given us? And don't give me the 'he never walked away pish' that means nothing, from what i've heard he stayed for an easy ride on good money. And to top it off he's a terrible captain and an even worse defender.
  4. Millers Agent

    Not pissed about it, guess i'm just hoping it results in getting wallace to fuck!
  5. Millers Agent

    Hopefully Wallace's stance gets him flung out the club as well. Manager had shown more passion and desire for the club in his short time here than our so called captain ever has!
  6. Millers Agent

    This would be my bet for the leak!
  7. Linfield

    I know a lot have a liking for Linfield but why would any Gers supporter want to give that scum of a club they are playing extra money?
  8. Craig Mulholland

    Was he actually speaking to them or have they just ripped off an official Rangers interview?
  9. Pass Marks

    Oh shit its the spelling police!!
  10. Them celebrating

    Totally agree, have always said just give them the normal away allocation, its a home game should be all about the home support. And yes that'll mean less at theirs but so what.
  11. Jack and Dorrans

    Jack does what he is meant to do and did to day, unfortunately he's playing next to a passenger in Dorrans who brings absolutely nothing to the team.
  12. Dirty lego eating bastard

    Not just him, they as a club are, they can do what the want with no fear of punishments, the goading of our fans at the second goal was a disgrace and the referee made no attempt to stop it.
  13. Pass Marks

    McCrorie, Moroles and Jack for me, possibly Cordosa. Jack as he was basically in midfield himself.
  14. Barry- Pedro Must Play Kenny Today

    Cue the told you so from wee Barry if it all goes pear shaped now!
  15. Alves