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  1. Nothing has been released by club re CCS etc. yet though?
  2. Anything been announced about ticket allocation yet?
  3. Potentially a really good player but seemed to be more interested in the money, cars, lifestyle and not helped by us giving him silly money.
  4. But, but Ally said he couldn't play on plastic pitches!
  5. Ok, good one👍
  6. Connecting flight to Liverpool?
  7. Contacted them this morning requesting an update on elections for replacement directors and also a response to the speculation surrounding the resignations. Won't hold my breath for any significant response.
  8. Yeah thats my worry. Hope he gives some insight on here if he can.
  9. 3 directors resigned, anyone heard the reasons? Believe one if them is d'art? Contribute to this but fast getting fed up with it as i don't see any positives from it.
  10. This isn't a number 2 role as many keep saying so wouldn't be that bothered if Barry got it as he knows the club and whats expected of a Rangers player.
  11. Yeah been caught out with this as well. Was sure it was a one off cost but noticed the charge this month. On my credit card so probably go through them to make a meal of it. Fly gits!!
  12. Yep using the dembele dollars conversion rate this is correct.
  13. Will be Miller with another year on his playing contract.
  14. TBH the least involvement king has with club the better. Hate how he is continually called the owner in the media as well, he's a shareholder and appointed chairman.