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  1. Injury Update - @4Ladhadadream

    Yeah probably mean a wee debut against the sheep.
  2. Acceptable second half of season?

    Avoid admin2
  3. ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Not only missing the tackle but also taking out his closest teammate who may have had any change of catching him!
  4. Ibrox Memorial Garden

    Looks even better in the plans with the gates.
  5. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    Full matches are being show the following days on freesports
  6. Tav

    Read somewhere recently that he recently changed agents as the new guy could push moves to prem teams.
  7. Niko

    Shit corner get him tae!
  8. Niko

    Adding nothing to the team and so so slow to everything.
  9. New assistant in place for tomorrow?

    Pretty sure like everything to do with us recently it will be completely underwhelming.
  10. Rangers supporter or Rangers-minded: what's the difference?

    This is the way scottish football is going, fans here (particularly kids) are more an more becoming fans of english teams or barca and real. Thats what happens when certain leagues are shoved down your throats on a daily basis.
  11. Could there be more to the rumour ?

    What was said mate?
  12. Protests?

    Yes! Starting with before and after Wednesdays game, whatever the result. Fed up with a decent result papering over the cracks and everything dies down again, we need to start pushing for change or we are done for the foreseeable future.
  13. Season ticket renewal.

    Would normally be yes as thats what I do, but went for unsure as I think we are now at the stage where the board need to be sent a message and season ticket sales may be the only one that works.
  14. Useless Bastards

    We are a club of useless bastards from top to bottom! The only positive is us the fans who continue to go and support this mob. We need to wake up, pull together and force the useless excuse for a boards hand.
  15. ***Official Kilmarnock v Rangers Match Thread***

    The only thing embarrassing is us! Who gives a shit about the rest of the league its what we do that counts.