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  1. Yeah have direct debit set up. Saw the guys where at the game on saturday pushing for sign ups, apparently they got ONE, which is pathetic from a sell out crowd, can't believe more fans cannot sign up for at least a £1 a week.
  2. Just saw this on twitter, claims to be new away strip?
  3. Heard that this has been shelved as they may be looking into doing something with Edminston house? Just pub talk from a few guys, so may need a pinch of salt!
  4. Our full back desperately need upgraded. Hodson us another bit of deadwood that still needs punted, along with Wilson, Wallace, Tavernier, Holt, Windass etc. etc. Cannae even be arsed typing their names anymore!
  5. I see the usual players get slated, Pena, Herrera etc. But no mention of Dorrans, he was woefull today! Even before the red. Ps apologise if he was mentioned but can't be arsed reading all pages.
  6. Gordon is an internationalist with a reputation in England. 2-3m for Wes would be a great deal.
  7. Maybe walker deal not such a cert?
  8. Decent offer and i would take it, £3m ish,
  9. All the best Martin. You gave us a good season. Now lets use the cash to tie up Walker and maybe get Moult as another option up front?
  10. What the feck is he doing?!?
  11. Cannae do that now, those new banners are in the way!
  12. All the best, but another piece of joke squad gone, great news.
  13. Response below, maybe its just me but the tone of that couldn't make it seem more forced if it tried, seems to suggest nothing but contemp for the incident