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  1. Ah so its a satire problem we keep getting hammered about all the time
  2. If there is only one version, the one i heard about hating roman catholics is pathetic. How many players and ex-players have/do we have of this religion and some muppets from the dark ages in our support are still making up new songs about it. Cue the hand wringer comments that are the norm on here when anyone expresses this sort of opinion.
  3. Heard this at the semi last week, we have had some pish/cringe chants but this is right up there!
  4. Was cummings not scoring in the premier before they got relegated?
  5. Ironic its not available here!
  6. Apart from Miller, better than what we have and needs must so a reluctant yes.
  7. Was just thinking about this, when was the last time we went a season without beating them?
  8. Cheers mate
  9. What did the banner behind the goals say at half time? Was behind it so couldn't make it out.
  10. Hate to say and think this but at such a low point just now its all i can think of, but maybe they all didn't kill us 4/5 years ago but there were enough knife wounds to put us in critical condition for a slow painful death! Never fealt this low about my team as I do just now and just don't see how we come back, we are pathetic on and more critically off the park.
  11. The one plus point in this absolute clusterfuck of a season................... Was him not signing the new deal he was offered.
  12. Is that after the first euro tie?
  13. FFS! RIP big man!
  14. The kids worth at least 30m (dembele dollars) so should be paid to suit this, so probably about 100k a week should do it? But seriously, hopefully he kicks on even more and Wallace becomes his back up and our ex-captain.
  15. If this is in anyway the case, whats the point? We might as well shut the game down in this country.