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  1. Not sure about this, the game and where we are in the grand scheme of things has moved on since he was with us before. Where we shop and how we spend is completely different.
  2. Had a £15 discount when I renewed today for the buy back, nice surprise as I hadn't been advised at the time that it had been re-sold.
  3. Don't think we'll get shot of him now, Think Joey has blown his managerial career today, allegedly attacked the opposition manager and being investigated by the police.
  4. Sky made the show didn't they? Could see there being licensing issues with the premier league
  5. Don't know why sky don't have dream team included in on demand?
  6. Not a tv show but in the film twin town dougray scott's character supported us.
  7. Not a chance, They have a bottle merchant of a manager who continually tells them they are not good enough to challenge them so beat before they start. Obviously hope they do though! This treble treble pish gives you the boak!
  8. Apparently they want to sign him permanently.
  9. Can you do a bit more of it please👍
  10. Going to be that way until the fat mans claws are out if it.
  11. Offered two match ban
  12. Good news, will make a big difference. Kinda related, what's the latest on the proposed memorial garden/wall?
  13. No real update but its being reported in the press that it affects a few scottish clubs but we aren't mentioned, which is strange as I'm surprised it hasn't been turned into a major negative headline against us?
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