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  1. He'll probably he back on loan in a few weeks, like had been predicated many times in the Ryan Kent thread in the transfer section👍
  2. They do at the moment and as far as im aware there has been no court rulings to date stating we must pay SD x amount of millions (I'm prepared to be corrected on this from any of the experts about this on here)
  3. I remember when Emery was one of the highest rated managers in Europe! If he thinks wee dodgy hips is worth that and can improve them he's done.
  4. Just saw this in the sun, either Arsenal are panic buying or the scum need some deflection from something else coming out?
  5. Pretty sure there has been metion of all the banners around the stadium being tidied up or replaced as part of the ongoing works.
  6. Ok wee hypotheticall question, ashley offered to cancel all retail contracts and related court cases for Gerard would you take it?
  7. Yeah the head of clyde sports gaggs on the the scums PR companies owners knob
  8. Hate to say it but this wasn't a surprise, Warburton's team was dreadfull and had been for months and also Stubb's had Warburton's card marked after a couple of games against them.
  9. Tend to agree, don't think he will have a future with us.
  10. Thats going make some difference when finished!
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