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  1. More than likely it's more clickbait shite from the Record. Edit: read the article. Regarding Rangers statement on restructuring which unsurprisingly doesn't mention a DoF anywhere. File under daily rebel clickbait shite.
  2. It's Darren Fletcher the BT Sport commentator coming in to replace Jim Hannah...
  3. Can we not just wind up Club 1872, stitch up Houston with a newco and move on? SEVCOOOOO
  4. Absolutely spot on @Dunny_01. You know something absolutely stinks when your hard earned doesn't even reach its intended destination. You also know something is hoaching when good Rangers men like D'Art are having to stand down from fan rep because of the actions of a person who cares for none but himself. The whole thing fucking stinks. The sooner this guy is hounded out of our club the better, he'll never represent me as a fan of Rangers Football Club.
  5. It is mate. He's just wearing a disguise. Secret Service.
  6. Just have a look around on this. Subway station, pub across the road. Ibrox stadium 2 minute walk away on Copland road. You won't get lost.,-4.30435,340h,-10.22p,1.85z
  7. / Sevco
  8. @RFCRobertson I'm getting pulled up via pm for my amazingly shite thread intro... Worth every second.
  9.  Thought replacing the Hamilton badge with a picture of the Hamilton Palace was more relevant as more people go to the Hamilton Palace each weekend than physically watch Hamilton Accies
  10. If ever. Somebody of Laudrups raw talent would be worth a fortune in todays market. Gazza likewise. Ross Barkley who was touted as being like a young Gazza a few seasons ago already has a 50 million pricetag. No chance we'll see the likes of them in Scotland ever again.
  11. Whats 89 million Pogba Pounds in Dembele Dollars?
  12. Sorry mate but there's about 3 other threads on this mutant wanker already. I was hoping a group of our fans would get him first before Sturgeon's Gestapo (hello ) give him a wee breach of the peace warning and a £40 fine.
  13. It was yours truly who started all that form guide pish, badges etc etc. I've just enjoyed mocking our opposition in the last few threads.