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  1. Negri and Mols. Unbelievable stickers the pair of them.
  2. All games off for the foreseeable. Ian Maxwell, Scottish FA chief executive: “Today’s announcement is made in the interests of public health but, equally, the health and safety of players, match officials, and staff across the game. This is of paramount importance as the country enters the ‘delay’ phase of the coronavirus pandemic. “It is also why the Scottish FA is compelled to ensure that the suspension is cascaded through the non-professional and grassroots games until further notice.” https://mobile.twitter.com/spfl/status/1238429643352485894
  3. Great team. As Braga were. No complaints from me. As you say. Its getting beat off relegation foder like Hearts home and away that really kills us.
  4. Booking flights for Poland as we speak
  5. P.S. George Edmundson. What a fucking performance.
  6. We seen the high line from Braga in the first half. Gerrard swaps Kent and Kamberi in the second half. Pace down the middle. That's what got us that goal. Well done to Gerrard for seeing it, seems obvious now but that is a great tactical change. LAST 16 HERE WE GOOOOOOO
  7. Just the highlights bud but with a completely over the top French commentator I had to endure last night. Wasn't complaining at the time!!
  8. Hungover to fuck.. sorry bruh. Anyways. Video at the top.
  9. Shit. Let me try find a YouTube version.
  10. https://streamable.com/c4wd0 Guessing the Scottish pundits didnt sound this infused (enthused) by our comeback non? (Sorry for the video quality, originals were banned, it's all about the audio anyway)
  11. We need to bottle that european mentality in to our domestic campaign. Not sure how we do it, against shitey teams that play 11 behind the ball but that passion in the last 35 minutes was immense, Braga didn't know what to do. Well played the fans as well tonight. Superb.
  12. It's not over till its over but fuck me. What has happened since the old firm? We look like we've gotten too ignorant and downed tools. Ojo just doesn't have it. Aribo has but only once every 4 games. Kent is not performing at the level he should. Davis/Kamara/Arfield.... bang average. Not sure what the answer is but that's 2 years in a row we've came back from Dubai and looked completely off the boil.
  13. This. Young boys did really well in Porto. Took the lead then a 50/50 penalty decision went against them. They're a decent outfit. This group is wide open. Small margins. Just so happy to see us punch against some big names in Europe.
  14. Warrell looked like a fucking giraffe on ice trying to defend that. Fucking awful.
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