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  1. Why don't you ask him: @AndyHalliday
  2. Been a few times over the years and I'll be there on Sunday. It's a good experience. Definitely worth the money to be able to watch the game with a big crowd of Gers fans.
  3. Didn't Kenny get stuck in to and batter a taig or two just a few hours after the 5-1 embarassment? On that note, congratulations Kenny on getting POTY!!
  4. Entrepreneur. Business Turnaround Strategist. EBTS. Somebody is pulling the Scottish Suns pisser. The Scottish media are absolute mongos
  5. Right you. You're only a 10 hour flight away. I'll fly over. Pick you up. Take you back to the airport. Fly you back to Glasgow, drive you over to my home town for a square go. All you need to do is PM me. Ya fucking shitebag dafty.
  6. True. Cathro would have been embarrassed by Hearts there if he was watching. He's a supposed developer of technical ability, that was like a juniors relegation battle.
  7. Match Report: Another couple of goals for Atayaki.
  8. Full time. 2-1 Gers.
  9. Currently 2-1 to us, was 0-0 at HT. That tipster is gash.... Put it another way. A supposed gambling expert wants to make money by selling tips to others. If he was that fucking good at gambling he'd have made a fortune already and wouldn't need to sell tips for money.
  10. Fucking hell. Thought I'd logged on to my mo_bhoy undercover account on Kerrydale Street by mistake there. Sevcooooo. Aye, I'll applaud at the semi final on the 67th minute, as long we've scored or Hill has broken Dembele's leg on the 66th. Hail hail ya'll.
  11. You never seen any drunken arseholes on new years in Glasgow? Where the fuck did you go? Can't speak for all but certainly for me, based on my experiences. West End (my area) is nearly all ticket only. Thats most of the pubs and clubs around Byers road etc. Ashton Lane is shut off. Taxis are double accross the city - no getting away from that. Sauchiehall street is the usual hive of drunken idiots at new years - it used to be me to be fair, again nightclubs did charge more if I remember. As for the weather? Chances are it'll be miserable. Thats just Glasgow unfortunately. Depends what age you are I suppose. But I can safely say that none of my best nights out in Glasgow occured on New Year.
  12. Thought this was going to be about Ra Sellik giving his boy a trial...
  13. New Year in Glasgow is a fucking rip off. Double fair taxis, every pub and club charging a premium to get in then the shitty set menus you get in a restaurant for a premium as well, all of them filled with drunken arseholes. All on top of the gaurenteed pishing rain, minus 4 temperatures and the worst part, jacobite trannies jumping about in kilts singing "auld lang syne". Maybe people are starting to realise that Glasgow isn't actually that great a place to bring in the New Year, it certainly isn't value for money. But aye... blame it on a game of football that happened 12 hours earlier.
  14. His agent has been fucking laughing for about 10 years now... Ronaldinho, Kaka, Beckham, Thiago Silva, Seedorf, Shevchenko... Phillip "HEED DA BAWWWW" Senderos.