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  1. Well. He's actually a left back. One was a left midfielder/winger most of his career and the other was a right footed right back. Just my humble opinion and experience from youth football but playing in your natural position from a young age is when you feel more comfortable. Plus he's young and can be an understudy to Borna. The other two were older.
  2. Just from their responses on Twitter. I'll find a link. https://mobile.twitter.com/LCFC/status/1269309902473789441
  3. Happy about this. Far better option/prospect than Hailliday and Flan at Left Back who were never nautral left backs. He can challenge Borna. 20 years old, built like a tank and will be on relatively low wages. Leicester fans rate him. 4 year deal. Happy days.
  4. I genuinely fear this. Embarrassing if that's the case.
  5. Ness, McCabe, K Hutton and MacLeod. All looked to be very promising youth talents but not one has reached their potential.
  6. Its becoming blatantly obvious that MSM in Scotland have now retracted any sniff of open corruption and are now back pandering to the SPFL. We shouldn't be at all surprised. Just hope to christ the Rangers board have substantial enough evidence to reveal the corruption without any shadow of a doubt.
  7. Watch this probe disappear quicker than the email.
  8. Fair.... but the selective relegation/promotion still stinks. Fully knowing Brechin would lap it up.
  9. Amazing the SPFL predicted that League 1 and 2 would be a challenge to win in isolation so combined them then stopped relegation from League 2 just to seal the deal. Corrupt fucking bastards. I really hope the evidence we have will blow that organisation away for good.
  10. https://fourladshadadream.blog/2020/04/11/corruption-and-lying-exposed-as-Rangers-call-for-resignations/ Dundee secretary admitted "Neil and Paul" were in contact with the Dundee chairmen so the secretary was told to hold back from resending the vote as the Dundee Chairman is now in a powerful position for negotiating a yes vote. ICT chairmen confirmed it on sportsound.
  11. Maybe the SPFL have a firewall to block all emails that contain information on paedophiles. That would explain the deafening silence.
  12. Very good point actually. Scanning a document to PDF is the done thing in business. I can't believe all members took photos of the vote on their phone then emailed an image of the vote. I know lockdown is going on but I simply don't believe it.
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