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  1. My ex had nae wheels but she's still a bike.
  2. I think a few threads is more than deserved. We have been put through the blender over the past 5 or so years. Getting called cheats from almost every aspect of the Scottish game, having to listen to Scottish Media pander to the morons trying to get our titles taken off us. A few threads laughing at their failure to do so is tame in comparison. If you think this reaction was bad, I wouldn't log on here for a few days when we win 55. It'll be utter bedlam, and rightly so, expecially towards those bastards that tried to destroy us.
  3. He went bankrupt twice? FS. Newco Newco Barry Ferguson.
  4. Newco Barry Ferguson.
  5. Sell Wes. Get McGregor back on the cheap. Far better keeper.
  6. Relegation. Then I can't be too dissapointed when we finish 3rd again.
  7. Who did that?
  8. Some laugh when it turns out 5,000 of the 10,000 signitures came from Rangers fans
  9. Hahaha FUCK. THAT. Even if every single one of the part time team were as high as a fucking satellite I'd still refuse to get back in.
  10. Na with my old man. Thank fuck I wasn't in there
  11. Aye mate. Last time we did it the board (Whyte) was counting on that money to survive then came admin etc etc. Wouldn't surprise me if King handed PC that transfer kitty with Europe in mind. Utter shambles.
  12. Thank fuck I'm flying back to Vienna tomorrow morning.