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  1. This. Young boys did really well in Porto. Took the lead then a 50/50 penalty decision went against them. They're a decent outfit. This group is wide open. Small margins. Just so happy to see us punch against some big names in Europe.
  2. After today Kent's value has probably went up a few million while Morelos down by the same amount.
  3. Warrell looked like a fucking giraffe on ice trying to defend that. Fucking awful.
  4. His clearances in the first few minutes gave me the fear. Putting our defence under unnecessary pressure.
  5. Warrell, Halliday, Jack and Candeais have all been absolutely dug shite.
  6. That was fucking dire. Going to watch the last 15 of Juve v Atletico. Doubt I'll bother my arse watching the second.
  7. I'm hoping it's just the fact he hasn't played first team football since August. Hopefully he improves with more game time.
  8. Hahaha! Not even going to entertain this thread for the foreseeable. My pulse was higher in the last 5 minutes than in the gym the hour before.
  9. ? Between that and everyone posting their betting slips!
  10. Katic is going to eat Hendry for breakfast on set pieces ?
  11. Aye. Our biggest rivals losing their biggest single source of financial income. You're right. We shouldn't care.
  12. Flanagan suspended and Barisic cup tied, Jack and Coulibaly big doubts, Dorrans, Rossiter and Wallace still nowhere near fit? Hodson and Halliday could well be in contention to start this game.
  13. That wasn't even a fucking yellow. The Aberdeen defender never reacted. What a fucking joke.
  14. Play Hodson, Halliday and the rest of the wasters. Then if they play well ask Wigan if they want to buy any of them. Would swap Powell and Grigg for they two no bother. Powell expecially. Great wee player who should have made it at a bigger level.
  15. Chances of France bottling it as per Euro 2016? I'm also sitting in a bar in the French quarter in Hanoi. Filled with the French. All adds up to 1-0 Croatia as I'm the kiss of death.
  16. Treat Scott Brown the way you treat your misses and we'll love you forever.
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