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  1. "Hullo, Hullo, How do you do We are the boys in royal blue. Where er we go we fear no foe We'll keep the blue flag flying high" Good to see Marseille quoting a Rangers classic anthem.
  2. An action which in itsef actually breaches IPSO guidelines. Shameful
  3. Yep
  4. So you would rather remain silent whilst our haters, assisted by their puppets in the media, attempt to set a ball rolling - the fruition of which would see us stripped of titles and trophies ?
  5. I dont think he will either go or be sacked - not after the board have sanctioned that summer spending & he has brought in his own players. I do think he will be summoned to the boardroom however for a little chat. Given the horrendous performance in the last OF game coupled with that dire display last night I suspect Pedro is now on the 2nd of his 3 strikes and then youre out.
  6. "Did you and yours ?" Bob I spent part of my military career fighting the IRA - do you think Im going to purchase a newspaper which has pro IRA editorials ? In terms of overall effectiveness I would agree with you - the most effective way of stopping this is to ensure their sales slump. However I dont think naming and shaming the main protaganists, and highlighting their unedifying conduct does any harm either. We need to get the message out there to fellow bears - buying or subscribing to the organisations who employ these people is basically funding a hate fest against our club.
  7. No bud I wont take a directorship - but happy to help the organisation in any way I can.
  8. I disagree. In a members led organisation the member's should always have the power to effect necessary change.
  9. I said just over a week or so ago it had been an unmitigated shambles. Its now up to 3 Directors with the re-engagement with Laura and Joanne. So do you disagree with the statement they have issued - ie you dont feel there is a particularly toxic agenda led campaign against our manager, by certain sections of the media ?
  10. Jumped ship ? Do you mean when I resigned over a matter of principe and values & which I felt compromised the organisation ?
  11. If you ever wonder why our club is in such a mess this thread provides ample evidence. We seem to have greater enthusiasm for attacking our own rather than the biased, hate filled and agenda led media which gave rise to this statement from Club 1872, supporting our manager.
  12. Agreed deco. Robert Prosinecki could, control the midfield area despite not being blessed with a turn of pace.
  13. Nope its not that at all CSB - if I honestly thought the Dude or any other Rangers blogger writing for the DR would be afforded a platform to do as you describe then they would have my full support. But if any bear thinks the Dude or any other Rangers blogger for that matter is going to affect change at what appears to be a particularly rancid publication from the humble position of a club blogger, then I think they are being delusional at worst, over optimistic at best. The acid test of course will be if a club blogger was to have published in the Record, an article which refutes and usurps some of the lies and rubbish the Record themselves have published.
  14. I understand where you are coming from James - my own feeling is that at times we are even oversensitive to some press articles. But this newspaper now has a catalogue of unedifying conduct against all things Rangers - perhaps no co-incidence that they have a business agreement with our greatest domestic rivals. From falsely vilifying our fans, the nature of some of their journalist's tweets, promoting a malevolent agenda of "conspiracy to pressurise referees, I dont think this newspaper's conduct could be filed under my previous assertion of "oversensitive". Only you can tell us how influential that "foot in the door" will be to affecting the necessary change required, personally I would not be very optimistic. Id be more confident of such a change occurring when falling sales force a strategic re-think.
  15. Thought it was a decent article Dude - though I feel by writing for them, even in the capacity of a "Rangers Blogger", I do feel its acquiescing to their unacceptabe behaviour. Be honest was there not a touch of "30 pieces of silver" when you received your payment from them ?