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  1. D'Artagnan

    Jason Cummings; Why did we take him on Loan?

    Great analysis Oz Pity we could not get the opportunity to assess him properly under a decent manager who knows what he's doing
  2. D'Artagnan

    Vidal sassoon

    Just checking the finer details & you are more or less correct with the figures. However there are some conditions attached regarding our songbook with one notable change to an Ibrox standard... "Its the blue, blue blue rinse of Ibrox"
  3. Taking them on like this has been made a whole lot harder, particularly after years of intransigence and neglect under Murray. We need to be consistent, measured yet relentless in all our dealings. They will soon get the message
  4. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

    This is quite an about turn from Jackson given his initial stance over this. Tom Engish will be feeling quite isolated now given Spiers also gave us backing in his Times column.
  5. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

    I can see this thread metamorphing into is it "Ready" or "Aye Ready"....
  6. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

    I dont think for a moment backup is Tom Engish Id guess a lot closer to home - Ed or one of his associates
  7. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

    Thank you for your kind words bud. I think you may find Im around a lot more in the immediate future.
  8. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

    Probably most of us bud when it comes to the delicate intricacies - except of course for darksiders, who appear to be resident experts in all things concerning Rangers.
  9. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

    Im not knowledable enough BA to know if King is 100% correct as the finer details of corporate governance and COI are way beyond my basic level of understanding. What I do think however to the layman - this whole thing stinks and the stench is getting stronger with every revelation and denial by the SPFL, aided and assisted by their media lackeys.
  10. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

    Lawell's goto recruitment firm in much the same way as Harper MacLeod do all their legal work. Part owned by a friend of the son of Dr John Reid according to a poster on FF
  11. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

    From FF... You will never guess who conducted the recruitment search which landed McLennan. https://www.telegraph.co.uk/football/2017/07/11/telegraph-media-group-deputy-chairman-murdoch-maclennan-appointed/ Enough to put you in the mood for dancing...
  12. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

    Interesting ....
  13. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

  14. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

    As I said earlier I tend to agree with the summation that King knew he would not get any kind of enquiry or investigation - whether he cited there was a prima facie or not. Its started a conversation - whether that was his intention or he was actually serious I cannot say - Im just glad, to quote @Courtyard Bear that we have started chipping away at a wall of corruption in favour of one club - which we all know exists.
  15. D'Artagnan

    Dave king statement

    Im willing to bet that flowchart (SFA WEB of Corruption) which was doing the rounds a while back will make a re-appearace.