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  1. This is exemplerary of the problem - its not the media who are the problem but "obsessives" amongst the Rangers support. Despite the fact the national broadcaster saw fit to compile a montage of Morelos incidents and broadcast it outwith its sports section. Where our player is stereotyped due to his nation of origin and treated unfairly until he recieves less than balanced coverage in the media and subsequently less than balanced or fair review wheh subjected to retrospective discipline. But dont you worry this is all in us "obsessives" heads.
  2. You dont think there is a particular narrative being set ? Despite the evidence showing Broadfoot raking Fredo's achilles yet still Fredo draws the ire and pelters ? No surprise then that in such a climate appeals against red and yellow cards fail
  3. There was a considerable blip in the anti-Alfredo Morelos narrative currently being driven by sections of the media in Scotland. Sadly, the predictable one-way traffic was not brought to a sudden halt by an ex Rangers player speaking out, no, Barry Ferguson and Lee McCulloch were too busy acquiescing and adding to that negative narrative with criticism of their own. In a week which showed Kirk Broadfoot raking his studs down Alfredo’s Achilles heel, you might have thought the onslaught would abate for a few days – but alas, this is Scotland we are talking about. Instead it was left to Chris Jack of the Evening Times to write an article, https://www.eveningtimes.co.uk/sport/17510914.how-alfredo-morelos-has-gone-from-medellin-to-Rangers-multi-million-pound-man/ not only defending Alfredo, but in addition, humanising this young man so many have sought to dehumanise with comments such as “buffalo brains “and relating his upbringing to something from the Narcos Netflix series. Jack highlights a young man brought up in extreme poverty, who has never forgotten his roots, who remains respectful to his parents and the country of his birth, and for whom the lessons learned from such a harsh upbringing remain a driver towards success. Perhaps in any other country such a young man would be seen as a positive role model rather than the devil incarnate. But the comments of Ferguson and McCulloch really rankle – their adding to the anti-Morelos narrative serve to give it a sense of normality, when in fact it is anything but normal – it is in fact, abnormal. And no amount of ex Rangers players selling themselves to the highest bidder should allow us to lose sight of this fact. It has been a concerted campaign to demonise our prize asset and the likes of Ferguson and McCulloch, with their strong Rangers antecedents, adding their weight to the millstone being placed round Alfredo’s neck serve to give this concerted campaign a sense of credibility. Ferguson and McCulloch are by no means the worst, Kris Boyd demonstrating his ability to adapt to the anti-Rangers agenda with considerable aplomb following a series of articles and comments criticising his former club. His lack of consistency in his arguments demonstrate Boyd realises which side of the bread requires to be buttered to ensure a favourable return. You make your bed and you lie in it. I hope we as fans and in particular RSC’s will remember those who have served the dirty pieces of silver some sections of the media will pay in order to provide a sense of balance and credibility to that which is unbalanced and lacks credibility. Hopefully the club itself will add some solidarity when the same individuals go begging for tickets. “To be a Ranger is to sense the sacred trust of upholding all that such a name means in this shrine of football. They must be true in their conception of what the Ibrox tradition seeks from them. No true Ranger has ever failed in the tradition set him.
  4. I would. Any reasonable person, capable of a modicum of discernment, would realise our club is being held to and subjected to an unlevel playing field and would be moved to defend her.
  5. Calling out Matt Lindsay on twitter on his ridiculous article that the sheep support ar "untainted by bile"
  6. Im recovering from some medically related problems, which have left me floored.
  7. Mine going to the bus - to ensure 1. it goes to deserving bear 2. our RSC does not lose revenue as result of my bsence.
  8. Our final ball into the box isnt good enough and furthermore. our defence struggle to regularly keep a clean sheet
  9. A factually based, evidenced article will always trump the nonsense and drivel from the anti Rangers brigade within the media. Given the utter disaster Compper was for them, the rants of the like of Parks deserve to be utterly ridiculed, so well done to The Dude for doing so. The only journo Ive seen crticising Celtc's recruitment (or lack thereof) has been Stewart Weir. Meanwhile I see that other Stewart - he of failed trialist fame - was busy suggesting Brown's reckless challenge at the weekend warranted nothing more than a yellow. 🤣
  10. Had the pleasure of meeting Ed a few years ago at an organised get together on here. Passionate bear & great company. In recent times we have rarely seen eye to eye over boardroom matters - but he will be sadly missed
  11. I've never asked her "how old's yer granny"....
  12. My new, 21 year old, Taiwanese wife has been keeping me busy elsewhere bud...
  13. celtic grievance machine now in full flow - despite the fact they played a whole season in 1995 at the national stadium (including a cup final) For a club which boasts "if you know the history" they sure are selective in their recall of it.
  14. So, dignified silence then. How did that work out last time round ?
  15. I woud suggest Virtuoso has done the opposite - he has given it one click & reproduced it on here - thus negating the need for any us to click on it.
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