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  1. Kiernan - Alves Halliday - Jack Holt - Dorrans Wilson - Cardosa Waghorn - Morelos Garner - Herrera I guess your defintition of "backwards" is way different to mine.
  2. Update on Ibrox Safe Standing | Club 1872

    I agree with that logic V. What I would say however is that its clear events from January 2nd 1971 are still particularly raw for those who were there & it will proably never leave them, therefore I think many will be cautious or concerned, albeit mis-placed, at the thought of the re-introduction of standing areas. I think as a support we need to be both respectful of and work with those harbouring such concerns, to allay such fears and convince them safe standing is not a regressive step or a compromising of the safety ethos which saw us re-build our magnificent stadium.
  3. Sad news -- Bear passing

    Thoughts & prayers Host was he @HelmutSchoin on twitter ?
  4. Police Scotland OBFA submission

    Still to be decided I think - hence the request for submissions from all interested and relevant parties bud
  5. Police Scotland OBFA submission

  6. 12 Angry Men

    It depends on the intepretation of "maximise".- I think during a period of re-building and restructuring it is unrealistic to expect that your achievements will emulate previous settled squads, many of which were of a far higher calibre of player.
  7. 12 Angry Men

    Would you not agree though Frank it is unrealistic to demand, as Gmanpoints out, that every single season has to be maximised ? I think that is simply an unrealistic achievement given our resources. We as fans want our youth structure to work - Im not convinced we have the patience as a support to see this to fruition. Given that part of the a "good manager" DNA must be the identifying and recruiting of good players - how long would you consider the timescale for us to establish whether or not we are the 2nd best team - 3 games into a domestic season ?
  8. 12 Angry Men

    @Reformation Bear - Id certainly settle for that timescale RB
  9. 12 Angry Men

    I concur the European result is indefensible Frank. But we are 3 games into our domestic season with the players Pedro has brought in , and more importantly he has access to the players which fit his sytem and footballing ethos (where the inherited players didnt). Im neither convinced he is a great coach nor am I similarly convinced he is a complete dud. The only thing I am convinced about is that its too early to judge
  10. 12 Angry Men

    Its not pretending it didnt happen - its whether its an accurate tool in assesing his competency for the role for a variety of reasons
  11. 12 Angry Men

    I accept I have been generous to Pedro in that article - but as I said to Smile I dont think evaluating him with a squad of inherited players is a particularly accurate indicator. On the 2 occasions we have failed to take full points domestically this season we have been the victims of bad and incorrect refereeing decisions.
  12. 12 Angry Men

    Tell me about this incompetence Frank.
  13. 12 Angry Men

    The thing is Bristoe - its not a comparison, I have tried to qualify that in the article by suggesting it is something of an apples and oranges evaluation. The point that is being made is that patience and realistic assessment of the challenges faced should feature in the equation.
  14. 12 Angry Men

    Yep. Im not anywhere near convinced either bud. All Im suggesting is we exercise a little caution and patience before we press the eject button
  15. 12 Angry Men

    We would have to agree to disagree on that then bud. Im not convinced managing an inherited squad of players is a good benchmark.