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  1. Steve McClaren

    The Sun reporter Andy Devlin has admitted on twitter that this is "absolute guff" and the newspaper has now taken down the story. Sky Sports Scotland have regurgitated the story this morning, which is particulary embarrassing for them
  2. David Moyes

    Its no secret on here Davie Moyes and I used to go to games regularly together - his own family were bears including his brother Kenny. Davie and I lost touch when he signed for them & I joined the Marines.
  3. Ryan Jack

    I had an clear and unrestricted view of it from the Copland bud, to say I went ape shit would be an understatement...
  4. Article today

    Anyone who deals in facts would disagree Blue Fin
  5. Article today

  6. Ryan Jack

    You are far more charitable than me KK - I would have opted for the term "shafted"
  7. Ryan Jack

    I'll never forget this..Beaton's decision - free kick to Hibs
  8. Ryan Jack

    If, as they say, these things "average out over a season" - we're in for a bumper second half when penalties & offside goals rain down like mana from heven
  9. Ryan Jack

    You really have to wonder PH, I never thought Id see a worse display of refereeing in my lifetime than the Hibs game at Ibrox & then the Motherwell game came along. Thats 2 reds Jack has received which have been overturned - its not beyond reason to suggest his erroneous ordering off has cost us dearly. The club really need to keep speaking out on this as per their recent statement - its not paranoia when your claims about sub-standard refereeing are firmy based in fact
  10. Ally McCoist

    Na bud, just got fed up with Destiny 2
  11. Ally McCoist

    When did we start issuing free drugs to members ?
  12. Davie Provan gets it almost right...

    Hard to believe after an AGM in a tent & Lewis McLeod sold to "keep the lights on" Provan could come out with this sort of pish.
  13. Kiernan - Alves Halliday - Jack Holt - Dorrans Wilson - Cardosa Waghorn - Morelos Garner - Herrera I guess your defintition of "backwards" is way different to mine.
  14. Update on Ibrox Safe Standing | Club 1872

    I agree with that logic V. What I would say however is that its clear events from January 2nd 1971 are still particularly raw for those who were there & it will proably never leave them, therefore I think many will be cautious or concerned, albeit mis-placed, at the thought of the re-introduction of standing areas. I think as a support we need to be both respectful of and work with those harbouring such concerns, to allay such fears and convince them safe standing is not a regressive step or a compromising of the safety ethos which saw us re-build our magnificent stadium.
  15. Sad news -- Bear passing

    Thoughts & prayers Host was he @HelmutSchoin on twitter ?