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  1. 46 years ago to the day

    One of my all time Rangers favourites Zap
  2. Next manager : who is NOT a gamble?

    I think it is an unrealistic expectation Colin - even some of the best managers have bombed now and again. Jock Stein & Brian Clough at Leeds and more recently Jose during his Chelsea second stint. So yes every appointment is a gamble to an extent - I do think by careful selection process those risks can be minimised.
  3. Follow Rangers Speak Out

    Nope I can assure Siam - its not just you bud.
  4. Statement from A Johnston

    That interview is truly frightening. They really think they are doing a good job.
  5. My letter to the Directors.

    Excellent letter Ali
  6. From the lips of Jimmy Millar

    “When a chap loses his heart to an ideal, there’s no going back. It grows and grows within him, growing stronger as the years slip past. That is why, when people ask: “Would you rather play centre than in the half-back line?” my answer comes off my lips as though from a tape recorder: “I don’t care where I play so long as I wear the Rangers colours.” (Jimmy Millar) Due to the way it has been mis-handled, there will be something of a media frenzy about what was said in the Ibrox dressing room last Sunday. Already this incident has divided opinion amongst our support, with some backing the players for speaking their minds whilst others insist the manager should be afforded some modicum of respect, regardless of who that is. I doubt many of us would argue that Lee Wallace has given his heart to an ideal. While some badge kissers could not engineer their Ibrox exits quickly enough, Lee Wallace stayed for the fight to restore the club in its time of dire need. In terms of his flourishing international career it could be argued he paid a heavy price for doing so. Therefore, on the back of one of the most gutless, insipid, soulless and embarrassing performances from charlatans wearing the famous blue jersey, one can at the very least, understand the passion which proved to be the catalyst to whatever transpired within the dressing room. As is often the case in life, it was actually what was not said which was important. Graeme Murty’s post-match interview where he admitted he had not discussed the performance with the players for fear it may cause conflict or finger-pointing should merit an internal Rangers investigation more than anything else which transpired on Sunday. Can any of you imagine Jock Wallace avoiding what needed to be said after such a humiliating capitulation for fear of upsetting some inflated or precious egos within the Ibrox dressing room ? If a 4 nil thrashing to celtic in a Scottish Cup Semi Final was not sufficient cause for Murty to light the blue touch paper in the Rangers dressing room – you have to ask yourself – just what the hell would be ? The Heart & Hand Podcast summed the situation up perfectly via their twitter account. Our current board have made a spectacular series of gaffes with regard to managerial recruitment, that situation could become a whole lot worse if they fail to act before Sunday. The Post Mortems on managerial decisions and the merits or madness of promoting the Youth Coach can wait for another day, for once, the board need to step out of character, show some leadership and for God’s sake listen to the real voice of the Club – the fans.
  7. From the lips of Jimmy Millar

    Kenny McDowall by Stuart Macall
  8. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Thats twice now in 2 days BA - should one of us be worried ?
  9. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    We continue to create this circus bud - you wonder what Level 5 actually do at the club. Senior pros seeing an underchieving, underperforming squad being mollycoddled by guy who should be nowehere near the manager's job. Talk about perfect storm - or an omni shambles - take your pick
  10. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    I dont bud. I just find the whole set of circumstances astonishing. Can anyone imagine Jock Wallace not giving under performing payers an absolute rosting in case it caused conflict or finger pointing ? We must have some really tender wee souls in the dressing room thesed days - no wonder they appear to lack the bottle or spirit to fight for the jersey
  11. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    Am I missing something here H ? The 2 players who let rip after that shameful display have been axed/suspended whilst the coach who wouldnt speak to the players as it might cause "conflict or finger pointing" has been backed by the board ? Stop the world I want to get off..
  12. Miller and Wallace Suspended

  13. Murty is sorry.

    If he signs after the treatment he's received from Murty I'll carry him on my shoulder down to the PRW to La Fiorentina & buy him a steak and a Moretti
  14. Murty is sorry.

    Had to happen eventually we would agree on something BA. Instead we have opted for the chap who throws his toys out the pram at any opportunity, will probably depart in the summer without even the hint of a backwards glance at Rangers, and who has been responsible for some of the worst finishing since Van Vossen
  15. Board On Their Knees Begging Walter To Return

    Provan once declared the Peace Process in Northern Ireland could be put at risk by the release of our orange top. Need I say more ?
  16. Roberto Martinez

    Or the same source !!
  17. Roberto Martinez

    Heard the same thing on Saturday JS - so if true it will be after the World Cup
  18. For whom the bell tolls

    “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” (George Santayana) Allow me to summarise briefly. The Panel of Takeovers and Mergers ruled that the current custodians of our club did not act properly in their acquisition of same, determining they had acted as a concert party and consequently, having control of 30% of the business were thus compelled to make an offer to investors for the remaining shares. This was denied by Dave King who took the decision to the Court of Session where his legal argument was rejected by Lord Bannatyne. The Advocate for the takeover Panel highlighted during the hearing an e-mail from George Letham to Dave King which cautioned King about the consequences of exceeding the 30% benchmark. These warnings clearly went unheeded. Subsequently King was ordered to make an £11 million offer to the Club’s remaining shareholders despite the fact King’s lawyer argued that his client could not afford to make such an offer. If alarm bells are not sounding amongst our support – they certainly should be. When Laura Fawkes, a Director of Club 1872, challenged Dave King at the 2017 AGM with regard to the recruitment of a replacement manager, the timescales as well as apparent failure to put in place previous assurances given with regard to succession planning, Dave King responded as follows: “As far as the manager, I don’t accept the comment you’ve made. It’s difficult to put a time limit on it. The issue with Pedro was not one of succession planning, there’s maybe a perception that Pedro was doomed to failure. It wasn’t my view, I don’t think it was the board’s view, we continued to back Pedro. Ultimately results speak for themselves and having taken action we were extremely aware that this is going to be a 3 year appointment. We have got to be a careful we don’t let adverse results distract us from the process and I’m personally happy that we have taken the correct amount of time.” After 68 days we had still failed to appoint a new manager and eventually installed the youth coach Graham Murty, as temporary manager. That remains the status quo at the time of writing. Our club is one home defeat away from our worst ever series of home performances on record. In terms of assessment of our club’s progress, rebuilding and vision to reclaim the top spot in domestic football, it serves as more of an indictment than a positive indicator of continuous and steady improvement. I would hope by now the alarm bells are loud enough to suggest a major headache is imminent. Any honeymoon period which the current board deserved is now at an end. It is fine being beholden to them for rescuing us but they need to be judged by the job they are doing now and if that is deemed unsatisfactory or below standard then criticism should be forthcoming. Not silence.
  19. For whom the bell tolls

    Nothing happened to me - I still place my faith in facts not unsubstantiated allegations. In talking about assumptions you seem to asume I was or am happy with King - what I find laughable is your own attempt to deflect from your own double standards of morality which have been laid bare in this thread.
  20. For whom the bell tolls

    So, let me get this right. We lost our integrity when King was appointed because he was a convicted felon - but not when Easdale was appointed because his convictions were considered spent. You have confirmed one thing - madness breeds madness.
  21. For whom the bell tolls

    None - both were ridiculous notions by inept boards
  22. For whom the bell tolls

    There is no alert required. Its quite apparent you are happy to use a stick to beat one with but not the other. The laughable thing is that in the midst of the lunancy of the proponents of "my convicted felon is better than your convicted felon" both individuals passed the SFA's Fit & Proper Person test.
  23. For whom the bell tolls

    Backup For those of us who are just concerned fans worried about our club - the notion that "my convicted felon is better than your convicted felon" was, and continues to be - preposterous.