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  1. Just got through to the airport bar, fair few bears around already!
  2. Can see us coming out pretty hungry straight away, early goal kills the tie so they’ll be looking to get it sewn up as soon as possible.
  3. Yeah all different buildings mate
  4. I’m getting a lift to the airport in the morning. Think Eurowings goes from terminal 2, FlyBe and Ryanair terminal 3
  5. Ah well, bar opens at 4 anyway! FlyBe is the 06:45
  6. Brilliant, will probably see yous in the bar then!
  7. Thursday morning 06:45 Manchester to Düsseldorf then Glaswegian Loyal bus to Luxembourg
  8. I’ve not had any emails plus the original link won’t seem to work
  9. Hopefully, not even sure how much we’ve been allocated. The neutral part sounds a decent back up option though if all else fails
  10. Might have to do the same, only just signed up to the travel club so got 0 points. Just had an email from the club saying those with 1+ can purchase tickets now
  11. 06:45 and £45 one way. Flying back from Amsterdam on the Sunday
  12. Yeah there’s plenty enough options but it’s more because I’m travelling on my own so the bus was more appealing.
  13. Charleroi looked a ball ache to travel from. Going Manchester to Düsseldorf now then on the Glaswegian Loyal bus
  14. I see the Glaswegian Loyal are running a bus from Düsseldorf, hopefully there’s something running from Brussels Charleroi (optimistic)
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