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  1. ManchestGer

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Wasn’t their own player Ian Wright racially abused?
  2. ManchestGer


    For the amount it would cost in wages I think you could be right
  3. ManchestGer

    Ben Woodburn and Ryan Kent (Liverpool)

    It wouldn't just be the Gerrard factor that would potentially help seal a deal for the likes of Woodburn etc but also the rest of the backroom staff, Liverpool would be well aware of their qualities and how they would be able to continue the development of certain players and have a fair bit of trust in them to do so. Hopefully could give us a bit of an edge on the other clubs sniffing around.
  4. ManchestGer

    Jon Flanagan

    Not a signing I'm too enthusiastic about but if he's going to be back up ahead of the likes of Hodson then that can only be a good thing.
  5. ManchestGer

    Season Tickets

    MInes on automatic renewal but payment hasn't been taken yet, I'm on the 4 payment plan. Sent an email to the club but not heard anything back just yet.
  6. ManchestGer

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    Fiddler O'kiddy
  7. ManchestGer

    Murty and the board

    Feel hugely let down by the board. There wasn’t all too much in the league and even though it was a big long shot we still weren’t out of the race. Board have clearly already given up on this season by making this appointment and are just trying to see it out. I get that we’re obviously not swimming in money but surely there must have been plenty of experienced managers willing to take the role till the end of the season and make us a lot more solid in the process. Wouldn’t even need to be an expensive appointment, there’s plenty that would make us stronger short term then build from there.
  8. ManchestGer

    ***** Official Progrès Niederkorn Vs Rangers Thread *****

    What the fuck is going on!!
  9. ManchestGer

    Retail Deal News incoming

    Brilliant news, can't wait to go out and get one. Got my little nephew visiting soon so may need to get him a new little toddler kit to advertise round Holland for us!
  10. ManchestGer


    Yeah he does look good, playing at Huachipato in Chile by the looks of things. Will be a few teams looking at him now no doubt
  11. ManchestGer


    I wonder if Pedro is taking a look at any of these young Venezuelan lads in the u20 final
  12. How's it going mate thanks for your help in me getting to rangers home games.I saw the reply to my post before im at the game a week on Saturday looking forward to it

  13. ManchestGer


    Should have booked today off, all worth it though!
  14. ManchestGer


    Who's he picking up from the airport?
  15. ManchestGer


    Nah flying to Nuremberg then train to Leipzig in the morning. Flights were £30 return so an absolute bargain