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  1. That Murdoch MacLennan doesn’t even look like a real person, just looks like something Johnny Knoxville would dress up as
  2. ManchestGer


    Says in stock now so more must have been released!
  3. ManchestGer


    Have a check again now, someone I know just got a few so they may have put more on. Said it was sold out last night when I looked as well
  4. ManchestGer


    What’s the best section for home end?
  5. ManchestGer


    Yeah I’m getting the same now as well
  6. ManchestGer


    I went on at 9 then when I got through it gave me the option to click for a ticket but still said 5 points required, it then refreshed to 4 points but nothing was available. Hopefully we’ll get more
  7. ManchestGer


    Trying to get these now on 4 points but having no luck
  8. Just got sent that from one of the guys I’m travelling with as well so I’ve sent Bouncy a message, cheers!
  9. Booked Manchester to Porto return then realised it was on the Wednesday so flying out to Lisbon instead. Hoping there’s a bus going from Lisbon again
  10. Booked Manchester to Porto £60 return
  11. 10,000 of us going over? A Feyenoord supporting mate just text me saying that, told him I wouldn’t be surprised!
  12. Can’t wait to clock out of work on Wednesday then Thursday morning Manchester - Amsterdam!
  13. Could possibly make it a requirement to add a huge sell on percentage due to the years of development they’ve had throughout their youth career.
  14. Was told of this on the flight back from Porto. 6th Jan if I remember correctly but then again I was topping up from the night before.
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