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  1. Could possibly make it a requirement to add a huge sell on percentage due to the years of development they’ve had throughout their youth career.
  2. Was told of this on the flight back from Porto. 6th Jan if I remember correctly but then again I was topping up from the night before.
  3. How come we’re not getting the 3,200 Liverpool supposedly got? Just wondering if the club can apply for more. I’m sorted but two guys I’m travelling with weren’t successful this morning
  4. Just got mine. How many were we allocated in the end?
  5. If Carlsberg done weekends! Got to watch us go top of the league yesterday then straight over to the birthing centre for the birth of my first child last night! Doesn’t get much better than that!
  6. Hopefully this documentary will be aired across the whole of the UK and not just on the Scottish channels. Hardly anyone down here seems to know about their scandal, I’ve mentioned it to a lot of people, some are genuinely shocked and others think it’s just me trying to make them look bad. Hopefully everyone will get to see just how vile that club is and enough pressure can be applied to make sure the victims get the justice they deserve.
  7. Whilst Flanagan has done alright we’re in a nice position of being able to add quality to certain positions in each transfer window now unless anyone leaves and I’m sure we could probably find an upgrade on him. As for Jack, he’s been an absolute pleasure to watch!
  8. No way we should be getting punished for that! All booked up now so going either way
  9. ManchestGer

    Joe Aribo

    Thought he was the perfect guy to bring on at that time of the game, cool on the ball and can keep a hold of it/create pockets of space which is exactly what we needed to do at that time. As much as I think he’s a great player I think that the pressure and intensity last nights line up dishes out proved Gerrard was right not to start him last night and most probably in the next Old Firm game as well.
  10. Just went on to read that after you mentioned it, kind of mocks his tweet at the end by mentioning the scum top in their support and their chants. Saying that though it must be a slow news day to think it’s worthy of showing it in the first place
  11. There’s the Palatine in Salford or the Brindley Arms in Walkden. Not sure which bar the Stockport lads use now, they used to get the Stoke bus up but now most just get the train. I watched one of our Euro games last season in the Directors Box l
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