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  1. Monaco we were superb but we absolutely murdered bayern, just the score was shite
  2. see the wee thumbs up on the bottom right - click on that mate
  3. how apt looking at your profile pic his last one I believe was the bjork one with the words ' you've blown a fuse' 😁
  4. points? fuck all. none
  5. thing is, SG can say we've got a cut off point when any offers will be accepted but if a 15m+ bid comes in on the 2nd Sep we'll take it and hope to get through unscathed till January, perhaps picking up a free agent to cover this period.
  6. heard uefa are considering limiting european finals to stadiums holding 55,000 or over - might be a consideration for doing this (amongst others)
  7. can't wait for the next chapter - had pancakes and maple syrup for breakfast - 100 bucks but best ever so worth it bla bla bla who gives a fuck next thing we know he'll be posting a video of the helicopter ride
  8. could be worse - prob slight favourites vs danish team which gives us a fighting chance to make the groups
  9. would imagine rested - surprised Aribo on bench and not rested as well as those 2 were only starters on Thursday from last week
  10. fleetwood will finish on -17, lowry on -15 and rose on -14 fowler will get to -15 and a share of the lead at one point then drop back as per usual lol
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