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  1. great film - I'll give you another one - Catch Me If You Can
  2. if he's admitted diving and got the decision that's a 2 game ban
  3. that's no bad 🤡 - could always dress barisic up and flog him for 8 mil s'pose
  4. cheeky approach to Moreno - free agent now
  5. no probs you kept us all in suspense there
  6. mate, you can't make statements like that without any context - we're not all telepathic ffs what'd he say?
  7. Agree - In Europe (and against celtic at parkhead) he's a good asset with his workrate and hitting on the break. Next season can see Hastie playing more in the league in a narrow front 3 cutting inside from the right.
  8. think he'd do well in italy along with grezda - too in your face here for their liking
  9. he was shite as well
  10. been the problem all season - lack of depth is horrendous
  11. he was known for playing players out of position
  12. be temted to play those that are leaving (SG knows) - that pitch is horrendous and to us it is a meaningless match. would not want a repeat of what happened to murphy or waghorn.
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