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  1. moody blue 1972

    Next 9 league games before the break

    pretty sure that's a load of pish mate - did we not win 5 in a row last year after murty took over?
  2. moody blue 1972

    Context - previous position at this stage...

    you ok now mate?
  3. sometimes you've just got to clear your fkn lines
  4. moody blue 1972


    was in the sun last week mate - doubt it, though if out of contract in the summer maybe worth a punt. boy didn't want to leave so would bust a gut if came back
  5. moody blue 1972

    Your mind blowing 3 games since 3-2 win over bheasts

    when was this mate? I know it's been shit but you can't just take away goals from the other team
  6. moody blue 1972

    ***The Official St. Mirren V Rangers Match Thread***

    3-4-3 mcgregor goldson warrell katic tav ejaria rossiter halliday grezda morelos middleton
  7. moody blue 1972

    Neil Banfield

    is he the guy that identified senderos?
  8. moody blue 1972

    Rate Our Signings

    right now they all get a 1 after sunday's shit show - when we hump killie the night (4-0) they'll all be a 10 - fickle? fuck aye lol edit - ok another shit show - 1's all round it is then
  9. moody blue 1972

    How to break down teams sitting deep?

    simple - boot the ball right into their balls at any giving opportunity - they'll soon start to move lol
  10. moody blue 1972

    Why did he go down?

    i'm a fuckn moron - meant to say thought this thread was about something altogether different lol
  11. moody blue 1972

    Why did he go down?

    first time seen it (missed the goal and this) - he's turning to take ball round goalie and is pushed - clear penalty and red card but what do you expect from beaton who had a great view of it s
  12. moody blue 1972


    reminds me of this - watch from about 2:20 maybe if we pay enough he can move along to another club
  13. moody blue 1972

    Do you win a cap for every appearance for the national team?

    You only get 'a cap' for a competitive appearance mate - whether you actually get a physical one or not I've no idea
  14. moody blue 1972


    not risking injury and keeping him in cold storage to be unleashed in the semi with kent and middleton as his 'wing men'
  15. moody blue 1972

    Obscure Rangers Players Thread

    Dean Furman - back in south africa apparently