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  1. celtic re-arranged we didn't. Give's us one game less during a hectic and extremely tough schedule. Possibly gives them a psychological advantage going into new year game if we both keep winning as potentially they could have a 6 point lead going into winter break under those circumstances. I'll take what we've done
  2. Monaco we were superb but we absolutely murdered bayern, just the score was shite
  3. see the wee thumbs up on the bottom right - click on that mate
  4. how apt looking at your profile pic his last one I believe was the bjork one with the words ' you've blown a fuse' 😁
  5. thing is, SG can say we've got a cut off point when any offers will be accepted but if a 15m+ bid comes in on the 2nd Sep we'll take it and hope to get through unscathed till January, perhaps picking up a free agent to cover this period.
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