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  1. moody blue 1972

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    What was the outcry with McGregor - anywhere else on the pitch and that's a red
  2. moody blue 1972

    Morelos card appealed.

    Not sure that matters mate - not sure it was (haven't watched it back to that extent) but if the ball is out of play, play is restarted according to the previous decision If the ball is in play - in that case a foul. Aberdeen got the freekick I believe so upon further scrutiny if goes Rangers way and deemed in the box then it's a penalty (I think lol)
  3. moody blue 1972

    Morelos card appealed.

    I thought it was a straight red as well, not now he does nothing wrong - one of those rare instances when slowed down actually helps. Has to get it rescinded (but they'll ban McGregor to make up for it, even though he was protecting himself) McKenna on the other hand has totally lost the plot there. As a wee aside, was Alfredo not already on a booking? - If the ref books both, which he may have, Alfredo would be off and no appeal. One more thing is that not penalty?
  4. moody blue 1972

    Morelos incident

    no not at all mate, not sure how you would think that - just seen your post as a copy and paste job that's all
  5. moody blue 1972

    Morelos incident

    From BBC report - 'Scott McKenna has an armful of Alfredo Morelos' shirt and then kicks out at the Rangers striker as he topples to the ground. Morelos had more than a wee nibble with his boot too and then goes for a spectacular series of rolls, clutching his face, although the large feet of McKenna appear to have missed him altogether. He might have missed but the whole episode was packed full of malevolent intent. Those two have been at it all evening'. You work for the bbc mate
  6. moody blue 1972

    Defoe's Wages

    Are hearts not paying something like 5 grand of naismith's 50 grand a week and that's at norwich who are not as well off as Bournmouth. As not getting a game would not be surprised if Bournmouth covering the lot to get him game time, hence the call back clauses.
  7. moody blue 1972

    Who’s the player?

    pena? was he there at the time?
  8. moody blue 1972


    supposedly offered 2 mil for caulker as well, knocked it back and a couple of months later he just left for fuck all as had a clause in his contract lol
  9. moody blue 1972

    The Tide Has Finally Turned.

    was going to post much the same
  10. moody blue 1972

    Old Christmas Day Games.

    old christmas day games - manic miner and jetset willy those were the days with the old speccy
  11. moody blue 1972

    Once a bear ...............

    never actually been a fan , just come on here to troll all yous cunts
  12. moody blue 1972

    Peña unable to play?

    think had something to do with his registration / club being in a different country to which he/ they played - Luxembourg and Germany if I remember correctly
  13. moody blue 1972

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Would like to see us go 3-2-4-1. Think would give us security at the back as well as a threat up top. McGregor Goldson McCauley Katic Coulibaley Jack Tav Rossiter Arfield Barasic Morelos