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  1. Saw a gif (on another thread - yesterday I think) of Trump and thought it was Frankie bhoy
  2. Thats Dave King's problem - he issues 1 statement but the haters can use their platform time and time again
  3. That'll be his scotland international carreer over now
  4. Azure is part of the Elior group
  5. i can remember when it didn't matter who the ref was we could win anyway
  6. Didn't really watch though it was on in the background but seemed that any time I looked up he was giving the ball away
  7. Or 3rd or 4th
  8. Don't worry - when we get 55 the distribution wil be changed again!
  9. voted yes BUT why two years later are we trying Plan B? Surely if this is a good thing we should have done it back then.
  10. But he would have to resign from Club1872 - COI !
  11. Res 10 gives permission so your claim is incorrect
  12. Except in the last 10 minutes when we're 1 down.
  13. Thanks Willis this gave me a chuckle - take it you were fishing?