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  1. My point was more to do with acting on that theory rather than accepting it.
  2. The sooner fans admit we are a mid-table team the better
  3. too busy on one or more working parties maybe?
  4. Don't think so. I seem to remember early on in this debacle that there was a big row because a team ( who else ) insisted on gettimg paid up front so it wasn'i the norm then. Maybe changed now tho.
  5. Saw a gif (on another thread - yesterday I think) of Trump and thought it was Frankie bhoy
  6. Dave King statement on "Big tax case"

    Thats Dave King's problem - he issues 1 statement but the haters can use their platform time and time again
  7. Welcome home Graham Dorrans

    That'll be his scotland international carreer over now
  8. Jobs with Rangers for next season

    Azure is part of the Elior group
  9. 11 v 14

    i can remember when it didn't matter who the ref was we could win anyway
  10. Tarriers v Slovenia Unofficial Match Thread

    Didn't really watch though it was on in the background but seemed that any time I looked up he was giving the ball away
  11. The potential BT deal - how much we'd get

    Or 3rd or 4th
  12. The potential BT deal - how much we'd get

    Don't worry - when we get 55 the distribution wil be changed again!
  13. Do you want a DoF?

    voted yes BUT why two years later are we trying Plan B? Surely if this is a good thing we should have done it back then.
  14. Best wishes to Jim Hannah on his retirement

    But he would have to resign from Club1872 - COI !