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  1. i can remember when it didn't matter who the ref was we could win anyway
  2. Didn't really watch though it was on in the background but seemed that any time I looked up he was giving the ball away
  3. Or 3rd or 4th
  4. Don't worry - when we get 55 the distribution wil be changed again!
  5. voted yes BUT why two years later are we trying Plan B? Surely if this is a good thing we should have done it back then.
  6. But he would have to resign from Club1872 - COI !
  7. Res 10 gives permission so your claim is incorrect
  8. Except in the last 10 minutes when we're 1 down.
  9. Thanks Willis this gave me a chuckle - take it you were fishing?
  10. By charging Warburton the SFA have neatly taken any heat off the ref re his performance
  11. Me too. Didn't make sense
  12. Now you've done it - price hike any time soon?
  13. Ypur postman is slow this weekend
  14. Because all the pollce video-takers were at our end of the pitch