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  1. My recollection is that there was a SFA investigation into abuse in scottish football but part of it was held back until all the court case were finished. Anyone know about this?
  2. So how many of them were at the World Cup?
  3. Further down it says (in red) to ignore if you have already registered
  4. Anybody know if he's in charge of the 2nd leg or we get a better one?
  5. Tip is to try different servers till one works
  6. looks like my concession is coming off at £11.00 and not £15.00. Can anyone else confirm?
  7. No No No thats not how you do it - use a base of £1 then you can quote 15p from every shirt sold
  8. Of course they did. I would imagine the chairman had already spoken to them on this.
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