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  1. Yeah I've asked him about mate that but hes fecking useless so trying to work out what last season's was to find if it was his price or mine
  2. Alright lads. Hope your all safe and well. Just looking for a bit of info. Could anyone tell me what last season's season ticket cost, main stand front section F. It's just my mates ticket is £462 this season but mine is £492. Just trying to figure out what I paid last season to see if theres a mistake on the price of mine.
  3. Reminding me of 94. Won the league early, hardly won a game till the cup final. Going for back to back trebles and lost the final to scumdee utd
  4. Over the moon its W and W. Does anyone think wee McCall might have a role. Maybe first team coach like he has with Scotland.
  5. Inter done me out of an 11 team acca. Got what they deserved though. Bari were the better team and Inters goal was never a pen.
  6. Hello lads. Just moved up the city so no internet access for the last 3 wks or so and having to use Hillhead Libary at the mo. Just to confirm that its tickets at the door. Myself and the other 4 Port/Greenock mates of mine cant wait. Should be a bumper.
  7. Well done Rangers for growing a set. About feckin time. Maybe Pedro will take a grip of a match now with Barry not man marking him.
  8. Will Jose ever lose a home game again.
  9. What a feckin game of football that was. Leagues blown wide open now. Premierships not in the same class as La Liga.
  10. Another game when we have so much to gain and he plays for a draw. Just like the Uefa cup final. Please just go now.
  11. What a stupid rule that is. If its level the away team has an extra 30 mins to get a goal. Seems a tad unfair if you ask me.
  12. Alan Mac Kirk Boogie Weir SW Naisy Stevie D Pedro Fleck Nacho Boydie I know it wont be but sometimes I wish Walter would stop worrying about other teams and make them worry about us.
  13. Alan Rough. What a feckin prick this man is. Scum bag bastard
  14. Can I ask lads if you can pay a deposit for the tickets. I think I would need 4 tickets but I am not working at the moment and dont start my new job until 19th Jan. If you can pay a deposit could you tell me how much it would be and how I would go about paying it. Cheers.
  15. Alan Rough. 2 weeks ago he got tore into us after Douglas Park but today he cant say a bad word against them. Your a fucking disgrace.
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