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  1. when it involves a Rangers player
  2. Im sure Billy was a nice guy and i have sympathy at this time for his family but i have no empathy for that club , couldn’t even name their first eleven, only the Famous for me
  3. I won’t be applauding a celtic Captain
  4. His agent should be told “find your player a new club at a fair price, we cant have him sitting in the stand “
  5. There can be no getting away from the fact we have blown it this season, 55 was there for us, septic have dropped more points than in previous years yet we’ve failed to capitalise, previous managers have been labeled as rubbish managers when we’ve had a run of bad results but at the moment its the players fault , i really want Steven Gerrard to succeed as Rangers Manager but he’s far from blameless this season
  6. Not good enough , final product is non existant , but tbh theres a few in that catagory
  7. Lothianbear


    He’s great at floating about with the ball, can ghost pass players, final pass, non existant, goals ratio, poor , not as good as folks would make us believe
  8. Totally agree, them coming to the club upset the balance of the team when he tried to shoehorn them in
  9. No, well i think we‘re a whole point better off than last season , that dosen’t merit success, even Murty knew how to beat the sheep , Mr Gerrard gets off lightly but its a results driven business we keep hearing so he has to be accountable same as any other manager
  10. Think we can add Defoe and Davis to that
  11. Heard it all too often this season , but don’t worry we will get a reaction
  12. We allowed them to bully us all over the pitch tonight, we were dreadfull, fact is we are no better, yes the European run was a bonus but even then we should have won more than we did . Team don’t look up for a fight , even from early on tonight you could tell they werent up for it, Mr Gerrard picks these guys and its simply not good enough, he himself told us when he came in the fans had been patient enough in the past and now was the time to see the real Rangers, well is that it ? Because this latest lot are a poor representation of our great club. The budget we have compared to the sheep and its us who have been lambs to the slaughter, simply not good enough, yet again
  13. Crossing is terrible espicially from Candias and Tav of late, wish we had a training centre where these things could be worked on
  14. The fact that Gerrard says what he sees in the game is not what he’s seeing in training tells you that the players haven’t got that mental strength to play for Rangers, if were serious about challenging for the title we need to spend some good money on quality players not has beens on a final payday. my concern is we can’t catch a very average septic side who have dropped lots of points this season no matter who is in charge , 2nd biggest budget in the league but we may struggle to finnish second.
  15. We are a poor watch at the moment, thats 180 mins without a goal and two really poor performances, too much tinkering with the squad, Gerrard blaming the players but he must take responsability aswell, he picked the team
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