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  1. Lothianbear


    I got St.Johnstone so wasn’t expecting one anyway
  2. Lothianbear

    Craig Gordon at minutes silence anyone see it

    I though he was totally disrepectful, jogging up to the centre circle after the minutes silence had began, also his team mates doing their wee get together whilst Rangers and the officials are waiting to start , no respect but not suprised .
  3. Lothianbear

    Ross McCrorie

    He was brilliant today, solid performance
  4. Lothianbear

    They said it ruin the atmosphere

    Atmosphere was amazing all game , what a day to be a bluenose
  5. Lothianbear

    Absolute fucking shambles

    We have the 2nd largest budget in the league but looking at our performance levels of late you wouldn’t think it, we are very easy to play against, crowd out Morelos and we don’t score, nothing gets created in the middle, every ball ends up wide, only one target and he’s being well marked, we don’t ever score from outside the box unless its the odd free kick . Mr Gerrard says we needed to sign men to compete phsically in this league and have tha ability to cope with the expectation level at this great club, on that score he has failed , our record in the games v top six teams is scary .
  6. Lothianbear


    Tav was brutal again today, can’t pass, can‘t tackle, can’t take a corner without hitting the first defender, apart from that he was good.
  7. Lothianbear

    ***Official SK Rapid Wien v Rangers Thread***

    Our drop in form is frightening , a shadow of the team we were
  8. Lothianbear

    SPFL delegate snubs Gerrard

    Yes the standard of officials is at a all time low in scottish football , perfectly good goal cost us but tbh we had plenty time after that v10 men to win that game comfortably but the players and management team let us down again
  9. Lothianbear


    pathetic performance again
  10. Lothianbear

    Tonight's Broomloan Display

    Superb display, well done !
  11. Lothianbear

    what's going wrong and what's going right

    There has been improvement but still not enough, we probably spent more than most in the summer and Mr Gerrard is now talking about spending more, can we afford this ? Europe is good but on the Domestic front were no better, some of the Managers decisions have been baffling and subs far too late , yesterday really hit home at how far off we are, were nowhere near as good as we thought we were.
  12. Lothianbear


    Ye i agree, he’s a good guy but does he get Scottish fitba? im no sure, 55 feels further away than ever after today, i really want him to succeed but we can’t go on like that the minute we play outside Ibrox
  13. Lothianbear


    He got it very wrong today and not for the first time, if that had been Pedro folk would be offering to drive him to the airport
  14. Lothianbear

    Raging, Gutted, Angry, Emotional and Bewildered....

    Our European run is the only positive so far as otherwise we are no better, 55 seems miles away and unachievable right now
  15. Lothianbear

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    Totally agree, nobody benefits from this action by the IFA