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  1. Lothianbear

    what's going wrong and what's going right

    There has been improvement but still not enough, we probably spent more than most in the summer and Mr Gerrard is now talking about spending more, can we afford this ? Europe is good but on the Domestic front were no better, some of the Managers decisions have been baffling and subs far too late , yesterday really hit home at how far off we are, were nowhere near as good as we thought we were.
  2. Lothianbear


    Ye i agree, he’s a good guy but does he get Scottish fitba? im no sure, 55 feels further away than ever after today, i really want him to succeed but we can’t go on like that the minute we play outside Ibrox
  3. Lothianbear


    He got it very wrong today and not for the first time, if that had been Pedro folk would be offering to drive him to the airport
  4. Lothianbear

    Raging, Gutted, Angry, Emotional and Bewildered....

    Our European run is the only positive so far as otherwise we are no better, 55 seems miles away and unachievable right now
  5. Lothianbear

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    Totally agree, nobody benefits from this action by the IFA
  6. Lothianbear

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    The IFA Should remember who employ's lafferty, think he will have played his last game for NI
  7. Lothianbear

    Hamilton away CCCS

    No Hamilton or St. Mirren for me unfortunatly
  8. Lothianbear

    Edmiston Drive

    What a horrible disease, keep fighting !!
  9. Lothianbear

    Vienna at Ibrox

    Im on my own for the three games , the two who usually come with me have been priced out of them , ones a student the other a pensioner, real shame
  10. Lothianbear


    He was really poor today but he was in good company, can’t just single him out
  11. £5 for postage , week later , nothing , wish i had known JD were gonna sell them this week
  12. Lothianbear

    Albion Car Park or other

    It was, i was quite suprised, think the yellow coats must have been on a training course
  13. Lothianbear

    Livingston Emails

    I got Motherwell but nothing for Livi, just down the road aswell , il go anyway and try for a spare
  14. Lothianbear

    Ayr Emails

    Can’t see this being a sell out
  15. Lothianbear

    Group Stage Package

    I’m on my own for these games as the two fans i normally go with have been priced out, they simply can‘t afford it, they haven’t missed a game yet but this unfortunatly is too expensive for them .