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  1. Morelos warm up today.

    Aye are we not too scorers in the league. Morelos is a huge part of that
  2. Morelos warm up today.

    Morelos was sulking today which was bad to see. He is still the best stricker at our club and is a very valuable player to us. He needs a pounding behind the scene and told to get a grip, but to get rid of him would be mental. his last manager was quoted saying he was the same there, grumpy etc and just needs a boot in the arse. Hopefully that happens (perhaps with a new manager) and he can be fantastic for us.
  3. Scum vs Rangers -Premiership

    Missed out last night, any going please let me know
  4. Tarrier Tickets

    I will tell any spares! Can’t see them when I log into Rangers
  5. Murty not relieved. Board contempt or not

    Then theee would be no passageway back to youth set up. I would like to see him there
  6. ***Official Rangers v Taigs Thread***

    If he opens the scoring that’s okay by me
  7. Bates is off

    The Critism most of our players get during matches is ridiculous. All you can hear round ibrox is boos just now
  8. King statement to fans RE: ST renewals

    I would never congratulate someone for not renewing.
  9. Cummings Potential £1million deal

    Don’t think you can go wrong for 600k. Hope he gets more of a chance
  10. Semi Tickets

    I will PM you mate
  11. Semi final ballot

    Not saying I don’t agree with buses getting tickets, but does everyone on the bus not have equal chance to every other season ticket holder of getting a ticket in the ballet + then they get the extra tickets. i wouldn’t say they get shafted. That’s like saying you should have less chance of getting a ticket If you live on copland road and walk
  12. Semi final ballot

    Load of shite
  13. Bates

    It’s a girl
  14. £9 million we knocked back

    The sitters were horrendous, but his general play was decent. Bossed their back line and made things happen for us
  15. ***Official Rangers Vs Falkirk thread***

    Only just bought tickets this morning. Managed to get my 2 season tickets together in gr4 where we usually sit... don’t think it sounds busy