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  1. Du du du du, Pedro (Mendez) Caixinha
  2. Aye don't worry I can always make the donation and take the ticket. It's really no hassle
  3. Aye let's save all this hassle. I will take it off your hands mate. Save you this stress
  4. What a race that would be
  5. sell it as an auction on here and give it to the wee josh fund
  6. I am proper excited for this
  7. Was McCoist right to drop him and allow the likes of Nicky law that title?
  8. If you are on here, thanks for handing in my season ticket, but you left your debit card in the wallet. If you are on here drop me a message. (If not I will just cut up the card)
  9. Whatever you say I am
  10. Trains well
  11. I feel there was a lot of people on here at the start of the season saying we shouldn't be asking for the league this year, and now it's turned into disgust that we aren't winning it/ being more competitive. Some were only expecting top 6
  12. I definitely think we should hold the minutes silence. The only thing I would hate to see is if they did disrespect it, our fans getting angry and noisy in retaliation before the silence is over
  13. I thought RM had gone a bit stale before this whole archenemy kicked off
  14. Was always available, was moving us forward pass by pass. Think I saw 1 misplaced pass.