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  1. Tav assisting a lot of them but aye both of them should be sold...🙄
  2. I bet I get my third set of CCCS killie away tickets of the year from this tie
  3. Why you against Ejaria and Middleton? I think Ejaria is a good shout for a bit of creativity against a side we should be looking to put away, and Middleton seems to be performing okay. Don’t think Kent is back is he?
  4. Italics don’t work for big signs, everyone around me debating if it said Glasgow or super. Still enjoyed it right enough
  5. Must have missed out mate (ive not had an email)
  6. No Gerrard made a comment about taking Kent off to give him a break before this one, so I can’t see the formation changing 0-1 to the famous with the only shot we have on target
  7. Louden have said they aren’t. Don’t know about Bristol but probably the same. The louden have actually told you to buy it yourself. Stream is for private use
  8. I agree with him not counting Aberdeen as a bump in the road. We were done there! Have to keep a positive mentality. Learn and move on
  9. I streamed it through my phone before mate (iPhone)
  10. I am counting the goal he scored against the bheasts as a goal for us.
  11. I am not going to pretend to know their squad, but papers were reporting 5 changes
  12. They could have applied on Friday! It’s poor management. i do think the game will go ahead though
  13. I think we will see a few changes in view of Thursday. Thats the point of having a squad Stevie G has been talking about
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