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  1. Alfredo Morelos Video

    Can’t blame him since the recipe change
  2. Best away performers

    Just read an article on Josh Windass and it stated that Rangers are the best away performers in the league (currently on goal difference) Obviously that’s a positive, but just shows how shocking we have been at ibrox this season! Cant explain why the players bottle it!
  3. ** Ross County v Rangers Match Thread **

    Can’t blame Morelos. Pitch is stinking... BOOM Candias
  4. Welcome to Rangers Jamie Murphy

    Why be hostile you penis
  5. ***Florida Cup Thread***

    We were 16/1 to win at half time
  6. The Dalcio Gomes

    Criticism is over the top but his first touch is poor. I don’t think he is good enough to fit in even our current squad
  7. Christmas card emails out

    Same photo as the last 2 years. Still enjoyed it though.
  8. I have came up to Aberdeen for the game but without a ticket! If anyone knows a spare or 2, I am going to be at the ground and will happily take them off your hands!
  9. Pedro will be away today

    Sadly it was. Think I have been duped by a few pals across the city sadly. Apologies when ghey sent it accross they deleted the bottom so only had name and tweet no numbers below
  10. Pedro will be away today

    Daily record writer tweeting he has gone
  11. Jorg Albertz

    Absolute hero. Strange interview in record though
  12. Forum activity.

    If you are not a regular poster you just get "taig" spouted at you for commenting
  13. Morelos

    To the tune of Alan mcgregors song... he scores to the left he scores to the right alfredo Morelos snorts 10 lines a night
  14. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    We definitely could have and probably should have. The chances we made were good. Goal line clearance and a great save with the left leg when Kenny had a pop from 6 yards amongst other chances. We were unlucky
  15. Worst manager in your lifetime

    I don't feel you can say Pedro untill you have a full years stats.