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  1. Morelos

    To the tune of Alan mcgregors song... he scores to the left he scores to the right alfredo Morelos snorts 10 lines a night
  2. The Pedro Caixinha Thread

    We definitely could have and probably should have. The chances we made were good. Goal line clearance and a great save with the left leg when Kenny had a pop from 6 yards amongst other chances. We were unlucky
  3. Worst manager in your lifetime

    I don't feel you can say Pedro untill you have a full years stats.
  4. Light blues or royal blues

    The point of a forum is to find out new information and opinions. I did say I always thought it was royal blue and quoted that song as reasoning so well read. Just because of the amount of media that said light blue I wanted to ask.
  5. Light blues or royal blues

    My reasoning is due to the song Who's That Team where it says "they're the boys in royal blue"
  6. Light blues or royal blues

    Perhaps a daft question but I have been sitting here thinking about it for half an hour and thought I would get a general consensus. As a team are we the "royal blues" or "light blues". Different media outlets refer to us as both and I was wondering what the opinion was? I have always thought of us as Royal blue...
  7. Rangers to give Celtic a Guard of Honour

    What happened with this. Was watching on tv and wasn't clear. The players were round the centre circle yeah?
  8. Is Tav Underrated

    That picture is very misleading. On it his defence dual win % at the top looke amazing.... but then when you zoom in on numbers it says 29%...
  9. mount Florida station for sunday

    Aye that's always our station
  10. Gap getting bigger

    To be honest As long as we can beat everyone else consistently. We won't be miles behind them. Then on old firm day results are anyone's guess
  11. Pedro is on his way

    Du du du du, Pedro (Mendez) Caixinha
  12. Aye don't worry I can always make the donation and take the ticket. It's really no hassle
  13. Aye let's save all this hassle. I will take it off your hands mate. Save you this stress
  14. What a race that would be