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  1. I was just about to post this pic!
  2. He did look very emotional, almost teary eyed, after scoring. Best wishes to the big fella.
  3. Let's hope we keep the ball on the floor. We do that we will play them off the park. An easy 4-0 win.
  4. I think we all know what will happen. We will spend whatever it takes to make him successful and catch Celtic. Whether we can afford it or not is another matter.
  5. Ally played a blinder today. Faultless in my opinion.
  6. Dunfermline came to boot us off the pitch and park the bus, that was their game plan. It worked until they tired mentally and physically and our full time status came through.
  7. How do you know we would lose if we managed to play nice football?
  8. That looks like you are implying we have no fans in the Republic. I am sure we do and i am sure they are proud Irishmen or women too. The Irish tricolour is not exclusive to the IRA, in fact i am sure all fair minded Irish men and women would be ashamed of their flag being used by these terrorists. If people want to bring one to Ibrox in support of any Irish players we have then they should be allowed to without fear of being picked on by a mindless minority.
  9. That's a coffee spitter!
  10. Our cousins Irish tri-colour at Ibrox is long overdue to be fair. Big Jon Dalys Fenian Loyalists.
  11. I never thought we would ever see a worse full back than Maurice Ross. Foster is a crazy signing.
  12. They are centre midfielders mate, that is only natural.
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