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  1. Think we’re all trying to avoid thinking about it ?
  2. With Vaporized on the front. Yasss
  3. Murty has absolutely no idea and I would not let him go back to the youth setup. Get him out the club and he can take the board with him. Embarrassing farce.
  4. A goal like that was inevitable with Wes. He’s been doing that all season. Terribly one footed.
  5. These broken records are exactly what has been wrong. Time to get rid before we break any more.
  6. We have nobody to hold the board to account.
  7. About time more people started noticing this.
  8. Unfortunately I can't see Pedro going any time soon.
  9. Pipe down, no. I didn't have time to look through all the page hence my asking with apologies given.
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