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  1. Aye refund from the turn of the year?
  2. All our problems are caused by a lack of speed on the counter and too many square passes rather than someone trying to unlock a defence
  3. Duncn

    Ryan kent

    Kent's role in the team has changed instead of a winger he's this inside 10 that Gerard refers too....it's clearly not working for him neither is the formation tbf
  4. Gerrard takes some responsibility for kamara today should of been hooked at half time
  5. Aaron Niguez never heard of him before but had high hopes for the lad turns out it was false hope
  6. Duncn

    sky sports

    Guess that's what he's trying to say 🤣
  7. For his sake I hope he doesn't bump in to Borna 😳
  8. I was hoping for Gerrard to do a Souness and plant a Rangers flag on the centre spot!
  9. Thought Morelos celebration was excellent tbf
  10. For me Jamie Murphy is being criminally under used I know he's traditionally a left sided player but should be given a run on the right
  11. It's like we can just recycle this thread title for ever game he plays now!
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