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  1. Andy Goram

    Same with most ex players isn't it, you can only judge them on your own meetings with them. Met a few ovr the years but the one I was most dissapointed with was Laudrap. Was only a wee guy but he tried to kb for an autograph cos he was in a hurry. Nearly burst out greeting He must've seen that n scribbled his name down in my wee padded Rangers autograph book
  2. Forum activity.

    I'm rarely on here these days logged in because I'm too busy/or lazy to. I still hit the site for news but most days. I think I post when Rangers give me optimism or I'm fucking pissed right off with some of the shite I don't agree with getting posted
  3. Anybody need tickets for tonight? Pm me

    Got one bud cheers
  4. *** Tickets for tonight

    Na mate I'm getting a munch then I'll have a walk about
  5. Minute Silence

    Absolutely! I'm fed up pandering to these so called PC left wing do gooding cunts only when it suits their own fucking agenda. They should be held accountable if one or the other causes this shambles
  6. Who Does Caixinha Keep

    I'd take any kind of fee for most of them tbh. We've spunked enough cash on these shiftless chancing bastards to have to pay them off
  7. Who Does Caixinha Keep

    I'd also add Bates and Berman to that list. Ideally we'd cull the lot of them but who's going to sign all that deadwood, plus there's no way we'd build a squad from he haw barring a 30 million cash injection and obviously that'll never happen
  8. Minute Silence

    Whit a fucking trumpet
  9. Senderos to sporting director(Grasshoppers)

    Please be true
  10. Justin From England..

    yaaaass telling it like it is
  11. ***The official Rangers vs. St Johnstone match thread***

    Don't see it bud
  12. ***The official Rangers vs. St Johnstone match thread***

    Ready to fling my can through the telly. can't get any fucking stream on the firestick, anyone see one?
  13. 29 years ago today

    That my abiding memory of that goal too. Think I seen a a few years later when I was 7/8 year old
  14. Forrester

    Definitely, it's a strange one. Great wee player who appears to have the right attitude. Gets stuck in and shows a lot of heart. Wouldn't mind seeing him on the right side of the front 3 to see what he can offer. I think he's more direct than Waghorn and he can't stand a ball up into the middle
  15. B McKay

    See folk like you getting yer fillies in a twist over a few poor games, it's no wonder we can't bring any of our own through to be first team players over a few season's when they get hounded at the games and social media. Last season folk on here were talking about a couple of million for him if anybody comes in he was playing that good If you read any of my other posts in this thread you'd see I said it might be a good idea for him to get dropped to give him a boot up the arse and fight back his place in the team and get some form back