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  1. Fuck that was fast!
  2. I'm just seeing this the now. I'm actually working in south street near you if you're still selling?
  3. Bumpty bump
  4. Looking for the one ticket if anyone has a spare? Cheers
  5. Got one bud cheers
  6. Na mate I'm getting a munch then I'll have a walk about
  7. Anybody got a spare? I just tried the ticket office with no joy after hearing about the 100 that got released. I'm cutting about the area if anyone can sort me, cheers
  8. I'm sceptical about all his I love Rangers pish on social media but the more this story goes on the more I think the twinkle toed wee cunt might appear back. Maybe it's just the growing sense of optimism I have for the summer
  9. Absolutely! I'm fed up pandering to these so called PC left wing do gooding cunts only when it suits their own fucking agenda. They should be held accountable if one or the other causes this shambles
  10. I'd take any kind of fee for most of them tbh. We've spunked enough cash on these shiftless chancing bastards to have to pay them off
  11. I'd also add Bates and Berman to that list. Ideally we'd cull the lot of them but who's going to sign all that deadwood, plus there's no way we'd build a squad from he haw barring a 30 million cash injection and obviously that'll never happen
  12. Whit a fucking trumpet
  13. Please be true
  14. I'm looking for one ticket if anyone has a spare. I can meet at the ground before the game or pick up if you stay near Kilmarnock. Cheers
  15. Pm me