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  1. Flats oot the front

    Seen in these a few residents complaining about the height of the buildings not in keeping with the surrounding area. https://publicaccess.glasgow.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=documents&keyVal=NYC2QJEXM3500
  2. Out?: Josh Windass

    Only reason we want more is because it's the premier league, not because we think he is worth more. We would be daft to accept £3M (if it was their first offer)
  3. Europa League

    Having a mare, ignore me Looking at "N6" thinking it was 6th placed and it's not....
  4. Europa League

    They were 6th placed in Spain. The Top 4 go straight into the Group stages of Champions League, cup winners and 5th placed straight into Group Stage of Europa League. Under the new system, I think it will be very unlikely we'll reach the group stage of the champions league or europa league any time soon.
  5. Europa League

    Sevilla are in the the second Qualifying round Uefa's new qualifying system is pish unless you are from a top 4 country.
  6. John McGinn (Hibs)

    The Lurgan Bigot is already away, apparently away back down south. Still won't make it any easier with that prick Petrie.
  7. The Restoration of Rangers Graves Project. Donations.

    Amazing work
  8. Conspiracy anyone?

    I just hope Hibs lose tonight, don't fancy us going into that game away in Edinburgh and coming out with anything when the pressure is on. TBH right now, all I want is European Football next season for Gerrard to come into. 2nd place, after this abysmal season will just be a bonus, although it is a shitty bonus....
  9. SPFL trying to cash in on Gerrard

    To be fair id watch guys playing call of duty over partick v hamilton any day.

    WWE body slam on Morelos, no booking. Dorrans dislikes a decision, yellow card. Team is rotten after that pathetic penalty decision as well.
  11. SPFL trying to cash in on Gerrard

    That is fucking embarrassing SPFL doing a great job then......
  12. Keep fighting Fernando

    Not a like in that way, was in support of him. Rescinded. No Surrender Fernando.
  13. Major investment?

    Sure the year they didn't make it they sold Van Dijk?
  14. Major investment?

    I thought that's what he meant though? They sell their best players to balance their books, weakening their team. Get into the Champions League, they will improve what they have.