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  1. Rangers match I just dreamt

    Somebody must have stolen his phone and logged in to write that pish, they are probably taking money out his bank account as we speak, was that a dream ? Are you from Cumnock ?
  2. Anyone else buzzing about tomorrow

    I try reverse sychology on myself but It doesn't work, I tell myself were gonny get pumped about 4-0 so that if it does happen I won't feel so bad and if we win I go fuckin scripto, done this the last game and we did get pumped but was still raging and hurting for days after it so it didny work.
  3. A lack of Leadership on the park as well?

    Some of the decision making is fuckin chronic , they were trying to slow the game down so what do we do , give away needless fouls all over the place, fuckin brainless at times
  4. Pena

    Time will tell but so far he's fuckin awfull
  5. Changed Days

    Try washing
  6. The Rangers Travelogue, We Will Follow On

    Me too mate, had to jump in a taxi back to hotel when we realised the big screen wasn't going to work.
  7. Rangers v Dundee: The Goals

    Good to see them again, cheers op
  8. See Ya Later

    He won't.
  9. Tav's defending

    Said to my mates last season when most wanted him out that I thought there is a player in there and it just needs better players around him to bring it out and I think we are seeing it now.
  10. Candeias

    Apart from the obvious skill I like the fact that he is hard as fuck also.
  11. I don't know him so I'm not sure how he performs at meetings etc, but I said earlier I would rather we had someone rather than nobody as at least with a presence the scheming cunts will need to lay off us a bit.
  12. Windass

    Amazing how things change, most folk wanted him gone before the season even started.
  13. We don't know that though, at least we have someone close to our enemies.
  14. You want to replace him fair enough but until we have someone to do so its best he he keeps his place.
  15. No, we moan like fuck that every cunt is against us and that the SFA and SPL are corrupt to the core, yet you want him to walk and let the scheming cunts have a free reign without us having someone representing us , whether you like him or not it's cutting our nose off to spite our face.