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  1. I honestly don't have the stomach yet to talk about some of the gutless bastards in our squad.
  2. Yep your probably right, however post 2012 was like a challenge for us, we were angry and wanted to show everyone that we will still follow follow, we have nothing to prove now so would love for us to stay away from the club's who have went against us again, it won't happen though.
  3. So it's not over yet as we move onto the next step, however the fans can now play a part in it, once we know who supported our proposal we support our team at their grounds, those who voted against we never step foot in their grounds and give them the blue pound again, I would also do the same to the abstainers as they are shitebags. Hopefully put a few of them out the game for good.
  4. If the daily record said it was raining I would go out and check for myself, attention seeking lying scum.
  5. I wonder where Kilmarnock sit with this vote, they hate both of the old firm with a passion, I wouldn't be surprised if they abstained.
  6. How many of you looked down to see if your belly sticks out further than your dick ?
  7. And you know who will be blamed for lack of sponsor interest, the big bad Rangers
  8. I hope I'm correct mate but I can't see us putting our evidence out there , take it like a trial, the prosecution don't publish evidence until the trial so as not to give the upper hand to the defence, we will produce our evidence when required and as probably instructed by our lawyers.
  9. Agreed but maybe we are keeping our cards close to our chest, there would be no reason for us to state we had evidence until we feel the appropriate time to do so.
  10. I don't think we would submit any evidence at this stage, more about what the SPFL have allegedly done that is regarded as bullying, cheating and against the rules etc, I would like to think that we keep our evidence for when required or GM or court.
  11. You might have a point there, a great big GIRUYs to us.
  12. To answer your question, I think there will be more to it than the Rangers hating MSM will report, no one can have possibly read and digested 200 pages in a couple of hours so I will wait and see what happens next without speculating.
  13. So have you read it, how do you know what's in it ?
  14. This fuckin place at times, folk canny wait until we release our dossier and then when we do they moan like fuck because our haters are saying there is nothing in it. I will stick to siding with Rangers until everything is out in the open than listen to cunts that spout utter shite and their hatred of us.
  15. Sorry mate, I was too busy reading what trainers I should wear.
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