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  1. You could just copy n paste all the posts from last week's game, same shite as last week.
  2. Maybe that's how he left
  3. Whoever the fuck made the decision to sign him should be sacked on the spot and made to take him home.
  4. Same turgid shite as today, ten men behind the ball that we canny break down.
  5. Barker is never a player, seriously what was Gerrard thinking when he played this useless prick.
  6. Barisic 22 mins, very good of you mate.
  7. RIP David, peace to your family.
  8. Folk on here need to stop building their hopes up for something good coming out of this, the league will not be null and voided, the corrupt cabal will not be touched, Hearts and PT will agree to a settlement which will be kept hush, end of story, this corrupt mob are untouchable.
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