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  1. I don't get the black rectangle with two white arrows on top right of strip, it's put me off it.
  2. After you make a complaint to them.
  3. This should be sent to the guy from the bbc that's supposedly doing a documentary on this whole sordid affair, only way it may be highlighted to Joe public.
  4. Simply put, Are celtic football club an honourable club and deserve a guard of honour ? If your answer is yes then your either lying, a Scum fan or needing medical help. Should the scum be applauded by their fans and given plaudits by the press etc then yes as they won the league, however a GOH would be like knighting Jimmy Saville for his contribution to TV and charity's, oh wait !
  5. Guys, how do I add a new bank card to my cccs account ? I've tried online but it doesn't let me.
  6. Prefer the ones in the other thread tbh
  7. Wouldn't make one bit of difference, the refs are shite or cheats and the cunts watching the VAR would make decisions to suit there agenda also, corrupt as fuck in Scotland.
  8. Goldson is fuckin gash, he shits himself every time the ball is played to him,. No idea what the fuck has happened to Katic, maybe the bump on the head he sustained at Killie earlier in the season.
  9. Seasons over and it's only march ffs
  10. I'm fuckin done, reading shite on here.
  11. Whoever tattooed this sick bastard is just as fuckin bad .
  12. On the way to work this morning I was listening to Clyde 1, " and now for the news and sport" blah blah , and in sport Steve Clarke was furious about the sectarian abuse he received in last night's game in which Rangers won 5 nil, tape played of his rant and that's it, couldn't even say who scored 4 goals or that Rangers go through tonext round, all about that fuckin Wiesel.
  13. He's a horrible bastard, can't stand him.
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