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  1. Don't worry, I'll stand by you
  2. For some reason I feel the same, this game will be no walk in the park like previous, just get the 3 points Rangers and prove me wrong by pumping them.
  3. Great news if he signs permanently, it will also show just what he thinks of our club and SG.
  4. Any player worth their salt should be able to take penalties, it's all about confidence, if you can't strike a ball well your not a good footballer, don't agree that it should be strikers either.
  5. Just saw it on STV news, it's good to see them taking action but I immediately thought what about Broons elbow on Tab.
  6. Usual superb quality from you my man, great to see you posting again, hope things are looking up for you both, atb for 2020 and thanks, really enjoyed that.
  7. Heard we had someone to sign but the SFA are too busy to take the registration as they are trawling through the old firm game to see if they can come up with anything against us for the compliance officer.
  8. Sore time of year for a lot of families, thoughts are with each and everyone of you, I hope those departed are at peace.
  9. Happy new year everyone, hope you all have a healthy and wealthy new year troops, WATP.
  10. There was a cunt on last week after the Killie game I think called Blair, he said to Keevan's " mark my words Hugh, we will beat Rangers as they don't have the bottle to beat us, we will be on top with enough points to see it through" I wish I gave enough fucks to phone in tonight and ask Hugh to pass on a wee message to Blair -- get it roon ye ya blabbering mess.
  11. Not too sure if every goal is checked tbh, I watch a lot EPL and some goals that are no brainers are given without VAR being mention, whether it's checked in the background anyway I have no idea mate.
  12. Can you honestly imagine VAR up here, every goal for us would be" let's check VAR" so the cunts could look for a shove/pull/offside anything they can chop it for, the scum score no VAR needed it's all good, this country is too corrupt for anything to work except us beating them on the park even with cheating refs like yesterday.
  13. The thing with VAR is it's went too far in the EPL, to judge off side because a player's knee or hand is taking it too far, if the player is in line with the defender then he is not offside, to judge a hand being an inch offside is pish. Up here it wouldn't work anyway as the SFA is infested by them so they would install them as the review board.
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