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  1. Rangers YouTube - Hamilton review

    According to your missus ?
  2. I would offer the Chinese a BOGOF deal, buy Morelos for £11M and you get Hererra for free, if you don't take him you can fuck off.
  3. Murty and Cummings Post Match Interviews (Ayr)

    Cummings seems to have been about for years but he's still just a young lad. Like his petulance , innocent but funny.
  4. Highlights on bbc2 NOW for those who missed

    Just in from game will be good to see the goals again. Cheers
  5. Exactly, His finish on the half volley was a cracker, very hard to take but he made a great job of it.
  6. Just watched it again, took a hell of a bobble, didn't look as bad at the game.
  7. Scottish Cup Draw - Falkirk (H)

    Killie at Ibrox.
  8. Pena

    Then we're left with a donkey on our books after the years loan, nobody will touch him with a barge pole.
  9. Pena

    At least they will have to pay some of his wages for the remainder of the loan deal, we will end up letter him go for fuck all.
  10. Weather in Ayr

    Getting clearer now .
  11. Weather in Ayr

    Heavy snow now
  12. Wes victim of racial abuse.

    Theres a serial hacker on the go, first Cumnock then this cunt.
  13. Guess who's back back again

    Are you sure they two should be classed in the same sentence as Cummings and Morelos ?
  14. Retail Deal

    Brings back memories of the purple shell suit