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  1. BlueboyG

    Livingston v Rangers

  2. BlueboyG

    Wallace, Rossiter and Grezda

    Would be good to see them all play but doubt they will be match fit, possibly all will appear at some time, really need to take it easy and not throw them in too quick.
  3. BlueboyG

    Highlights against St Johnstone

    Excellent , also watched Killie skelping the scum, cheers.
  4. BlueboyG


    Cheers mate, a bit late for me as I'm up early but I will record it so that I can laugh at the scum when I get in fae work.
  5. BlueboyG


    Bastard, missed it.
  6. BlueboyG

    Mobile WiFi inside Ibrox

    I'm on 3 network , my phone shows 4g with all bars showing but still canny get into bet365 or flash scores etc, fuckin brutal.
  7. BlueboyG

    Oh Danny Boy

    Outstanding today, I honestly can't remember him being so influential in a game, all his flicks and tricks came off for him, his work rate can never be questioned but today he was popping up everywhere, well deserved MOTM .
  8. BlueboyG


    I'd prefer winning the league to be honest.
  9. BlueboyG

    Graham Dorrans

    Can understand the reason SG hasn't went out and bought an attacking midfielder, he has probably done his homework on Dorrans and sees him fitting right in there, going by his cameo appearance last night SG would be correct.
  10. BlueboyG

    They really are obsessed

    Pub trying to make money shocker.
  11. BlueboyG

    Tops Now Available To Buy - Purchase Online

    Aye, if your wearing long socks it has to be Jesus sandles.
  12. BlueboyG

    Tops Now Available To Buy - Purchase Online

    So is every cunt wearing a Rangers scarf not purchased from an official store also acting like Taigs or is it just the tops that count ?
  13. BlueboyG

    Derek Ferguson - Video

    Why is it every time I watch your videos I end up watching Rangers videos for about an hour .