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  1. Fuckin shocking, you could have just simply said Hi
  2. That's his job to be fair, he better up the anti or he will be history, surprised he's still club captain.
  3. Aye but ten years ago we scored goals, fuck all to be excited about now.
  4. If it doesn't work out with Pedro then we really need to take our time in getting someone in with a right good pedigree who is tried and tested, That's the worry with Pedro, He has done fuck all of note, but ffs the domestic season hasn't even started yet and we don't know how it's going to turn out, let's give the guy a chance before we right him off completely .
  5. Ok your staunch as fuck, I would love to know what you've done to stand up for us while the rest have sat back and done fuck all except support our club, no one likes us I don't give a fuck, So you are calling me out for my moronic attitude for saying No one likes us we don't care, a saying synonymous with our support , must be me and the other 50,000 that are surrender monkeys and only you billy big baws go about fighting our cause yet I thought that is what our board of directors, fan groups, club 1872 was all about, to be the voice for the fans, I'll just keep supporting my team and leave the matter of fighting our enemies for them in the position to do so, and you of course. Not so little surrender monkey
  6. Bet the op wishes he hadn't bothered.
  7. Not surprised one bit.
  8. Cowboy ties his horse up outside a saloon , goes in and downs two whisky's goes back outside and his horse is gone, he goes back into saloon and asks for another whisky and shouts if by the time I drink this my horse has not been returned I will do what I did at El Paso, he finishes his drink and goes back out but the horse is still not there, back into the saloon and orders a whisky and shouts, For the last time I'm gonna drink this shot and if I go out there and my horse has not been returned I'm gonna do what I did at El Paso !, wee guy stands up and says so what exactly did you do at El Paso, cowboy replies, had to fuckin walk
  9. Hint: They are not all British .
  10. Pointless ? Your the one that said too many bury their heads in the sand so I asked you who was going to stand up for us, I know who should, but they don't , so you don't have any answers yet you call other people out.
  11. Still no answer to my question , who is going to stick up for us and take on the SFA etc ?
  12. Im quite sure Pedro will get our backing IF we start winning games.
  13. No anger intended, just pointing out the obvious, the other 50,000 must all be wrong too when they sing the same words, I see you didn't bother to answer my question though .
  14. And who the fuck is going to stand up for us, this board ? Club 1872 ? You ? We've been ridiculed, been fined for going into admin, pumped into the bottom tier, slaughtered from every angle in the press, our players attacked on the pitch and not one person batted a fuckin eye lid.
  15. This place is getting worse by the fuckin day, he done something we've been screaming for our captain to do for months, stand up for yourself and cunts want him away, fuckin roll on the new season till we get back to normal ( wanting every cunt away) .