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  1. That's fuckin shocking, I got mines ok but my son has never received his through normal post. I hope you get yours sorted mate.
  2. Has anyone else not received their ticket through post yet ?
  3. Canny believe you took the bait.
  4. He should have got a big payout when he left us for his services to the club.
  5. Probably turn out a frustrating game for us today, would love to put a few by them then it won't matter sheep v scum.
  6. Some of us don't accept drawing to a team that lesser teams have pumped, some accept mediocrity.
  7. Beat me to it mate, stupid statement to make.
  8. There's a pattern here, when tav is poor we don't win games, when he plays well we win as he creates more than from anywhere else on the pitch. I am not sticking up for him btw.
  9. A must win today to keep on top of the scum, every league game is a must win but after a break and away to Hearts it might be a tough one.
  10. Sorry for the delay mate, I got it online here, https://m.jdsports.co.uk/search/Rangers/. Looks like it's out of stock again .
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