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  1. You are so fuckin deluded if you think this squad is good enough to win anything , now away tae yer bed and when you wake up you might face reality.
  2. I said this squad are not good enough and Tav should not be captain and I will proven correct very soon , ffs you would think we we are against the cream of Europe, we were fortunate when the groups came out, we have taken 1 point from the team who were at the bottom of the group, before this game,if that's acceptable to you then your expectations are much lower than mine, when we can't beat shite teams like Motherwell , Killie, Livi etc then we will win fuck all, that's why I stated this squad is not good enough, if you think it is good enough then you are deluded, if SG buys again in the next window then that is proof that what he has is not good enough,
  3. Jeez, you still can't answer the questions, I will try another, will we win the league with this squad ?
  4. I'm talking about the bigger picture though, you didn't answer my questions so I will try again, do you think our squad is good enough for Europe and domestic league ? do you think Tav is the best choice of captain ?
  5. So you think our squad is good enough and that Tav is a good captain ? Yes or no is suffice
  6. Your usual posting are we talking here ? It's normally utter pish, if you had your way we would have that cunt McInnes as our gaffer.
  7. We are going nowhere with this squad, Tav should never be captain, get it fuckin sorted SG
  8. Defence are fuckin brutal
  9. BlueboyG

    14 million loss.

    Thanks for depressing me even fuckin more
  10. BlueboyG

    8 years ago today

    Me too and was pretty drunk, ended up standing up on the front off the upper deck and nearly fell into the bottom area, was just elated.
  11. BlueboyG

    Few Rangers items for sale

    If you give me £30 mate I will take the Ian Black signed top.
  12. BlueboyG

    McInnes complete performance

    Cunts that start a thread about - well fuck knows , then fuck off and never go near it again should be banned, pure ragin.
  13. BlueboyG

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    Well that's that fucked
  14. BlueboyG

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    If we can't beat these no marks then we deserve to win fuck all, cmon the gers
  15. BlueboyG

    55 is on the way

    Won't happen, he's on his way down in his career.