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  1. We are masters at picking up cunts.
  2. Not like the scum to steal another teams song, the cunts stole our chant " go home ya H***" which we used to sing to them as they were heading out the stadium after a good pumping by the Gers. Fuck knows how they managed to reverse that trend.
  3. RIP Fernando, you were an inspiration to many people, gone but not forgotten.
  4. No depression from me, canny stand them, if they were playing out my back garden I'd shut the blinds, honestly don't care one wee bit about them.
  5. I remember he hit a free kick at Ibrox against Killie, it hit Gary Holt on the thigh and he was down in agony, his brother who worked beside me said he's still got the mitre mark on his thigh two days later, one of my favourites, I used to back him for first goal every game and done well.
  6. That's fuckin ridiculeous.
  7. Ffs £111 out the morra and another £25 on Friday
  8. Ignorant bastards, it's £111 and we're taking it tomorrow, 1 days notice, thank fuck I've got online banking or I would be screwed.
  9. I said to my boy last season if he was our CB we would lose goals through him, he's a bomb scare, looks nervy as fuck when he's got the ball, yesterday proved it, good defender but not good enough for us.
  10. You and the op should be ashamed, fuckin bone heads
  11. Apologies for putting this here, my son has lost his wallet between Copland rear and kinning park, if anyone finds a wallet can they let me know, his season ticket, license etc are in the wallet. Thanks Bears
  12. How do you know it's shite without reading it ? You did didn't you ?
  13. The Daily Rebel writing pish , who'd have thought it.
  14. We now seem to have what we were missing last season and that is in getting it done, how many games last season did we let the game go and couldn't see the win over the line, we now have a defiance to get the job done, take away to killie for example, last season we wouldn't have got the win, this season we are more hungry and don't give up. Keep it up Rangers.
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