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  1. Who’s going to Turkey this summer?

    At my age it doesn't matter a fuck
  2. down-to-a-tee

    I got these in Turkey, just as nice imo,
  3. Who’s going to Turkey this summer?

    Was at Lara beach last October, hotels are stunning, only been and going back to Marmaris as my son etc loves it there for the cheap clothes, quite a bit more expensive at Lara and even at the big market in Belek we found the stuff a bit more expensive like £20 for a pair of trainers
  4. Who’s going to Turkey this summer?

    Just back from Marmaris three weeks ago and going back in October, bought some cracking Stone Island gear, jumper, jacket etc, cracking copies for cheap as chips, the guys I got friendly with offered to ship some jackets etc to my home address, they ship stuff weekly and showed me some receipts of stuff they just sent to Birmingham etc, it's about £20 for up to ten kg, My son in law bought loads of stuff as it was so cheap, he's right into his golf gear and bought about 8 polo shirts such as Hugo Boss for about £7 each , never saw any Rangers tops this year but normally got loads.
  5. The Worst Rangers Teams In History 2016-2018.

    I've watched Rangers since 1969 and remember the late 70s early 80s well, the team got booed onto the park a couple of times except for D Cooper, I used to sit in the Copland when it opened and me and my brother in law had a full row to ourself most games, we just went every game and put up with whatever shite was on offer, in 1986 when Souness came I bought my first season ticket and have had it since.
  6. Rangers Pools

    Honestly can't remember mate, it could have been along the same lines, just remember my dad collecting money and when we went to Ibrox he had to go to an office and pay in, no internet banking in they days lol.
  7. Rangers Pools

    Yeh it was massive in its day, think my dad had around 100 or more workmates who were in it and he was the agent, with redundancies etc it started going tits up.
  8. Rangers Pools

    Aye much along the same lines mate.
  9. Rangers Pools

    I can't remember how it actually worked but it was many years ago, my dad is 88 now and he would have been in his forties I reckon when I can remember him with a bag of money saying he had to pay into the Rangers pools office, I'm not sure if members were allocated a number or suchlike and when your number was drawn you got paid out, and I think if you were a agent like my dad and one of your clients won he got a cut too.
  10. Rangers Pools

    I can remember when my dad used to do the Rangers pools years ago.
  11. Bates and Windass , seems now no cunt likes him
  12. admin get this sorted

  13. Well written post, and I get Goats point, we are fickle as fuck at times, there were some who wanted Rossiter sold to get him off the wage bill and now some want him in first team and also as captain, I got shot down for allegedly making it up, however time is a great healer and we just need to accept that some things are done for the betterment of the team and not to please the fans, If he doesn't do well I'm sure some will be ready to slaughter MA for signing him, we've been through so much shite recently I'll take almost any cunt to get us challenging again.
  14. All the fouls from Yesterday

    Why the fuck does no one from Rangers JN for example come out and say at the post match interview that he can't understand why a player who stands in front of the ball at a free kick gets a booking and a player who deliberately halves a player with two feet off the ground only gets a booking hen it was a straight red all day, the longer these cunts get away with this the longer it will go on.
  15. Season Tickets

    Renewed after a lot of deliberation, think the SG deal gave me some hope, 33rd ST.