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  1. Don't know much about them either! They topped their group featuring PSV, Sporting and Rosenborg and are only 2 points behind Salzburg in their league after 17 games.
  2. Think there were possibly 4 out of 12. Us, Cluj, LASK, and Alkmaar.
  3. Even when you read the Brazil account of the story it still makes Stewart out to be an utter cunt. Why is the old bastard lying on the ground, pissed out his nut rubbing his belly, laughing and goading a youngster! Fucking wrong un!
  4. If any Tav critics are not in this thread praising him, it kinda says it all, sadly.
  5. Obviously there are many factors and some will laugh at the suggestion, but luck doesn't help us very often! I think most of the goals we concede just come down to poor defending at times. However the amount of horrible, jammy goals we concede is crazy! I think they had one header that McGregor saved easily. Other than that I don't think they threatened much.
  6. They only really had, what 2 chances? Header save from McGregor which was bread and butter and then the OG, which 9 times out of 10 Borna clears. It was defo nervy but I personally didn't see them scoring. They didn't have a cutting edge. We should have won the game, the prestige and finance would have been great but it's still a great achievement to go through.
  7. I honestly don't know. Possibly. That's obviously impressive and they are quite a bit ahead of Rapid too. However, as pointed above PSV, Rosenborg and Sporting too are maybe not quite what they once were.
  8. Only 2 points behind Salzburg after 17 games, and Salzburg haven't lost one league game this season!
  9. The only thing would be what will they be like in a few months but why not? Morelos would have a field day against their back line!
  10. I would take any of them. Obviously in terms of progressing Inter, Salzburg and Ajax would be really tough. Basel or Malmo would be decent. Would kinda like Arsenal!
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