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  1. Pedro is gonna boot some fucking balls. And quite fucking right. No more Mr Nice Guy. At last a bit of fire..........
  2. Should have went all Mark Hateley there and went for the diving header, get kicked in the face then header the post but ultimate still score. Shitebag though.........
  3. TBF it's been the most exciting part of the night. Another shit game in the EPL.......
  4. Fucks he doing, absolute moron!
  5. I don't know enough about the youth development scene however it's fairly evident we're not as fast, strong, big or as technically good as the taigs sadly. Whether that is down to the age gap, i'm not sure. That said, despite it being a disappointing few weeks, if one or two can push through to the first team that would be a massive boost. There's a few for us who have a chance IMO.
  6. Terrible defending again..........
  7. Fuck it, get Kenny on.......
  8. Some poor positional decisions there. One simple pass split us right open there.
  9. Would like to see Gibson come on at some point. Heard a few positive reviews of him of late, but if he gets on, he'll need some service........
  10. Rudden looks pretty raw and rough around the edges, which you would expect at his age. He's been feeding on scraps in these two games so you kinda feel sorry for him as he's getting no service. Would like to see him in a game where we had more of the ball and he was being supplied more often. Looks strong, gets stuck in and has a decent hit on him. Hard to judge him properly in these two games. Think he has a chance though...........
  11. Score line doesn't look great but there are 3 or 4 who have a chance of making it IMO, Atakayi certainly the stand out so far.........
  12. Not afraid to do the dirty work either. Getting back to help out Houston at every chance. Commendable........
  13. After the disappointment of the U17s and the weekend, certainly a few have caught the eye early on here. Quite promising especially considering our team is fairly young for this level........