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  1. For the past few months, probably longer, I've never quite got the hype surrounding Turnbull, Hickey or Ferguson. I just haven't seen it. Admittedly I mainly only ever see them against us but none of them have ever stood out, Hickey especially (although he's just a kid). Turnbull has decent stats during a wee purple patch but I would be amazed if he's going to offer more than N'tcham, Rogic, Christie, McGregor, Forrest etc. I may be totally wrong but I'm not overly concerned if Turnbull or Hickey go there.
  2. Ha! Imagine going up against him, Lewandowski, Muller, Pavard, Neuer and the like. Absolute units. Then you have all their speed merchants. All technically great and they all have incredible work rate too. Some team.
  3. Perisic chased a player down and knocked it out for a throw in to PSG and everyone was on their feet applauding him. Even though they weren't on the park they were kicking every ball and giving their team mates some vocal support and encouragement. And for all their ability the work rate from them is incredible. If you can mix ability and work rate it's quite the combination.
  4. Bayern players on the bench and in the stands shouting and screaming for everything. Got to admire that to be honest. They want it so bad.
  5. Wow what a pass from Di Maria. Some fantastic passing from them. Some massive chances missed.
  6. Actually agreeing with Mcmanaman for once. Wouldn't have subbed Coman. Has the RB on toast.
  7. Another great pass from Herrera. You can't expect your 2 £100million+ strikeforce to miss 2 golden chances like that though.
  8. Davies is obviously a huge talent but he doesn't half get booked a lot. Maybe a bit harsh there though.
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