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  1. If that is the case then that would seem to make more sense.
  2. I don't think that's the case. Forums are all about opinions. It doesn't matter who is right or who is wrong, who is positive or who is negative. All anyone can do is give their opinions based on the facts available. As of now the boy has not played professional football at any level and from the little I have read doesn't seem to be overly highly rated. And from the minimal obligatory YouTube video he doesn't exactly set the world alight. That's not a criticism of the boy but there's not a lot to go on. To put a positive spin on it we are solely relying on Allen's judgement and his belief that the boy can make a massive step up and adapt and integrate himself immediately. That is a huge ask for anyone let alone an untested young boy. All we can do is hope Allen has called this correctly. We are currently 5 points behind the leaders so it's understandable why this type of signing doesn't excite everyone. On paper it's reasonable for fans to be wary. Fuck I'd be wary of Walker signing who is far more established. The reality of this is almost none of us will have seen him play. None of us will want him to fail. We hope he's amazing and will light it up but I think there are valid reasons to express a little concern. Regardless of what we all say now he WILL be judged on what he does on the park. Let's hope he's a roaring success.
  3. I think most would have been aware of him simply due to the extremely high transfer fee City paid for him but it's unlikely if many knew he was any good or not. Don't think he played that often for Fulham. Hopefully this young lad does well. The video doesn't do him many favours although it looks a little old. He also looks tiny! I know nothing about English Premier League teams youth players however I just read that one who was quite highly rated, a year older and a left winger has just joined the Edinburgh taigs, Barker I think his name is. If we're going to be loaning players you'd want us to get the very best and most readily available. I have no idea if this boy is but can only hope Allen knows better than us.
  4. Not to mention the Motherwell sub was playing against 10 men, was fresh, Motherwell were 2 up and Ross County heads would have dropped. I like stats but they can always be manipulated, misconstrued and taken out of context. Comparing this Motherwell sub against an offensive Hearts player who's teams sole purpose was to sit in and defend for their lives is a stupid and ridiculous comparison. Whether Walker played well is another matter but there are a number of fairly obvious factors why he wasn't as effective. Playing us away is tough, Hearts were very defensive, he barely received the ball from his team mates, we dominated possession, he's not played lot of football recently and he's clearly not in a great frame of mind. Whether we need him or whether he'll make us better I honestly don't know however.
  5. Probably being overly optimistic however I think today could be tricky for them. Think it'll be a bit different at Rugby park. Risky to make so many changes even though they did win easily in the league cup. They're probably resting players more to do with the surface but brenda can slate those pitches and get away with it! Big Boydy and a Smith wonder goal, although i'l absolutely take a draw right now...........
  6. I genuinely didn't even notice who posted it. I guess one of the general football Twitter accounts used it or quoted it and copying from my phone I only seen the pictures without acknowledging who it was. Good call to remove. Luckily someone was paying attention. Cheers.
  7. .
  8. This is obviously not from tonight but this just sums him up. Such awareness, vision and intelligence. Classy player........