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  1. Okay my slight backseat his been altered! Surely there is money to be made with a Real side going for the title against an Alaves side featuring Oliver Burke! Will probs do a few shot bets on including the following: Casemiro, Kroos, Modric and Vasquez. Some decent value.
  2. Target Young and we'll breeze through.
  3. I like Mount. He's a got a bit of the Lampard in him in that he provides a goal threat from midfield. Obviously nowhere near Frank level though. In fairness he's went from the Championship to 1st team player at Chelsea in such a short period of time although game time may be a little less with the signings Chelsea are making. James is unlucky that RB is so strong but if TAA moves further forward or central James or Wan Bissaka are solid options. He's still really young as well. RLC is strange one. He has all the attributes. Big strong, powerful, fast and he's always looked decent when playing for England. He's been unlucky with injuries but his little dink pass for Abraham's goal at Palace shows he has that bit of quality too. If he can stay injury free he offers something a different. Abraham can be a bit clumsy and unorthodox but he's got pace, is awkward and can finish. Again, nowhere as good but similar traits maybe to a young Andy Cole. Another good option. I would have Maddison over Grealish but like Grealish, I think Maddison hides. They both have ability. They just need to get more involved, and make things happen. Winks is neat and tidy. I'd imagine he'll play more often once Henderson retires.
  4. Sancho, Rashford, Mount, Wan Bissaka, Abraham, James, Maddison, Chilwell, Loftus Cheek, Winks, Barnes, McNeil and a few others too. Some have obviously got a good bit to go to fully establish themselves but a fair bit of potential there. Kane only 26, Sterling 25 as well. They have a fair amount of options now up top. Trying to get the right formula could be tough though. Good problem to have. Defence and keeper are a concern. Maguire, Mings, Stones, Tomori, Gomez and the like are a little suspect, possibly a little unfair on Gomez, Pickford is wild too. Henderson has done well but not sure if he's quite as good as some are making out. That said i'd have him or Pope ahead of Pickford.
  5. Two of my biggest frustrations are footballers who can't use both feet and strikers who are afraid to shoot. He can do both, and very well. Think he has a big future.
  6. Greenwood is brilliant. So two footed as well.
  7. When you don't do shot bets you assume all the top teams and strikers shoot all the time, and surely must also get loads on target. However over the last month or so I've realised how very little they do when doing the shots market. Barcelona and Real are surprisingly lacking in shots taken. They fanny about far too much! Such a head fuck market. Exciting though and I will persevere! You almost want a team to go behind or take an early lead just so they go all out attack. Taking a slight backseat just now though unless I see something that appeals. So hard to predict with loads of teams not having much to play for, 5 subs pish, injuries and no fans etc. I'm probably too greedy as well and should try to keep it simple. That said the Watford one you had is probably the best value for money type of bet. Big odds, low stake and you only need a handful of shots.
  8. Young Williams at Liverpool looks a player. Been decent the few times i've seen him.
  9. Ryder Cup postponed till 2021. Bit shit but as expected. Not really the same without fans.
  10. Always think Zaha can and should do more and then boom! Has to do more of that though.
  11. Good angle here. 'Hawd me back hawd me back'! The whole narrative is pretty funny. 'Aye but he's showing passion and leadership'. A lot of Spurs fans backing Hugo. However, he could have shouted at many other players and not just Son, who was barely at fault. He could also have got to Son if he really wanted! All a bit pathetic.
  12. There's another angle but this is basically it. Lucas hits a shit pass. Son doesn't chase back. Kane does. Lloris loses his nut because Everton get a shot away. Yeah Son could have turned back and chased but it wasn't really his fault Everton got a shot away. Overreaction from Lloris.
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