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  1. Classic Liverpool. Fantastic going forward. Terrible at the back. They always put so much in to first 60/70 minutes with the high press, high energy that they seem, understandably to an extent, to tire late on. Makes things very interesting. The champions league has been brilliant value this season.
  2. Someone stop this already!
  3. Some mad scousers are gonna be rich. You just know someone has put all 3 to score and Liverpool to win big. It's not even over yet.........
  4. Salah is fucking incredible
  5. U20's away to Leicester

  6. U20's away to Leicester

  7. Ooft. Just seen run in and Juve need to go to Inter and Roma. Napoli away games are no gimmes either though.
  8. Murty threw Halliday under the bus yesterday

    Murty gave Halliday a Rangers lifeline. He didn't take it. Neither did his teammates. Something had to change. We couldn't wait until half time. The reality is though that you could have taken any one of them off. Also, and I could be wrong where we not trying or thinking about making the sub before they got the second? Regardless Halliday was shite. Murty was shite. Everyone was shite.