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  1. On paper that seems like quite a favourable start. Let's fucking do this
  2. Think he's already quoted as saying he's hoping to do well and extend his time here even beyond his contract! Here's hoping he's good enough to warrant one......
  3. Absolute tank!
  4. Haha!
  5. Announce Rod Wallace or everyone out.
  6. Not wanting to derail the thread of goodwill but it is interesting to see that a number of very critical journalists towards us and the board are eerily quiet given how significant this breaking news is. Surely professional impartial journalists would be all over this. Who knew. What fantastic news. From where we were merely a month or so ago to where we are now, quite frankly could not have been envisaged by any of us. Fair play to all involved. New players, with more to follow, significant money being spent on transfers, some deadwood being shifted on, upgrades to the stadium, innovative changes to our development teams season ahead, advanced technology/video upgrades, increased social media presence, continued great charity work, retail deal ripped up, back in Europe, DoF announced plus loads more I've probably missed out! We are seriously getting our shit together on and off the park, quickly, quietly and professionally. The good news just keeps coming. Exciting times....
  7. It's not! However come our home game to the Luxembourg mob it probably won't be far off......
  8. Those big bad protestants done it officer will no doubt be the rhetoric....
  9. This might be the one where the taigs finally get their ban after, what, their 100th misdemeanour! Or maybe not
  10. Scenes and outrage from the Scottish media when we let Linfield train at Auchenhowie yaaaaas!
  11. We'll both be going for our first European wins then. What a moment in Europa League history. Mon the Sevco....
  12. Koepka just nails a 380 yard drive on the last straight down the fairway. Incredible display.............