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  1. Did Mourinho even manage in Soccer Aid? Did he not withdraw after getting the Man U job? Not unless he's been asked more than once!
  2. I thought I had it several times with Vieri, Vieira, Balotelli, Pirlo, Dida, Cassano to name a few but don't think it's any by one thing or so out! Fuck knows!
  3. Yup! Think it might even have been Jamie Walker.......
  4. Hyndman added
  5. The Cummings rumour never seems to go away. At the right price he could be an asset for us albeit he is certainly of the cunty and stupid variety! The other weekend being the perfect example. Scoring a great goal then being sent off for being a total dick.
  6. Who or what is a Lloyd Cross when it's at home? Reliable?
  7. I take it they've not heard of A Madrid's front two or seen Monaco this season then! Not to mention the real Dembele. Those 5 alone are ripping up the Champions League, La Liga, Ligue 1 and the Bundesliga not to mention many others but aye we'll throw in the guy who's doing it in Perth and Inverness. Fuck, Martial can't even get a call up! Stupid cunts!