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  1. In two of his last three holes Woodland has saved par with a chip in and a 42 foot putt! Rose only two behind though!
  2. Warrington beats Kid Galahad with split decision. Not a great spectacle to watch. Galahad impressive. Couldn't really call the fight myself. So tough to score.
  3. Up for work in about 4 hours but worth staying up for thanks to Rosey! Needed him to birdie the last 3!
  4. The obvious, Koepka, Woods, Rory, DJ and Spieth could all do well. Think Thomas has a chance. Na is a solid EW shout, as is Fitzpatrick. Massive outsiders Kinhult and Ancer.
  5. I was barely alive but looking back the start of the Souness revolution (aided by the English teams being banned in Europe) stands out. If in today's market we had the England number 1, England captain as well as guys like Cooper, McCoist, Durrant, latterly followed by Stevens, Walters, Steven, Hateley, Wilkins and many others their market value would be incredible. In fact pretty much all through the 90s we have had some top top players. In today's market the value of Laudrup, Gough, Goram, McCall, Gazza, Klos, Numan, Gio, Albertz, Tugay, Amo etc would be mad! With the greatest respect to Tav and Morelos they are nowhere near some of the names above and have also yet to achieve anything. That will change very soon though.
  6. I've not seen much of him or Hastie but when i've seen them, both have looked decent. Both obviously have good stats but both come with the risk that this season has been their big breakthrough. To maintain or improve upon this season will be difficult. Turnbull it would seem had a slightly better season but it's a lot of money to pay for Turnbull. I think they've probably been forced into to paying more than they wanted to due to the McGinn fuck up. Hopefully Turnbull turns out to be a massive failure!
  7. Great interview. Great player. Great attitude.
  8. I kid you not, I got 98 corners out of 99. Every game had 9+ corners. France had 8 haha! However KDB softens the blow!
  9. Laudrup1984


    Think that's partly why he missed the Killie game. Not sure if Arfield got his full holidays earlier, prior to joining up with Canada, or maybe it was split and he took some holiday time then and will get a further break after his Canada commitments. Either way a fully rested and refreshed Arfield will be huge for us next season.
  10. Laudrup1984


    Couple of decent finishes for Canada.
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