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  1. Not doing anything tonight, however if I was i'd maybe look at one or two of the following: And for a long shot...
  2. Handball. That should be disallowed. Haha this is madness.
  3. Top quality movement (and finish) from Rashford for the goal . Pleased for him.
  4. That's a foul! VAR is a bit of a shambles for situations like that. They never get overturned. Great goal though
  5. I thought first half Morelos was quite good, got 2 of their guys booked breaking away with cute play (possibly could have got another one of their players booked), always looking to roll players and then obviously got the goal. Start of the second half he played a nice cross field pass to get Arfield in. Also the one he squared to Arfield, I probably wish he was a little more greedy and smashed it. Some loose and sloppy play too but I thought he was one of our better player, which wasn't difficult. Not really much to take from today in all honesty though.
  6. Tav was really poor today, I don't think anyone can defend him today. That said he wasn't the only one. Morelos, Borna and maybe 1 or 2 apart we were very poor collectively. What I would say is though, so far as I can remember Tav has had 3 pretty poor games that stand out this season and in every game we have not only failed to win but we have been arguably our least creative in terms of chances. More often than not, when Tav has a poor game we create almost nothing and collectively as a team we are poor also. However, when Tav is on it, our attacking threat is night and day. I think he's now at a stage where it's a bit of an issue. Some are starting to really turn on him within the support and also in the media. I think anyone can almost forgive a player having a bad game, it's the magnitude of his defensive errors that are quite concerning. They have been pretty basic and a little too regular. He also looks to have lost a bit confidence and at times it seems to be effecting his attacking threat. He's going through a tough spell at the most critical time. His mistakes are hard to ignore. He's under real pressure. How Tav and Gerrard deal with it will be interesting. It's a tough situation to handle. Hopefully Tav can rediscover his top form soon enough. We really need him to.
  7. The formation is fine. The players were shite.
  8. I think most know their position is extremely false. They have been plagued with injuries. They have been poor but that said they still had the big lad up top, Whelan, the Japanese lad, Berra, Smith, and the £2million superstar. They have a decent team. Not brilliant but it was always going to be a tricky game for us, and sadly that's how it turned out. None of that excuses our performance though. We deserved everything we got. We were pish. No excuses. Too many players let us down.
  9. Hearts away is always tough. It's never easy there. We were always going to drop points during the remainder of the season. We will drop more along the way too. Massively disappointing though. Barely tested the keeper at all. Poor performance and result.
  10. Got what we deserved. Not good enough. Maybe 3/4 players were decent? Poor all round. Long way to go.
  11. That big Hearts cunt is a fucking monster to be honest. Won everything and it has stuck every time.
  12. Nothing has gone right for Tav today. He's obviously going to assist the winner! Hopefully anyway!
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