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  1. Mols is the obvious one that springs to mind. To a lesser extent, primarily due to his age, but big Dado as well. His body was probably only working at about 20% and he was still fucking brilliant. Warrior. If he was injury free (and a little younger) what a player he'd have been.
  2. Should never have let Matt McKay and Kane Hemmings leave IMO.
  3. I appreciate this is just some random Liverpool fan on social media, one of many differing views no doubt. It has no bearing on our league. Just puts things into a bit more perspective.
  4. It's such a crazy situation. In fairness I don't know how all football organisations go about resolving this. I don't envy their position.
  5. I can't see anything definitive coming from Tuesday. The ideal solution is obviously to finish the seasons. I think every chance will be given to allow that to happen. I don't think that's wise though as I don't see any football soon. It's an incredible situation we are all in. The situation is changing daily. I have no idea what the resolutions will be but IMO nothing will be resolved anytime soon. The permutations are extraordinary. There is so much at stake on so many levels. Naturally human life is more important than anything.
  6. It will be but it won't end there. Can't see any football for a long time.
  7. We're living in a completely unique and unprecedented world. Nothing will be decided anytime soon. Nothing will be set in stone. Everything will be open to change. Everything will be challenged and counter challenged. This will run and run for a long long time. There will be no quick and easy fix.
  8. I love Rangers, I really do. We all do. Every day we're all consumed by us. First thing in the morning, during work, lunch, after work, before bed, birthdays, Christmas, weddings, funerals. We never stop thinking about us. We never stop talking about us. We'll never change. It's our life. However the fact people are even speaking publicly about titles and relegation being set in stone is ridiculous. This is not the time for that discussion. The world is in crisis. Already it's changing all our daily lives. Family, work, finance, bills, social life, plans, holidays. It's unprecedented. It's a once in a generation. Vulnerable people are at real risk. The economy is in meltdown. It's not a joke. We still need to remain calm but we have to take serious precaution and action. Like a lot of things there's a lot misleading information, speculation and scaremongering. But the ramifications are real. Football needs to take a back seat. It's not important right now. No one knows what's going to happen in our owns lives let alone deciding competitions that are incomplete. It's such a complex, sensitive and surreal position the world is in. No one knows the answers. The knock on effect of this will hit us for years and years. If we were in their position of course I would be pissed, and it would seem unfair. Anyone leading a competition would be pissed but this situation is bigger than football, far bigger than football. If Gerrard and Tav spoke like they have if the roles were reversed I'd be embarrassed. I honestly don't think they would though.
  9. You basically have English media Sutton who is relatively balanced and normal. Then you have Scottish media Sutton the cunt. Even on Thursday as it was a European game, on BT. As it was going to a wider audience and not primarily Scotland, he wasn't acting the cunt as much. Domestic games and press he's a disgrace!
  10. Couldn't make it up. Well you could. And he has. But
  11. Why would they press on with a press conference for a game that was no longer gong ahead? Everyone would surely have understood if they cancelled their press conference in light of the breaking news. With the press conference going ahead though, he would surely have known what questions he was going to be asked. He's also quite the character. If Lennon doesn't want to answer a question he won't. The press could ask them as many times as they wanted but i'm sure Lennon is more than capable of shutting them down, if he wanted to.
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