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  1. Laudrup1984

    * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    He probably misplaced it like one of his passes.
  2. Laudrup1984

    Semi final allocation

  3. Laudrup1984

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    It would seem Northern Ireland want him to continue playing. It would seem Lafferty wants to continue playing. So what do Northern Ireland do? Yeah we'll punish Rangers. The innocent party in all of this. Yup makes sense. If they want to punish Lafferty go for it, don't select him for the next internationals if you're that unhappy. However they probably need him so won't. Pretty poor show.
  4. Laudrup1984

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    Out of the 3 parties I was referring to but yeah this gives Hamilton a minor boost. Obviously not suggesting Lafferty is a game changer but it's something that should have been easily avoided.
  5. Laudrup1984

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    If Lafferty is not playing on Sunday because he has failed to adhere to international protocol but still wants to be considered for international selection in the future the club should fine him if we are able to. We have done nothing wrong yet we are being penalised by not having him available for selection this Sunday and are continuing to pay his wages. Obviously we don't know the specifics but it still seems that Northern Ireland are being petty as fuck. Right now all 3 parties are gonna be pissed off. No winners in this completely unnecessary mess.
  6. Laudrup1984

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    Players do it all the time but the national teams almost never invoke the ruling.
  7. Laudrup1984

    Lafferty pulls out of NI squad

    Apparently Northern Ireland are invoking a FIFA rule to stop Lafferty playing against Hamilton on Sunday.
  8. Laudrup1984

    Scotland v Portugal

    It's funny seeing all the pundits slagging Eck for 3-5-2, he changes it to 4-4-2, plays the likes of Forrest, Hendry at everyone's request against a weakened Portugal team and they still blame Eck!
  9. Laudrup1984

    Scotland v Portugal

  10. Laudrup1984

    SFA to boycott Gazzas hall of fame dinner

    The nomination isn't even the biggest issue as far as i'm concerned however if we are to go down that route does that mean the Brazilian Ronaldo can never be regarded as one of the best players we've seen because he played less games, do we rule out guys like Maradona, George Best and many others because of personal and off the field issues, no we don't. It's just nonsense. It doesn't matter how long Gazza was here. What matters is that when he was here he played some of his finest football and lit up Scottish Football. He is simply one of the most talented and high profile players not only to play for in this country but that have played for us. Yet, you have guys on the list who haven't even played in Scotland! Whether you think Gazza should be in it or not is the least important part in all of this in my opinion though. The most damning aspects of this are that he WAS to be inducted (whether anyone liked it or not). This would have been discussed, reviewed and approved by all relevant senior personnel within the committee. Then, all of sudden you have SFA personnel stating they won't be going (the hypocritical cunts!), which was followed by the Scottish Football Hall of Fame committee publicly telling the world Gazza's induction had been withdraw because health concerns, the fucking day after Mental Health Day. Gazza is clearly vulnerable but he has done so well over the last few years. The turnaround in his appearance has been quite frankly remarkable. This however could have a catastrophic setback, the results of which don't bear thinking about it. That might seem dramatic but no organisation should be dealing with delicate matters such as this in such an incompetent, unprofessional and uncompassionate manner. It's just not good enough and it's just disaster after disaster with all involved within Scottish football. I also find it quite alarming (so far as I am aware) that not one Mental Health organisation have condemned this mess, the Scottish Football Hall of Fame committee have not further clarified matters, nor apologised, and not one shitebag within the SFA has cleared up who wouldn't be going to the ceremony. It's poor on so many levels.