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  1. Laudrup1984

    ***Official English Football Thread***

    Wow, great feet and finish!
  2. Currently 8-0 to PSG. Hatricks for Cavani and Mbappe and 2 for Neymar.
  3. Laudrup1984

    The Boxing News Thread

    ITV4 mate, nice and free. Not too bad!
  4. Laudrup1984

    Defoe's Wages

    Allen and Gerrard have went out of their way to extend huge thanks and gratitude to Bournemouth for their role in this. I don't think you'd do that if you were simply taking over a players full contract. Also, 65k a week , almost quarter of a million every month. In Scotland? Aye very good...........
  5. Laudrup1984

    Gerrard (suggested) to play v Helsinki

    Just got a few tickets there from the ticket office. Healthy wee stream of fans continuously coming in too. Think the slo mentioned last night on Twitter that at the point we had sold over 17k and there might be pay at the gate tomorrow as well. Very decent for a 12 o clock friendly on a Sunday!
  6. Laudrup1984

    Vatican Assisted Referee

    Would the McGregor hand ball have been looked at under VAR? That would have been pretty ironic. Despite all their moaning VAR could potentially have only given us a pen!
  7. Laudrup1984

    Ross McCrorie [Swansea]

    Some huge praise from Gerrard in his press conference. Probably best to lock this. He's going nowhere.
  8. Laudrup1984

    Joe worrall