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  1. Season 1978/79 ..Scottish Cup winners , League Cup winners, beat that mob once in the league and drew one Season 1979/80 ..Scottish Cup runners up, drew twice in league with the manks Season 1980/81...Scottish Cup winners, beat them home and away in the league Season 1981/82...Scottish cup runners up , League Cup winners, beat them once and drew once in the league Season 1982/83...Scottish Cup runners up, League Cup runners up, drew against them once in the league Season 1983/84...League Cup winners, league cup win was against them. Season 1984/85..League Cup winners, 3 draws against that mob in the league Season 1985/86...1 win and 2draws against them in the league we might have not been that good in those years but we were certainly competitive, can't say the same about these recent years.
  2. Rangers related picture thread

    The 90's fashion had a lot to answer for
  3. Rangers Pools

    We did really pay for the upkeep of the stadium in the past through the pools, the parent company of the pools ,Rangers FC Development Fund Ltd ran the pools and it paid for the upgrade to the stadium , but reading an article about the pools and its demise , it came about because the government repealed the 1971 Pools Competitions Act and that limited our ability to offer unlimited prize money sometimes as much as £30,000 , where other clubs running their pools only offered £2000, it was the biggest club run pools in Britain and only came second to the big national pools companies, we would then have to only offer the same as other clubs, which would have seen a big chunk of money that helped the upkeep of the stadium being lost.
  4. Rangers related picture thread

  5. Rangers related picture thread

  6. Rangers related picture thread

  7. Rangers related picture thread

    Just thought I would keep it going
  8. Rangers related picture thread

  9. The manager speaks

    When Souness took over he inherited a better squad than what is here right now, Durrant, McCoist,Russell,Derek Ferguson, Davie Cooper, McMinn, Fleck, add in McPherson , McKinnon, Fraser, Bell. Which is substantially better than what we have now, Souness added 4major players not inc himself. Yes the 80's were hard going but there was a better base to work with.
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