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  1. My first old firm game and my first cup final, not bad for start.
  2. I was at my dads works Christmas party that day , 9 yr old , remember the score coming through to the party and all us kids going daft..
  3. Rmc54

    Kenny burns

    He played played in the youth team 1970 along with Alfie conn, graham fyfe, Ian McDonald he didn't get a first Team game. Middle row second from the right.
  4. Am definitely there , must be , never missed a game in those days
  5. The band that led the team round the Park at Ibrox was the Ibrox True Blues, they were formally the Rangers Junior Accordian Band, the Rangers accordian band met the team at the Airport .
  6. Rangers accordian band are local to the Govan Orange Halls
  7. Well done everybody on reaching 500 pages, I ran out of original photos about 300 pages ago, some going to get this far.
  8. Hearts fans getting it in the Sun for supposedly disrespecting applause in their game
  9. I zoomed in on the corner of one of the photos you posted, Tom Morgan was the sports editor of the right sort.
  10. There is every possibility that these have been posted before
  11. First time in it and first British team to win it...Spurs , Liverpool, Man City have all had a go , and according to the commentator so have the papes
  12. I know it's not a photo as such but gave me a laugh reading it....
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