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  1. Early 70s wee inflatable rangers players , about 3foot high Bears of a certain vintage will remember those.
  2. Never forget the reaction to the half time score board showing septic 0 partick 4 1971 was the year league cup final at hampden, Ibrox erupted in scenes of joy It was breaking news in those days you never knew what was going on elsewhere Happy days.
  3. The hofbrauhaus is the official title of the bier kieller.
  4. The munchen bier kieller is worth a visit , its in the city centre not far from the lake If you go on their website I believe you can book tables in advance of your arrival Its a typical beer kieller, rocking with great beer.
  5. Magnificent player for us Went to Liverpool and his middle name is Everton.
  6. Best bet would be to speak to the chap that sells old programmes across from the main stand I reckon you would need to give him a date of that issue , or a rough estimate of it I binned a few hundred of them recently keeping only the first one printed, and most certainly that issue was one of them Good luck.
  7. Its a Rangers club mate Golden last a different establishment.
  8. Was in the Scarborough Rangers club years ago , went up to play the juke box and spotted the fields of athenrye So I asked the barman in a polite manner (what the f##ks that about ) Turns out the sash comes on when its played Great wee club ,well worth a visit if your down that neck of the woods.
  9. Admin could you change that to CLYDEBANK V RANGERS Thanks
  10. This is a quote from the CYDEBANK V RANGERS programme Oct 6th 1976 Before Davie signed for us What the blazes is wrong with Hereford and Peterborough. They didn't make an enquiry about Davie Cooper. Im so glad we did , what a talent.
  11. Great stuff , well done to Billy Rafferty coming in a short notice .
  12. Or Erskine , just saying like.
  13. Dont be surprised if Ally gets a settlement and donates it to charity Watch this space.
  14. Remember him attending matches home and away years ago , not something you see many ex players do And almost always had someone in a wheelchair with him , I admired him for that A true blue.
  15. An old goal randomly popped into my head recently It was the one where Quinton (cutty) Young rounded fat Pat Mcluskey at Ibrox in the 70s and scored the winner in an old firm game , then I thought what must it have been like to have been one of cuttys mates in ibrox celebrating his strike ,knowing your meeting him later for a few beers I don't know cutty , but I know he enjoyed a drink ,and was a bluenose Has anyone on here went to an old firm and watched your mate score against the manks Love to hear if anyone has , might cheer us up.