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  1. There's no way to keep everyone happy but i'd be pretty aggrieved if we were in the taigs position and ended up with nothing to show for it, but at the same time, this is a totally unprecedented situation and the league is 100% not over and should never be called as it stands. This way could be some sort of compromise. Not saying this is what I want to happen or should happen, just trying to think of how this cluster fuck can get sorted somehow from a football point of view.
  2. Maybe I've missed this being suggested but would this be a "fair" way to settle things: Null and void all leagues for this season and distribute cash based on current league positions. No champions, promotion or relegation. Start next season with teams awarded bonus points based on this year. Maybe half the amount of currently earned points or the points totals when we had all played half the total number of league games? *Edited to add that this shouldn't be a compromise to holding the SPFL to account and clearing the place out from top to bottom. This is just a su
  3. Union Berlin now have over 28k members after being promoted to the top Bundesliga, with the adult membership fee being 10€ a month, so they will probably be taking in at least €200k a month alone through memberships which is a huge amount of money for a team that was playing in the German lower leagues just over a decade ago. Hertha's membership fee is actually cheaper but they are a much bigger club financially. I'm not saying a direct copy of the German membership model would work over here but to have a regular monthly source of income like that using a model that would work for us wo
  4. Membership could be very a useful tool for generating regular income from non-season ticket holders. If it is to work like it generally does in Europe, then members would have priority before general public sale tickets. Given the limited amount of non-season ticket seats left at Ibrox these days, then this could be a smart move. Members could also be given priority on seats released by season ticket holders who cannot attend a certain game, as well as giving them access to the fringe benefits like discounts and stuff.
  5. Being a season ticket holder and member could be used for things like prioritising final and away tickets, as well as offering things like discounts and priority on retail, tours etc. I'd imagine what they'll do though is probably make it compulsory for all season ticket holders to be members and automatically give current season ticket holders membership.
  6. Mojo84


    Morelos will likely be gone in the summer, if not January, so it's vital we have Defoe for at least another season
  7. Mojo84


    Offering him a 1 year contract with a 2nd year option in January is a must
  8. Our only 2 losses this season have been 2 of the most frustrating I can remember for a long time as I know we are better than both teams.
  9. Is this through Young Boys directly? Where did you see this?
  10. A score draw is a much better result than a 0-0, so i'd say scoring while not losing is what we should be aiming for as a minimum. A 1-1 draw would be a good result, a 0-1 win would be a great result.
  11. It cost them hundreds of millions to do that.
  12. The teams from Gibraltar are usually made up of a majority of Spanish players, so they tend to be stronger than people anticipate.
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