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  1. This guy will defo have big contacts in that part of the world
  2. Ahhhh , this is a joke , why is it barred , anything that’s good for the fans is dismissed , I despise gcc
  3. But how do they resolve this when fans don’t care what they sing , there were songs sung that are prohibited by the club by a huge number where I sit in the Govan rear at spl games last year. This was always going to slap us in the face and it has big time.
  4. This boy has it all , 5 million , will be 3 times as much to start with .
  5. Worked for me , no problem , great picture
  6. Just purchased the game, bargain for a tenner
  7. We have more to think about , ridiculous the focus on this guy.
  8. The roof cladding has been completed to the 3 stands, by the looks of this the underside soffit of the stands are being over cladded, this along with the new side screen cladding will modernise the stadium. A good external clean of the stands and main stand roof I believe are getting done on completion of the cladding works.
  9. Would be interested to know if the underside of the cladding will be done at some point , thankfully a lot cheaper than the roofing .
  10. Cladding above also replaced , from the pic looks very good
  11. https://mobile.twitter.com/WhiskyQueen89
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