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  1. If he could get some regular games (and goals) for Colombia then his value will really take off. Can't be arsed checking but other's in that team in his age group are worth plenty - the board need to play hardball as hes our main main and wont be easy to replace.
  2. I expect we will fine him the max. allowable, then sack him to save wages. Obviously we'll forego any transfer fee (which has diminished further now anyways) Either that or sell in Jan for next to nothing to save wages. Personally id sack the useless c*nt today.
  3. Maybe the free kick at rugby park is/was the turning point I thought he was finished with us but hopefully he can continue to show bravery on and off the ball and make the jersey his. Potentially hes the best bet for us. Flanno is good at defending but no threat going forward and Halliday is average in every area with the exception of his big heart.
  4. Great goal. Also thought be did incredibly well to delay his shot at the chance after the goal, but tried to put in the wrong corner. Frustrating to watch as he has a lot going for him and huge potential. Needs to up his workrate and improve his decision making. I think he will get better and better with games.
  5. Horrible disease. Rip Fernando💙
  6. Wee smegoal, ginger yes man and big turncoat hipster. One of the worst panels in a market blessed with very mediocre pundits. To be fair i only watch to see them bleat when we are winning. Joke organisation, no post match interviews Having to use on screen quotes due to self imposed ban over the wee specky reptile.
  7. Goldson was offside for Tavs goal. Their guy shouldnt have been sent off, yada, yada, yada.
  8. Lets go Rangers ! Lets go!....eh no thanks Havent heard the 'the bluebells are blue/ the celtic are shite' for a while?
  9. Before kick off on Sat, the piper played a wee Rangers medley including the billy boys. Had a wee chuckle at that given all the furore around songs etc
  10. Young copper came out the close with a dark haired women in her 40s.....didnt look like she was being arrested, maybe just moved out for safety?
  11. I wondered what was happening. I walked past there after the game and saw a big crowd on the other side of the road and police vans outside the flats. Just as we approached i saw a copper walking into the close with what loooked like a big transparent shield. Once i got level to the flat i could see the cooper now inside through the top right window - what a prick. Traffic was bad today and ambulances etc buzzing around. Did anything else happen?
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