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  1. Was thinking about the famous Beckenbauer quote today after the game & it fits those bunch of imposters perfectly. 'If you were to put all the players in a sack and punch it - whoever you hit would deserve it!. Can't think of a single player who comes out of that game today with any credit. So disappointing after some hard fought wins recently.
  2. Bruno Alves

    Great in the air but woeful on the deck. His long range passing is shit aswell. Spinny bouncy curling balls aplenty. Would like to see him drill the ball low & straight, which wouldnt need 3 touches to get it under control.
  3. Fod

    No more than a decent shot stopper. Zero presence Poor distribution Poor decision making Highly flappable nature Nearly lost a goal when he came out and missed it in the first couple of minutes today. Didnt leave his line after that. I would get the big sheep goalie in and thank Wes for his time
  4. Windass.

    Was a lazy so and so, but seems to have upped his work rate over the past few weeks & has got a bit of joy which has led to some goals & assists. Personally i am not looking for world beaters but i expect every player pulling on that blue jersey to give 100%. Our fans may be demanding but will cut you a bit of slack if you are giving everything for the team. I think Windass is now beginning to realise this.
  5. Jason

    Couldnt think who Jason was? Immediately thought of the argonauts!! My boy hates wee Holt and calls him all the wee useless midgets under the sun! Lacking size but not heart. Decent wee player for the money....tremendous attitude and application, plus great assist for Joshua mid-week!
  6. Loved that result last night

    Pity for Scottish game that we tend to hype up that type of player and not others with intelligence and ability. The other thing that bugs me is he is so damn ugly
  7. Loved that result last night

    One of the most overated players in the Leagu imo.The guy has a bit of energy and wee strong stumpy legs but give me big Ross any day of the week.
  8. Parkhead for Scotland

    I dont see the need for a national stadium. Play the games around the country and give all clubs a share of the gate. The only problem would be if its an old firm final. We couldn't use either of our stadiums. Murrayfield would be next option but not ideal with both teams based here.
  9. Please pin to top of message board
  10. Bazza "on edge of seat"

    Great player was oor Fergie. That said everytime i see him i think of the time he took the ball off big Amo for the free kick ' gies the ba, ya fud!' Ha ha
  11. Rangers v Aberdeen. The goals.

    Ha ha.... Tav was miles off for the 3rd!!
  12. Windass.

    I noticed when he was subbed that he barely acknowledged the fans. If the doughball tried as hard as he did last night and didn't crap out of challenges, the fans would love him. Was quite funny a bit earlier when he walked over to the sidelines and everyone clapped him off.....turned out he was only getting some instructions from Murty and i think it was Pena who got subbed!!
  13. AlfredoDoes anyone have an update on his injury?

    Was worried.....till i remembered that we have king kenny to slay the sheep
  14. The fans reaction at the end

    They will get booed off at half time. There will no one in the ground to boo them by the time the final whistle goes.
  15. How much?

    Ha ha