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  1. Barca signed Squaraz and he was running around like an effin vampire. Most good Managers will be confident they could 'coach' that out of him.
  2. He's for the off. Think he will go to Spain or France. 4/9
  3. The goal against Hearts last season was amazing and shows what he is capable of. We are a different animal under Gerrard and I think Murphy won't let us down when called upon.
  4. Missed Davis in the midfield today. Jack is ok mopping up loose balls etc but not the best creatively. Tav and Arfield also huge misses today.
  5. Nope, did mine online a week ago.
  6. Yep, keep the pressure on them. Eventually they will stop citing us like their smelly mates over in the east end.
  7. Not bad.Time for a limerick! There was a young man Brown His Mongol face etched a frown Flanny snapped out a arm The Mongol came to some harm And handed the Gers a Crown
  8. That young guy has been shafted by them imo. Played up front on his own last time against us - no service vs 2 big centre halfs. This time wing back against Kent after no playing for weeks & never playing position ? celtic manager/s poor judgement playing him. (Not that I'm unhappy, mind) The guy I thought was terrible was burke. Arrived with big reputation and is shockingly bad.
  9. He was my Dads hero. My birthday next week same day as Jig
  10. Can someone tell that stupid cunt 'it's Glasgow Rangers no fuckin power Rangers!!'
  11. More Connor than Alan today 😶😶
  12. Was disappointed in him today, though not wholly surprised. Good pro but not suited to the role on the left. We need a naturally left sided player for balance, maintaining width, overlapping, delivery etc.....something Barasic was meant to be.
  13. Under no circumstances should we be giving them any guard of honour. They are the most vile club around and deserve zero respect nor recognition. Nothing else to add.
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