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  1. Today was the kinda game he would have previously struggled with. But to be fair to him he looked really assured and was brave with and without the ball. Imo he is now looking like the accomplished international player that we all hoped he would be. Been playing to a really good level every week pretty much since the free kick winner at st mirren
  2. Wasnt convinced with Helander initially and his apparent lack of pace still worries me. However having a left sided CB does add balance and he looks comfortable when he has to cover Borna
  3. Nobody's touting the big Aussie dud for international honours now
  4. Fat beetroot head trying to hawk our Manager around.....fud Gerrard wont move till he wins us something.......of that i am 100% certain.
  5. Dont laugh but i can see him moving to the EPL in the summer. Could be the best 50k we've ever spent.
  6. Dado, but more importantly he is much younger and improving all the time.
  7. 37 year old and gets subbed in the 1st half to prevent dismissal......these teams must keep their players in a cage and feed them raw meat before they play us🤣🤣 Btw, mclean is shaggers cousin (bit of useless info)
  8. Loved that game and of course big Dado. Another good one was against Porto when he took a serious whack to the heid. I thought, oh no the big man will out for weeks. Lo and behold, quick bandage later he comes back on and scores what a think was the winner. Big mans a legend . So much so my son named his goldfishes big dado and wee nacho. (Both were the same size)
  9. If tickets were only issued to CSSS members then why flares at that game and not at any league games? Unless a regular supporter gives his ticket away to a wee wank.
  10. How come these wee wanks get tickets? I dont think ive seen a flare at a league game.
  11. Aye, hes more suited to the physical element that we need in the spl. Think Gerrard prefers to have a left sided CD for balance like he had with Worral last season. Though, Tav said something interesting in post match interview yesterday about Impenzu (sic). I think we chose not to battle him, just stay goal side and another player go round the other side and nick it off him. Seemed to work as he didnt win as many fouls and was largely ineffective
  12. Hes scored against better than them in Europe
  13. Rarely troubled and good cross for Alfredos first. Tav and Barasic looked comfortable but thought Goldson looked very edgey early on and Helanders lack of pace is a worry. I know, we won easy and got the clean sheet but we can never stop looking to improve.
  14. Certainly plays and acts like one 💙
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