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  1. How many points do the top 2 teams have from the championship when they join the bottom 6 of top league,? Do they zero everyone's points? Is that fair to the 9th placed team? Do they carry on points from their old league? Cant see how this would work fairly! Why do they keep wanting to split leagues anyway? I know self interest to play the old firm 4 times but the whole split thing is flawed imo. Solution could be 10 teams x 4 games (36) or 20 x 2 (38).
  2. Yeah mate its hard going but is only temporary👍 Ive been on holiday this week but cant do anything and as you say its been a heck of a long week. We are normally all go so its tough to adjust to this new normality. I think it will get easier when we start to build some routines. Remember every day complete is a day closer to the end. I think come the end of this i will appreciate much much more the wee things i took for granted. So looking forward to going to games again, playing golf in the sun and going out for dinner, coffee etc As a bit if fun my boys set me a challenge of doing 40 press ups in a row by the time this is over - i managed 25 today so daft wee things like that keep us laughing (well him laughing anyway!)
  3. Missing everything. Hopefully things dont turn as bad as expected and we get over this quickly and on with our lives.
  4. Moneys long gone. Anyway I dont think the club are in a position to refund unless on insurance claim? I voted no as its not the fault of the club and they will still have to pay peoples wages (not just players). Like other's have said i would pay early for next season but would be looking for a happy birthday wish at half-time some time around mid-May🤣🤣🤣
  5. The gardener is a miserable sod. Him giving 10k would be like us giving £5. Good publicity for very little commitment, well played the cheeky chappie.
  6. John Eustace could have been a legend for us but for injury
  7. As a young guy probably aroud 1995 i met the Dundee team in las americas at their end of season holiday. Jim Duffy was the gaffer and we spoke to billy dodds a few times and a young Neil mccann who was always lying pished outside the highlander pub in veronicas.
  8. I think cos the training centre is in Milngavie and the schools are good, quite a few players with young families live in the local area.
  9. Met Alex Rae coming out of buchanan nursery from picking his wee girl up - (long time ago) she used to wear a pink Gers scarf to Nursery. Met Waggy in putting area at American Golf, Bearsden Met Pedro at Waitrose tills in Milngavie, i gave him some good advice pre-old firm game which was duly ignored🤣 Met Candieas also at Waitrose - different time from above Saw Jelavic (very tall) in Asda, Bearsden and saw Papac at Allander Sports centre. Met Lovenkrands at petrol station, bearsden buying up all the newspapers on day after winning league (helicopter Sunday?) I started to talk to him and he wasnt sure if i was gonna hook him or kiss him!! Almost forget meeting big Dado at murray park. His boy was at training there with mine, lovely guy very friendly and an absolute warrior on the field.
  10. Supposed to be £1M - £500K for remaining home league games and a further £500k for SC semi.
  11. Average. Probably looked worse as fans will look at other keepers we had like, Klos, Woods, & Goram. Hes a lot better than cammy bell, Wes etc
  12. I would think so, because how do you determine what lead is big enough? Also games in hand, player suspenions, form, injuries, difficulty of remaining fixtures etc etc. They might still 'award' the titles to the teams in the lead or may indeed make them all null and void - i think its one or the other as there is no prospect of playing the remaining games imo. I dont imagine they want this to run on forever either.
  13. No all ok. Hope all fellow bears get over this quickly and we all get back to moaning about our team asap💙
  14. Cant really believe its come to this. My parents are 70 and it now feels real. Best of luck mate👊
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