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  1. Bearsden bear

    As a support (re: middleton)

    The boy is 18 and is working his socks off. He might not be Knbappe but he will definitely improve. At least Tav is getting a breather whilst all the vitriol is being aimed at a teenager.
  2. Bearsden bear


    Bad attitude - poor man's Pogba Bring back wee G-Doc from Shrewsbury
  3. Bearsden bear

    SPFL delegate snubs Gerrard

    The offside was shocking but I am not convinced it was red card for the Dundee boy either. We should be able to take care of them even if they are sitting in. Poor predictable passing with no bravery or creativity to be seen anywhere.
  4. Bearsden bear

    Anyone not quite seeing it with barasic

    Very left footed but better than anyone else in that position. Excellent delivery and I'm sure will improve with games.
  5. Bearsden bear

    Post Dundee Gerrard and Rossiter

    Only Tav tried to force the issue. Majority of team hide and play safe passes. When the chips are down you find out who the real men are....We don't have many unfortunately!
  6. Bearsden bear

    Tactics vs 10

    Spot on
  7. Bearsden bear

    Coulibaly and Ejaria

    Aye,Coulibalys been pish for weeks now. Ejaria for all the skill and talent he's only scored 1 or 2 goals and about the same amount of assists. We need a creative midfielder in January and should chase Ovie as we can't afford him anyway.
  8. Bearsden bear

    Morelos discipline

    Candieas was shit too. We have no fucker in that side that can beat a man
  9. Bearsden bear

    Ross McCrorie

    Think he will get some game time with busy schedule. Unsure if he is better than Coulibally, will leave that for Stevie G to decide.
  10. Bearsden bear

    Happy 50th Birthday

  11. Good finisher but plays better with partner. Ideally we need another morelos type player for cover. Someone who is strong and mobile.......easier said than done mind.
  12. Fair enough bud. He seemed happy to be with us but not what we were looking for.
  13. Bit harsh mate, Cummings was just a daft harmless boy. Problem for him was he couldn't play up front on his own. Good finisher in the right system.
  14. And to think some fans wanted to punt him for cumdog!!
  15. I thought yellow but in that powderkeg environment with the big reaction from the fans it was always going to be a red. Pretty sure if it was at Ibrox against a team with no support it would have been yellow. Was maybe a bit late but I'm not sure when he started to slide if the keeper had secure possession? Once he starts sliding he can't pull out. I'm happy that we are starting to develop a nastier side as we have been bullied for too long. Encouraging we can stand our ground against the bigger physical sides in the league now.