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  1. Bearsden bear

    Gary MacAllistair

    Quite like him, seems like a class act and worked very hard this summer so far!
  2. Bearsden bear

    Jordan jones

    Similar to Hibs set up, where they outnumber us in midfield 3 v 2, whilst Murphy & Candieas look on!!
  3. Bearsden bear

    Jordan jones

    Hope so. Maybe we will play 3-5-2 with Arfield in a narrower 3 as bombing down the wing isnt him. Not sure who will miss out with Dorrans, Rossiter, Jack, Docherty possibly mccrorie & now Arfield all vying for 2 or 3 positions depending on formation. Add Murphy to list above. Would leave Windass & Buffalo up top
  4. Bearsden bear

    Jason Cummings

    Will likely get Solanke or an other from an English team on loan...but this will be late in window once they have named their squads
  5. Bearsden bear

    Jordan jones

    Would have preferred him to Arfield. Not exactly the same type of player but he is young & pacey and will improve. Arfield - not really feeling the love (will be happy to be proved wrong though)
  6. Bearsden bear

    Rangers are behind the 3 Lions

    Why would anyone from the UK want a team from north africa to beat England? (Unless your a snidey wee snp voter) Good luck England!!
  7. Bearsden bear

    McCoist as a pundit...

    Switch over to the golf....big Phil is having a mare!
  8. Bearsden bear

    Rangers New Season Fixture List. Aberdeen Away First

    Flawed system depends on them getting the top 6 correct. If they predict wrong team/s the whole thing is fucked
  9. Bearsden bear

    Rangers New Season Fixture List. Aberdeen Away First

    Just making sure we dont benefit post split, like we did this time with Killie & Hearts at home 3 times.
  10. Bearsden bear

    James Tavernier - Freestyler (New Video)

    Some of Gerrards coaching team are highly rated. Pretty sure things will improve all round. Expect much more professionalism from us now.
  11. Bearsden bear

    James Tavernier - Freestyler (New Video)

    i think he is a typical modern day footballer. Very athletic and has weighed in with a fair number of assists and goals and was argubly our top player last season. (Ok, comparable to being the tallest midget!, but still the best of a bad lot) I think in the right position with more structure thru the team, that he could be a great asset for us. Pretty sure there has been interest from others, but SG rates him and wants him to stay. Like i said earlier, there is no one better in his position in our league. If we had best CM, CF,CM etc then we would have the best team. Pretty harsh to criticise a guy who is always willing to drive us forward while guys like Murphy dance about the wing and escape all the vitriol.
  12. Bearsden bear

    James Tavernier - Freestyler (New Video)

    Best right back in the league. Not his fault that the rest of the defence/midfield were shit and didnt cover his runs forward. if the gaffer tells him to bomb forward then he has to make sure the cover is there. I think he will improve further under Gerrard and his team.
  13. Bearsden bear

    James Tavernier - Freestyler (New Video)

    One of the few players to show any bravery when we are toiling. Always willing to take the ball and push on and never hides like some others. Maybe not the best defender in the world, but i think he has a lot going for him and is definitely one of our best players. If he left we would miss him, thats for sure.
  14. Bearsden bear

    David Mellor

    Was mainly watching her........ha ha
  15. Bearsden bear

    David Mellor

    Abiding memory of big Dave was his much younger girlfriend dressed up in a Chelsea top before he pumped her!!