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  1. Rangers Lookalikes.

    Tav Obama
  2. Millers Agent

    He might well be a massive or he might have played for Rangers like another spl manager who fancies the job too. Did Wright not say Pedro was paranoid and disrespectful and telling untruths (some might say lies). Badge kissing or pointing at badge amounts to the same thing.
  3. Millers Agent

    Morton should be embarrassed with the comparison. We could only manage a draw against them but horsed the saints 3-0. Wright is another big tool thats jealous of Pedro managing the biggest team in the country. Btw, on topic something has defo happened between miller and Pedro but i dont think we can say for sure its to do with leaking info. Miller has clearly let Pedro done in some way and he is hurt. Pedro seems a decent honorable gent, miller played for them and kissed the badge - not very staunch--like behaviour if you ask me!!
  4. still the team to beat

    Despite us not being as strong as we traditionally have been, the other teams in the league still seem to give absolutely everything against us. They lunge into tackles, run their hearts out and treat our game as a cup final. Credit to Pedro and the team over the last couple of performances where we are starting to fight fire with fire and weve come up with the goods. I think we are moving in the right direction under Pedro but will need to add depth and some more quality to our side to really push on. Last season we would have lost goals against St Johnstone with all the corners they had and the stats are showing we are right up there on goals scored, so some things to be positive about there The diddy teams can bust a gut against us, nick a draw then lose the next week and their fans dont care....we understandabley dont have same privilege and thats the challenge for the players to meet our expectations.
  5. When the January window opens...

    Yeah, left mid is weak with Windass. We need another Candeias type player on the left - a real grafter who works hard for the team with a wee bit of ability thrown in. We need more players in all over as our bench is poor and we no have game changers sitting on the sidelines
  6. Butcher

    He is a wank. Total embarrassment, to think i loved him when he played for us and now he is a complete tosser and his patter is terrible. Disappointing to say the least.
  7. McCoist New Scotland Manager?

    better to stick to BT & the radio and he can be the wee cheeky chappie everyone loves. Being a Manager isnt a popularity contest. Anyway who would employ a guy that finished 3rd in a one horse race, blew an 18 point lead, got knocked out of europe twice by minnows, knocked out diddy cups by diddy teams, pocketed a fortune from his boyhood heroes etc etc Bitter? Much? Lol!
  8. Ally: I Didn't Have Any Good Players

    You fucking signed them ya nugget!!
  9. If you won the lottery...

    Probably just buy a blazer for me the mrs and my boy at a million a piece. Maybe next year i would buy out king, and i would make my son the manager on the basis that he picks me and i take kenny millers place. Naw, change of plan. I would takeover the manky mob. Release all the players for free, pay all the non footballing staff their redundancy money. Next thing i would do is hire jimmy Bell to drive a bulldozer with big wrecking ball and totally demolish that dump in the east end.
  10. Rangers players who lived in your area or near you.

    Andy Gray & John MacDonald from growing up in the Drum. Where i am now loads of ex players have stayed, big Dado, Papac, Alex Rae,Alex McLeish, neil alexander , Lafferty too i think......Pedro was in the hotel across from Waitrose, Milngavie...also think Alan Hutton & Charlie Adam used to stay in club flat in North Baljaffray probably others as near Auchenhowie plus good schools if they have young family
  11. The beginning of the end!

    Youre right mate its disgusting that they all stood back and let those scum bags piss all over us
  12. The beginning of the end!

    Yeah good point - i hadnt thought about it like that
  13. The beginning of the end!

    Yeah good point - i hadnt thought about it like that
  14. The beginning of the end!

    Dont think much will faze a guy with the experience he has, but its the same for everyone. Warburton left in a huff and Pedro is picking fights with celtic players (not to mention Ally and lennon almost coming to blows) - so not much to live up to!!! Ha ha
  15. The beginning of the end!

    Fair enough mate. All i would say he has a history of going into a struggling side and turning them around without spending a great deal of cash. Maybe not the sexy appointment some would wish for but would do a decent job short term till the board/dof can muster a more meaningful plan.