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  1. False Economy

    Board was under pressure after fucking up with Warbs and more so Pedro appointments. They must have felt the need to up the ante with the players to pacify the fans, but budget limited therefore we ended up with the u-20s coach and not a proper Manager!
  2. False Economy

    I agree with you mate, but i don't think the moneys there. Most of the recent signing are loans with an option to buy (once the season ticket money comes in) & we have that loan option with close brothers now, again not exactly a high street lender! Its high time Dave just pissed off and freed us up from this perpetual cycle of mediocrity. We need some serious cash and professionalism at the club which wont happen until that cheapskate leaves.
  3. Leadership on the park

    Yeah i know, effing pussies
  4. Leadership on the park

    Murty seems to be a Laissez-faire style Leader and leaves the team to work out solutions. Allbthis midern thinking pish! Give me an old school arse kicking Manager like Neil Warnock any day if the week!
  5. shitebags today

    Yep we tend to struggle to break down a team that sit in as they did when down to 10. Maybe should have really gone for them and put Cummings on straightaway. We lost the edge or maybe bottle when the expectation was for us to go on and close it out.
  6. Fuck you celtic

    The bead rattlers were in europe last year too and had their invincible run so i don't understand why it should be different this year. They have 3 or 4 times our budget and a settled squad and management team so i won't accept any of brendas pish. Everyone said the league was over months ago, so the fact we are running them close should be a worry to them. After all we have sacked a manager and alll sorts and despite all that we are breathing down their necks
  7. 'We've got Joey Garner' and Waggy, Waggy only played one season, the next season he was pish!
  8. Officials for Sunday

    Can't remember the last time i watched one of our games and didnt moan about the ref missing a pen, or bottling a booking/sending of opposition player!
  9. Best film scene ever?

    Must admit, i found it quite funny. Not exactly the same but our support are often villified and others assume many things about us cos we follow a certain team. Well they can piss off with that, i wont change my feelings or behaviour to fit in or because i am worried what others might think. I dont expect any other Gers fan would do so either.
  10. I think the club will have promised him a move in the Summer. We will have a better chance of winning the cup and/or nicking the title if he hangs around till end of season. Mark Allen has already shown he can pick up players and we will have a number of replacements in mind. Big difference on the scouting side now and essential for a club of our standing.
  11. Keep Tav as Captain...? Hopefully.

    Tav has been awesome this season. Given that hes committed to us with the new contract i think he should retain the Captaincy. He has improved alot and seems to have a great attitude and respect of the other players. Wallace getting the armband is a step back imo.
  12. Injury update on Wallace and DJ

    Left back in the dressing room or left back in Kazakhstan preferebly!! He was actually ok in the last 2 games but i dont fancy him vs the man they couldnt hang on Sunday.
  13. A ROAR in the dressing room when the draw came up

    Great to hear the players want a crack at them. We are flying and they aren't quite at it. As a good a time to play them as i can remember
  14. Say what you want about him now but

    Nedishness probably taints my view but he was magnificent one season with Ronald DeBoer when both scored a lot of goals. Other times he tried to do everything on his own and it marginalised others - stupid comparison with lego muncher though. Fergie streets ahead of that mongo
  15. Video Referee

    Don't imagine it will come to Scotland. It took us long enough to get the wee spray for the refs. We still dont have goaline tech as no money so expect same will apply with VAR