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  1. Doc not a bad option. Could play Polster or Flanny Alves and Tav up one
  2. Can see us bringing someone in. Greg Stewart or possibly Arfield may work in the short term
  3. 100% effort should be a minimun requirement for all footballers at our Club. We need more quality than he possesses and thats the gods honest truth. He got lots more games than he should have as we had little options on the right (grezda doesnt count!) First real sign of competition and hes off. He tried his best but clearly not good enough in a creative sense to unlock defences where we really need that wee bit of extra quality.
  4. Ha ha. Love that, sure to upset the yahoos
  5. Bearsden bear


    You could see the difference when he went off. The defence started to look edgey We also lost something in the final third in a creative sense when Arfield was subbed
  6. Bumped into the big greyhound at deer park golf. Sad to see him go but realistically at this stage of his career he needs to play and hes not good enough for us.
  7. Richard Burton would have been awesome on RTV. Could have the war of the worlds theme tune.....'🎶the chances of Durranty saying now are a million to one but still he does🎶🎶
  8. I dont like the look of that. The joint seems too close to the sideline. like that guy you could have a foot on each surface - need to extend grass area there for balance/safety
  9. Tav must have pumped his Mrs
  10. Think the tide is slowly turning with Tav in terms of fans views. Early last season at Ibrox, Barasic gave the ball away 3 times and not a peep - Tav gave it away for first time, cue howls of derision, ffs Tav etc. I understand BB was given more slack at the time as new signing just finding his feet. Like i say majority of people now appreciate what Tav offers despite the odd defensive lapse. If he was outstanding at everything he wouldnt be playing in Scotland. Still easily the best fullback in the League imo. Wasnt that long ago people wanted to punt alfredo and keep cumdog. AF is worth £18-20M and fuck knows where Cummings is nowadays?
  11. Hes blue, hes white His commentary is shite Ian durrant, Ian Durrant Not the best, now
  12. Would be good if we had some banner with 200 on it for him to show our appreciation of his efforts up to now
  13. Love Tav, definitely a key player for us and will be hugely missed if/when he leaves. Heard Kenny Miller talking about him the other week saying he is an animal in terms of fitness/strength. The guy is always fit and never gives up. Not to mention his involvement in goals. Cant wait to see him hold aloft a trophy this season - he fully deserves that accolade
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