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  1. Joe Tobbaco & Jermaine De-Flue
  2. Use the 'extra' money for loan back up striker and/or proper cover for fullback
  3. I got shafted last year. They gave me a fiver off my season ticket as they'd sold my ticket to a juvenile
  4. 🤣🤣he goes out to tell shagger to feign injury (allegedly) so Beale/Culshaw can get message to Davis.......watch it back, the steward actually chases him away and all their fans are booing.
  5. Barker, Halliday & Jones all dreadful. I cant remember the wide men taking on any defenders, Murphy has got to be a better option than likes of Barker. Jones I've seen play well at times but Barker will never cut it at Ibrox.
  6. Wow! Im speechless, thats an absolute disgrace.
  7. I agree we are in with a good shout. We have to watch who we bring in and their fitness levels. Last January i thought adding Davis and Defoe was a game changer, but unfortunately neither were fit enough at that time. Who knows next season we might be miles behind (doubt it) and we could rue passing up this chance. Priorty is taking that title back off the beasts and we should do everything in our power to achieve that this season. If we exert enough pressure on lennon it will become very interesting.
  8. I agree mate and said as much, but for us we can't gamble on potential so much. For every Robertson and thumb there are hundreds of others that dont push on. Maybe shankland will do really well, but its like you say for what he would cost us now we could add a bit more and get someone in more suited to our style. The time to take a punt was before he went to utd when he would have cost peanuts.
  9. He would probably be ok for hibs or hearts but not us. Look at the goals Stephen Dobbie scored in that league? Its a poor standard and difficult to say if he could still do it at a higher level.
  10. Kamara i think could go on and play at a top epl team. So i would say him.
  11. He got greedy and made a terrible decision. Pretty sure the guy regrets it but there's no way back for him.
  12. Same, thats why Scott Allan annoys us all so much!!
  13. Unfortunately true. Little or zero protection for technical players up here. Kinda holds us back on the international front, any environment that allows the likes of porteus to thrive is incompatible with developing and improving the game.
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