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  1. Looked decent and recovered well after cracking his head on the post. Will be interesting to see how he does against a big physical forward like a cosgrove or dykes. Considering it was his first game he looked pretty confident and composed but they offered absolutely nothing so not getting too excited yet.
  2. Yeah hes a good lad. Pretty sure him and his wife are heavily involved in a charity for Elena Baltacha, the young scottish tennis player that died young.
  3. Not sure we have the budget for him but he certainly would be a 'magnificent' addition.
  4. Have you logged in at top right hand side of screen?
  5. Aye, he was quite good looking back in the day. But we've all got revenge now hes a wee fat bloke with a bloated red coupon and scarcely any hair!!! Me, bitter? No chance 🤣🤣🤣
  6. My Mrs has been a Gers fan her whole life and idolised Ally growing up. My family are also huge fans and i can honestly say if she wasnt a Rangers fan i would have dumped her years ago😜.
  7. Wee durranty is the worse co-commentator. Rangers great as a player but nae use as a pundit
  8. You dont buy it. If you purchased a season ticket you will receive a code which gives you 'free' access to RTV for closed door games.
  9. Think its only for pc and mobile atm.
  10. Type code in 'redeem' box and add name, dob etc and you should get a onscreen message confirming registration
  11. https://rangerspayments.streamamg.com/account/register/step1
  12. Different codes as linked to Rangers number (i think)
  13. Just got my code number there for RTV to watch bcd games. Will give it to the old boy and use my sons one for the house 👍
  14. Thought the Jones miss would have been there? Pesky French Editors!
  15. Yep, all that money and hes walking about looking a tit
  16. Does anyone know if Kent misses any games? And if so which game/s? Apologies if posted elsewhere already
  17. You wont get an on the spot fine mate. The police would need to be in the shop, and i imagine they would advise you of guidance etc before it even came close to a fine.
  18. Whats a 60? Is it a bus?
  19. Might be worth quicky checking the spam folder!! Firewalls and all that🤣🤣
  20. Ive been in the local co-op a couple of times since Friday and not bothered with a mask. No one said anything to me and i dont expect they will. Haven't been in any other shop (and not planning to) so i cant tell you just how many people arent wearing them?
  21. Feeling so proud of our fans tonight! 40k renewals is f*cking awesome! What a fanbase, when you consider we haven't won anything of note for some time it makes it all the more impressive. God knows when we will actually get to a game but clearly none of us want to miss it!! Aye ok, ive had a few drinks but im on holiday 🤣🤣🤣
  22. Just renewed tonight. Me, the Mrs and the boy👊 Been lucky to keep working during lockdown so felt compelled to cough up. Sincerely hope we get to Ibrox this year 🤞
  23. Only watched half so far. Comes across as a very likable guy and always gave his all. Always remember when i was in the broomloan and Wes kept trying to pass it when there was no pass on (obviously Warburtons directive). It was fairly common, but one week was particularly bad. The whole stand was screaming 'GET IT TAE FUCK' - well it was the family stand! He looked petrified as he wanted to hoof it but couldnt.1 The next game he came out and didnt clap the fans as he normally did, big Wes in a cream puff😂😂
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