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  1. Fight Fire With Fire

    Unfortunately as much as everthing that has been wrote is true unfortunately our board don't hv the ballz to challenge them and aren't up for the fight.
  2. Watford v Rangers

    No candias? Wilson is pish no thanks
  3. Rod petrie at it again

    http://c.newsnow.co.uk/A/895128719?-11344:801:0 These fuckers just never give up!!!
  4. Big Bruno's first day at training

    Heard that about you to
  5. S.F.W

    The bluntforce trauma you hv received over the years from sucking cock really has done damage to your mental capacity ya fucking Muppet. Leave the guy alone n get a grip
  6. How you'd like to see us play

    Oh I like you could do a better job ffs that's right ye can't yet no a manager
  7. Tonight's result

    Oh that's right u probably wanted mcinnes or weight to take over from Warburton instead didn't you yet there record in Europe is just as shite as our
  8. Tonight's result

    Just u stick to your football mangers game for your ps4 ffs
  9. Tonight's result

    No mate just I hv the capacity to see the bigger picture and be more realistic in my expectations
  10. Tonight's result

    Yes tonight's result is a fucking embarrassment of that no one can deny but fuck me there ain't half a shite load a drama queens in our support. As fans we hv a blind sense of its our right to succeed or justify thing with oh we've spent x y z on players that we should pump at team no matter who they are ffs get a grip , the harsh reality and bigger picture is these guys hv not formed an understanding of how each other plays they need time and to expect 7/8 new players to just jump into a new team and beat teams part-time or not is unrealistic. Situations or we are going through are always a distinct possibility we need to be realistic in our expectations and take everything into account before making rash judgements in the heat of the moment wait till the team are settled and played several games in a row competitively then make your assumptions them
  11. Thursdays game

    Premier sports is showing it
  12. Rangers launch bid for Kenny McLean

    Ya big gay bastard lol
  13. Ffs you'll no be happy til our team he's guys like Messi xavi inesta lewandovski in it for ain't gonna happen . The players we've brought in are better than last season's drivel so just give them a chance to gel and see what happens don't be to rash to judge