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  1. Apparently he can defend
  2. He's fucking shite anyway ffs done fuck all all season, good by Andy pleasure not knowing u don't let the door hit ye in the way out ya useless fud
  3. Looks a player imo but needs to work on his fitness started to tire big time towards the end but that will come with more games looks good hope he kicks on for the future
  4. Say what? That he hasn't had any new contract negotiations yes he say that I know but he never said he's bn told to find a new club
  5. So if there is no leak then how did the rumours of McKay being told he could find new club get out then ?
  6. I agree with u to a point yes I want someone who is always going to give 100% every game of course we do but that isn't alwaysgoing to win games it definitely helps no doubt about that but if there is a genuine lack of ability or creative talent then we will struggle. I see both side of the argument but for me unless we can make a vast improvement on his replacement then we should see how he goes with hopefully a better quality of player by his side
  7. I meant when he uses his talent and is in the mood to actually play he can be unstoppable but just doesn't do it often enough . In my opinion playing with the shower of shite around him it's naturally going to drag him down to their level of performance, i can only hope that if given the opportunity to play aong side a higher and more technically superior players would bring out the best in him more regularly. But my point was who out there just now can we afford that can do what he can however rare it may be , can we get who will do it week in week out?
  8. So as many of our fans are willing to let him go if this were the case then who realistically that we can afford that has the pace and attacking ability he has although rarely used to you suggest we bring in to replace him? There arent any in our youth academy that are capable of making the jump up and none in Scotland is take so were is the replacement coming from and were do we get the cash from ?
  9. The only guy to help u get a point at the manky mob though has Pedro done that eh no he hasn't
  10. Enough is enough I don't care if he's only bn here 2 months or what ever it doesn't matter he if fucking rotten has no man management skills whatsoever yes the squad is shite I don't deny that but fuck me this guy doesn't hv a clue these guys played better under murty than they are for this fucking idiot as each week passes we are more and more a laughing stock in football it is true u get what u pay for we pay 300k for a manager u get one who has no fucking clue hope the board are happy they hv fucked us fans over again rant over
  11. Never mind the manager lasting long the fucking board won't tight arse bastards
  12. I know wages will be a huge factor but I think we should try to get Tammy Abrahams from Chelsea on loan to help with Europa league qualification etc he in my opinion would be defo worth pushing boat out to see if could happen
  13. I had this username for years before he came so has no relevance to him
  14. Nae bother cockboy
  15. Your a prick aswell