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  1. Definitely, new phone has finger print recognition
  2. Is that really posh Coatbridge patter ?
  3. What's to be embarrassed about ? , i've been locked out my account for almost a week. so not a hope in hell of me posting jack shit.
  4. You drunk ?
  5. Wasn't password protected mate, no.
  6. I honestly have no idea mate what any of that was about, found some of it funny though.
  7. Got a new one through the insurance, they can ram the last one up their shite pipe.
  8. Unfortunately, it's someone from the area who has found it, i've not got 100% proof but a fair idea who it was, the phone is no use to them no anyway it's been blocked.
  9. I wish i was drinking mate, but sadly not, as explained all of my saved favourites have been taken over, RM, bank, other accounts which involve bank details. I hadn't a clue until i could view the forum as a guest yesterday.
  10. Fucking right i'm a shitebag mate, losing the money i've lost this year from hacks, i'm terrified, hopefully a quick process same as last time and my money is returned within weeks.
  11. Not something i want to discuss, been hacked twice this year
  12. What the fucks a wallet ? i'm never loaded enough to have one of those
  13. Cheers mate, down to fraud dept now.
  14. On my Fathers ashes mate.
  15. Probably mate, everything on my phone was logged in to my saved favourites, that included my online bank.