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  1. Definitely, new phone has finger print recognition
  2. Is that really posh Coatbridge patter ?
  3. What's to be embarrassed about ? , i've been locked out my account for almost a week. so not a hope in hell of me posting jack shit.
  4. I honestly have no idea mate what any of that was about, found some of it funny though.
  5. Got a new one through the insurance, they can ram the last one up their shite pipe.
  6. Unfortunately, it's someone from the area who has found it, i've not got 100% proof but a fair idea who it was, the phone is no use to them no anyway it's been blocked.
  7. I wish i was drinking mate, but sadly not, as explained all of my saved favourites have been taken over, RM, bank, other accounts which involve bank details. I hadn't a clue until i could view the forum as a guest yesterday.
  8. Fucking right i'm a shitebag mate, losing the money i've lost this year from hacks, i'm terrified, hopefully a quick process same as last time and my money is returned within weeks.
  9. Not something i want to discuss, been hacked twice this year
  10. What the fucks a wallet ? i'm never loaded enough to have one of those
  11. Probably mate, everything on my phone was logged in to my saved favourites, that included my online bank.
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