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  1. I'll show you the ropes.
  2. wit school did ye go tae ?
  3. Said this for ages but got shot down in flames
  4. Could it be on RTV ?
  5. Would be great if he did, i want him having no connections or ties to the club whatsoever.
  6. Although you make some good points, i still can't see anyone shifting their shares, but you never know.
  7. If anyone sells but they won't at that price.
  8. McKay and Wes are a few mill a piece players, dunno about Wallace, Windass has a 3.5m release clause.
  9. If he was worth less than 65k i'd commit suicide fs
  10. That was my fav.
  11. He's been wasted the past 2 seasons under Warburton, now that Murty and Pedro are playing him in his natural position he looks far more comfortable, still needs to work on his finishing, he should have had 2 against the tarriers easy. Let's see what he can do in the remaining 10 or so games of the season.
  12. Surprised it hasn't been posted before, it's ancient.
  13. He's too slow, our game is a high pressing, fast tempo, hot potato game, he requires too much time on the ball and will slow our style of play down. decent talented player but past his best a few years ago, move him on and get another high earner off the wage bill.
  14. Wasn't a Palestine flag it was the flag of Kuwait.