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  1. Blue_Devil

    David Bates

    In the game that Bates missed, Hamburg got turned over 6-0. I am not saying that that is all down to Bates, but he seems to be a positive influence on the team and usually gets one of the higher ratings in reviews of Hamburg games.
  2. Blue_Devil

    What chance we got???

    What chance we got??? 3/1 now but decreasing every day!!
  3. Blue_Devil

    Our worst league start since 1989....

    I think it has increased since Paddy Power embarrassed themselves. Have Paddy Power been asking for refunds?!?
  4. Blue_Devil

    *****Villarreal, Spartak Moscow and Rapid Vienna*****

    Only a handful of sides, I think it was 4 before tonight, have come through all 4 qualifying rounds. It is a fantastic achievement.
  5. Blue_Devil

    Rangers, Scotland Squad

    I am a Rangers fan, British, and I support Scotland. I want our players to shine on that stage and for Scotland to do well.
  6. Blue_Devil

    Rangers, Scotland Squad

    Your right - and Jack still isn't in!!
  7. Blue_Devil

    Rangers, Scotland Squad

    Amazed Alan McGregor is the only player in the Scotland Squad. Union Jack should be in there, I thought the debate would be if he nudged Lego Muncher out the team, not if he would be in the Squad or not.
  8. Blue_Devil

    Possible Ufa forfeit

  9. Blue_Devil

    FC UFA next up

    Am I herring you right? Not sure if we are in tuna with each other's thinking.
  10. Blue_Devil

    Morelos bid

    Yes, I would be looking for more than £10 million but I wouldn't call it laughable.
  11. Blue_Devil

    In to the play offs!

    Lost 3-0 to Molde
  12. Blue_Devil

    In to the play offs!

    After extra time!!
  13. Blue_Devil

    Maribor - Full Circle

    We. Are. Back!!!
  14. Blue_Devil

    Maribor - Full Circle

  15. Blue_Devil

    Maribor - Full Circle

    The Maribor tie that ended 3-2 has always been something of a reference point in my mind, marking the start of our fall from grace. Craig Whyte was a charlatan and I am very glad he is long gone, but he had taken a gamble on European glory. Had we reached the Champions League group stages or, in the case of the Maribor tie, the Europa League group stages; then the financial outcome of season 2011/12 could have been very different. The chapter of our history that has played out since the 2011/12 season would also have been very different. The mood around our team, around our club, is changing and to face Maribor at this time provides a historical symmetry. I believe these ties provide an elegant bookend to the 'bad years' and will provide a platform for us to challenge again, as the club we should be. Especially if we win.