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  1. They are not getting him for £8 mil. Not with the prices EPL clubs are paying to Dutch and Portuguese clubs. Will be worth more than Morelos and Tav combined by the time we sell him.
  2. I think one good thing to come from Katic missing much of the season is that he might not be on the radar for EPL clubs.
  3. Best way to deal with "Broonie" - take the utter piss!!
  4. This combination provide such a solid base for the team to build from. I don't subscribe to the "Stevie got it wrong with Worrall" theories. I think Katic had extreme personal issues mid-season. It does look like we have got a really strong base for next season and only need to add cover - ideally a young player with potential, maybe even from the academy.
  5. Those were the same to players I was considering before I reached the bottom of the post. I agree that Dr Boer edges it. The other big coup was Boumsong on a free, there were a lot of big clubs sniffing around him.
  6. I would not be disappointed with a Katic/Goldson first choice pairing next season. Assuming we cash in on Tav, we need 2 good fullbacks that can play tight and close out a game. It would allow us to take a risk on a raw young centre back as back-up, either from the academy or brought in from outside.
  7. I think this is an opportunity to show we are the bigger club, a class above their obsessed small minded nonsense.
  8. Yes. This time. But he would not have had some of the others.
  9. Needs a good partner for beside him. I thought Katic was that player early in the season, time will tell on that one, but we definitely need someone better than Worrall.
  10. McCrorie, Jack and Kamara are all good players in a holding role. We need a talented no 10 type to score goals, create and get into the box.
  11. Is the transfer section going to open any time soon??
  12. When talking about Defoe, Stevie G said to Rangers TV that "we now have 4 quality forwards". Clearly he meant: Morelos, Lafferty and Defoe. Who is the 4th? Does he mean a returning Murphy? Is he including Kent, Candeias or Middleton? Or is this a big up for a returning Hardie??
  13. Are they going to sign this month?? If they end up playing against us, there will be melt down at certain other clubs. First league game after the break = Killie away, can Jones really play against us??
  14. Get him out on loan. He desperately needs a run of games. He could do a job in the Championship but it maybe better to send him to a good L1 side to ensure he plays.
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