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  1. The Record linking us with Saido Berahino and Manuel Benson. Apparently Berahino starting to live up to potential during spell in Belgium
  2. Is it time to reopen the transfer section?
  3. Not had a ST since I lived abroad. I understand why people might not want to renew but I think there will be plenty people that will look to fill any gaps.
  4. The BBC are showing a classic match: https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/52455735 Which makes you think about that season. With 10 games to go, Rangers were on 🔥. - 13 wins and 1 draw in the last 14 league games. - Chris Woods had 6 clean sheets in a row. - Big name players such as Steven, Woods, Walters, Hateley and Johnston eclipsed everyone else in the league. - 9 points ahead (same games played). Then one stumble, a 1-1 draw with St Johnstone. The next game was 1st vs 2nd in a March fixture (ring any bells). Aberdeen won but surely the gap was still too big. Fast forward to the last game of the season and the match started with Rangers in second. Over the course of 10 games, the huge lead and the swaggering confidence had evaporated. Dismantling that lead wasn't actually that big a collapse: - 26 Feb: draw with St Johnstone. - 2 Mar: lose to Aberdeen. - 24 Mar: lose to celtic. - 6 Apr: draw to Hibs. - 4 May: lose to Motherwell. Rangers won all the other games. If the gap had been 10 points, Aberdeen would have gone into that 2nd fixture against top of the league still with a chance to win it. In 1991 Hateley was braver than Watt and a huge step towards 9IAR was taken. But Aberdeen had fought back against all the odds, when everyone said it was over. Never Surrender. 😉
  5. I don't think Cambuur see it as the easy decision. It is the correct one, but not easy.
  6. 1: Jack 2: Morelos 3: Barisic/Tav
  7. It certainly is not speculation by that outlet. I have seen it in about 4 different places. Most others also mention French Eddy as an option for Newcastle. While they don't put a figure on Morelos, they are quoting£30 mil for Edourd. Before Christmas I would have been demanding more for Morelos than Edourd but I think 20-25mil still reflects a slight dip but the huge potential Morelos has. Newcastle paid £40mil for Joelinton, and are looking for someone with more goals.
  8. Quite a few news outlets reporting Morelos to Newcastle. No specific figures mentioned. I would hope for at least £25 mil. www.chroniclelive.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/newcastle-united-transfer-news-morelos-17998810.amp Edit to add "at least"
  9. The SPFL equivalent would be CL qualification versus champions. Would you take a void season but they get the CL spot?
  10. Runaway leaders Dundee United insist they don't want to be crowned winners of the Championship without the remainder of matches being played. (Daily Mail, print edition)
  11. Agreed. Real aren't going to hand the title to Barcelona, just because they got their noses in front on that week. Likewise with Juventus, Lazio and Inter.
  12. You are right. England is not a good test case. Look at Italy, look at Spain, what will the football authorities do there? Hearts could still stay up and qualify for Europe (Scottish Cup) but would find themselves in the Championship. UEFA could help by doubling the size of CL and EL league phases. It would only introduce 1 more round after the league phases to get numbers down but would allow associations to send more teams. An early decision to quit would help. Teams could stand down early, give footballers a break but next season could also start early. This would allow league restructuring across the continent, to balance out issues with promotion and relegation. Stop now, declare anything not decisively complete as void, and get ready for a 2020/21 super season!
  13. Getting rid of SG now would be like sacking Klopp this time last year. You have to put it in the context of progress made, European performance and the unusually high points tally achieved by the opposition (assuming that they don't have their own bump). The same factors facing Liverpool last year. It is a time to stick rather than twist.
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