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  1. Next manager : who is NOT a gamble?

    He is, in that he might be the least likely to turn over celtic but at the same time he is most likely to consolidate second and avoid any embarrassment. Potter is most likely to win the league, if his methods translate. If they don't, he might also be most likely to finish third. I think all 3 are good candidates, and would take Clarke if pushed. If celtic had another year like this one, he would catch them.
  2. Next manager : who is NOT a gamble?

    Risk vs Reward, in descending order for both: Potter - could be amazing FdB Clarke - safest hands
  3. The defence rests.

    Not the time for experimentation, but I wonder if Cardoso could do a job at CDM. Not good enough in the air to be CB, but better on the ball than many Scottish players
  4. Candeias Goal

    When Candeias was substituted, it looked like he shook hands/embraced Murty....anyone able to confirm?
  5. A reality check....

    The point is we are not. We are second on merit and but for one result could be in a genuine title race.
  6. A reality check....

    I think we need to take a step back. Reflect, and in the words of Murty "let the rawness pass". If the Ginger Maldini had made a clean block on Rogic, rather than getting injured in the 3-2 game, the outcome could have been very different in that game, and subsequent games where the defence has looked powder puff without Bates. We could still move within 7 points of celtic next week, and with a break of the ball as described above, it could have been a genuine title race. Yes, even with a month or so of the title race to go we could have made something of it. We are not that bad (second with a far better goal difference than other challengers), and they are not that good (far from invincible this season). Murty cannot remain as manager, he appears to have lost the dressing room and stadium when he didn't make changes to counter Rodgers when celtic were reduced to 10 men. Since that point he has looked like a man that is second guessing himself, and I fear Halliday's substitution in the 4-0 games was based on this perception and the public comments surrounding it. Through this all, he conducted himself with bravery and dignity; he has never hidden. If he wins the 3-2 game, and it was close, he would almost certainly be the fans and pundits choice for the job. He was on a high, and that would have taken him higher. He is an asset to the club and we must retain him in some capacity, he could well be a future Rangers manager. In the short term we need someone to take the heat, that can manage the board and the fans as well as the players. We need to give him the money to create an iron curtain defence and one player that can add real quality middle to front. But we are not far away. Underneath the first team the youth structure has been overhauled, and if it is as good as it looks it should start to bear fruit in 2-3 years. To allow it to flourish we must be patient as fans....but we need to stop TIAR. Overall, we are not far away but the margins are fine. Now is the time for calm resolve and determination, not short term hysteria. On that, the board are right. Tin. Hat. On.
  7. Alves

    I works on any thread!!!! Win next week and we are back in the title race........ ;~)
  8. Alves

    I did, and I saw Martin!! Got to be better than Russell
  9. Alves

    No Bruno in the squad today, is he injured, suspended or dropped?
  10. 20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    ....and McGinn from hibs, and maybe Mulumbu.
  11. 20M and a good manager - who do you buy?

    CF - Bjorn Johnsen banging them in in Holland, experience of SPFL at Hearts AM - Bradley Kuwas, another doing well for a smaller club in Holland CB - Dylan Bronn, Tunisian playing in Belgium CB - Vujadin Savic, plays for Red Star
  12. Graham Potter

    It's not the puns that worry me, he's just the Ron man for the job
  13. Miller and Wallace Suspended

    The board have to back the manager over the players, even if Murty is going. You can't have a new manager coming into a situation where players think they run the show. Players should have been ripping strips off each other. After a rollicking from the manager.
  14. Rumours at this stage

    On 27 April 2014, De Boer won his fourth successive Eredivisie title with Ajax, the first manager ever to achieve this in the Dutch league. Moreover, it marked the first time Ajax has ever won four successive Eredivisie titles. On 11 May 2016, De Boer announced his resignation as manager of Ajax following a disappointing season when Ajax again lost out on the Eredivisie title to PSV on the final matchday of the season. Money spent as Ajax Manager (6 years) : £55 million. Transfer fees received as Ajax Manager : £135 million The fact that lost out on the title may be reflected by the £80 million generated in transfer profits. I would still consider Clarke, and I genuinely believe it is close between them.
  15. *****The Official Rangers v Dundee Thread*****

    That drew with celtic in mid-week.