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  1. Jones, Barker, Ojo and Stewart (and Murphy) are good enough to rip SPFL teams apart when they are on their game. None of them are consistent enough (yet) to be top, top players. We don't need them to be, if Stevie G and Gary Mac can keep finding the 1 or 2 that are on their game that week. I really believe we can be much, much more than the sum of our parts. Keep beating the other teams, take enough from the Old Firm. Arfield, Aribo, Docherty, King and Kamara are similar in some ways - but Arfield and Kamara (and Aribo?) are probably well ahead of the others. You could even argue that the same is happening at CB and LB. Stevie got his selection wrong in the Old Firm game - but spot on in nearly every other fixture.
  2. Sotirios Kyrgiakos scoring (the winner?)
  3. @polishranger They haven't conceded a goal in EL yet. I just watched the second leg Vs Greeks, and the Greeks created a few decent chances - have Legia got a formidable defence, or have they been lucky/played poor teams so far?
  4. Apparently Josh McPake is on the verge of a Republic of Ireland U-21 call up. I would prefer he stayed with Scotland, he has the potential to be a full international one day.
  5. I would like to see Edmundson, Polster, Docherty, Hastie and McPake.
  6. I can't understand why he doesn't get picked for Scotland
  7. 12 months ago Kent had a very similar profile to Barker today. Kent had very mixed success at loan spells at Barnsley, in Germany and at Bristol City. Kent came to us as a unproven quantity, that had the attributes but hadn't really delivered at any level. A quick look through the stats showed Kent had 4 goals in 75 games before his Ibrox spell. I am not saying that Barker will eclipse Kent, but our recruitment team have got a track record that we can now trust (although there will always be a Grezda here and there). I welcome him to the club and will judge him in 12 months, rather than 12 minutes.
  8. Surely a bigger question is: why has Candeais been left out? Is he injured?
  9. If a player does well on loan and then you don't give them a chance, there seems little point in loaning players out. Docherty should get a chance.
  10. Retaining Morelos and Tavernier would be the equivalent of "marquee" signings (I hate the term). If either of those 2 leave, and I expect at least 1 to go, then I would expect money to be spent on replacements/the team. I would rather we spent any money on young players in the £2-4 million bracket than on "a name". I dug out the numbers when we were interested in Frank de Boer, he spent about £40million as Ajax manager but transfer fees received was well over £100 million. That should be the model we are aiming for.
  11. The Kosovans are the hardest team we could/will play in the first 2 rounds.
  12. They are not getting him for £8 mil. Not with the prices EPL clubs are paying to Dutch and Portuguese clubs. Will be worth more than Morelos and Tav combined by the time we sell him.
  13. I think one good thing to come from Katic missing much of the season is that he might not be on the radar for EPL clubs.
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