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  1. The SPFL equivalent would be CL qualification versus champions. Would you take a void season but they get the CL spot?
  2. Runaway leaders Dundee United insist they don't want to be crowned winners of the Championship without the remainder of matches being played. (Daily Mail, print edition)
  3. Agreed. Real aren't going to hand the title to Barcelona, just because they got their noses in front on that week. Likewise with Juventus, Lazio and Inter.
  4. You are right. England is not a good test case. Look at Italy, look at Spain, what will the football authorities do there? Hearts could still stay up and qualify for Europe (Scottish Cup) but would find themselves in the Championship. UEFA could help by doubling the size of CL and EL league phases. It would only introduce 1 more round after the league phases to get numbers down but would allow associations to send more teams. An early decision to quit would help. Teams could stand down early, give footballers a break but next season could also start early. This would allow league restructuring across the continent, to balance out issues with promotion and relegation. Stop now, declare anything not decisively complete as void, and get ready for a 2020/21 super season!
  5. Getting rid of SG now would be like sacking Klopp this time last year. You have to put it in the context of progress made, European performance and the unusually high points tally achieved by the opposition (assuming that they don't have their own bump). The same factors facing Liverpool last year. It is a time to stick rather than twist.
  6. They play like that because they expect to defend and counter attack quickly back to front. Like Leicester. It is hard to dominate the area with 2 players, if you play like that it is a very different game plan. In the Walter Smith era there was not the same requirement to win every single game in order to win the league. Check out history - the number of points we have (per game) would have won the league most years. There isn't a magical system that gives the level of consistency required at the moment - it needs ruthless application.
  7. Leicester and Athletico - both teams that sit in and counter attack. 442 can leave CM isolated and over-run. Our problem is that Morelos and Kent are at their best when they can get in behind people. That is difficult when teams are defending with 2 lines that start 10 yards from goal. We need a Hateley type, the type of player teams want to push further away from goal for fear of them scoring with a header. That forces teams to defend further from goal and allows fast players to get in behind. Dykes at Livingston might do the job.
  8. Blue_Devil


    The king has returned....
  9. Yes, that's my point. SG has not stuck by players blindly, he has swapped them out.
  10. Stick by them every week??? Have you listened to SG? Or seen players like Kamara, Davis, Katic or Aribo drop out? If anything SG had to find a reason to back them a little after the public roastings he has handed out.
  11. This team is winning more regularly than in any season under Walter Smith.
  12. Some years, yes, but some of our best teams got knocked out to Sparta Prague, Levaki Sofia, AEK or Kaunus. The point is that this team has not just done well because the SPFL are sh*t. Porto, YB and Feyenoord are good teams.
  13. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rangers_F.C._in_European_football Have a wee refresh. This is one of our best seasons over the last 4 decades (note 1 of, I am not saying the best. 1992/93 and 2007/08 are the stand outs in that time).
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