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  1. Definitely pm Dan deacon
  2. Jacklan heesh tha noo st mirren
  3. Have u got the sound on still? I keep saying I will mute anything I watch on alba then spend two hours acting like I actually know what there saying
  4. That's certainly gave this game a much needed kick up the Arse Two cracking goals to boot
  5. Are they wearing trackers? Looked like flood was
  6. Gaelic isny even a real language somecunt has just made that shit up
  7. That's actually a no bad wee shout man. Mute of course
  8. Casillas shouldn't even be named in the same sentence as Buffon.
  9. How many you looking for mate?
  10. have a good yin mate
  11. Bit more detail required mate, what filling?
  12. Anyone taking a punt on the golf today? Get the accas dished out all you golf nuts
  13. I've took a week off it there just getting my head back in the game. Totally mixed it up for Cheltenham n cunted it by doing so. Start again tomorrow with a few low stake doubles or something. My problem is I want to bet on every single race even ones I don't fancy anything and before you know it if you lose 4/5 in a row your 100 deep
  14. Hidden charm was 5/2 fav in the morning that's some jump, well in
  15. Aye that tae