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  1. That sums you up a belter actually 😂
  2. 1 phone call from her majesty would sort that
  3. 4/5 year we would be in the prem. advertising/investment wise we would be a gold mine for that story to get there. I’d go down in a fucking heartbeat man
  4. This says to me they want to finish it. Or they would just cancel it, indefinitely just means until it’s ready to resume
  5. Especially them. You ever tried telling a tim their first 5 are tainted? Just doesn’t register
  6. It’s not big stakes man I’m no daft despite me betting on daft stuff 😂
  7. Just got a 7/2 shot in, 1 furlong racing is where it’s at btw
  8. Just put a lucky 15 on 1 furlong horse racing. Fuck me you lose very quickly 😂 fuck Remington and fuck America
  9. Aye not a chance mate the bookies wouldn’t allow it. will go 3 x £5 bets and a tenner on tiger roll just in case though 😂😂
  10. I’ll be balls out on it as you’d expect what annoys me though is there will be a chosen few out there that already know the result
  11. He’s got some engine man, makes me think of lee Wallace if he was a CM, on engine alone.
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