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  1. One of the most blatent hand balls in recent times
  2. Take that back, some team. Gerrards not givin a fuck about rotation he's picking the best team to get the job done
  3. In some cultures it's a complimentary greeting technique
  4. I was pointing out you were getting taken for a ride bud
  5. I genuinely can't fathom how you don't realise he's taking the cunt out of you here. Apart from the blatantly obvious arse water in the post I thought the top cat dig at the end was the dead giveaway. We need a new RM recruitment plan these guys just don't cut the mustard man
  6. Who you fuckin talkin tae ya fuckin banger
  7. You class Aberdeen as a bigger rival to the tarriers than us? We could finish 10th and still be their biggest rivals
  8. Regrettably I've watched them and noticed the big cunt is actually a player.
  9. @King Jela So that's 5 against his biggest rivals aye lol?
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