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  1. Hopefully this is an end to cunts saying it’s not a good deal
  2. Got to be man, they’ve not even checked it which is bizarre
  3. Agreed. Looks like he’s playing the a fly away
  4. I’ve switched on to bet 365 n it’s silent, whoever was playing the stream that a was watching must be playing there own fan noise 😂😂 it was actually better tbh
  5. Match winning goal, that’s the difference quality makes.
  6. Shout for a talented AM For years that can unlock defences moan about it when we sign one classic RM
  7. They will email you and let you away with it as a gesture of goodwill mate, done it 3 times myself Just don’t deposit or anything the now, mines was for about 100-250 each time and I’m not a high profitable customer to them as I think I’m only down a grand each year out of 12k+ betting so you should be sound
  8. Could be citizens advice, could be Man City. a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma.
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