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  1. Let us know if he's coming then
  2. Fuck off
  3. One of my biggest grumbles.
  4. Rubber monkey
  5. Coming in to our house n pure shouting at us aw
  6. Lol good chance of it man
  7. Am not your buddy friend
  8. Lol I'm a recreational drug taker no biggy
  9. Hawl am the only Junky on here pal
  10. Unbelievable jeff Messi undisputed best player ever to grace the pitch.
  11. Casemeiro could have got his marching orders just before ht there
  12. I'm big snipes biggest fan but I'm leaning towards fault for the 2nd goal he should have took control of the situation and came out for it. First goal was a bit dodgy but I think he just got fucked over by shite defending
  13. First things first. Waghorn garner and ohalloran, out the door. Pick up 3 transfer fees then we need an investment of some sort and we need to strip the team back and start again. Give Miller his year, keep tav fod holt and wallace. Bates and beerman have staked there claim. Barrie McKay has a big fucking decision, either get your heart in it or fuck off. Forrester fuck knows rossiter the same. Invest properly dorrans could be a good starting point. This transfer window is crucial. If king doesn't invest this time I would happily partake in some sort of protest or something along they lines. We can not get accustomed to being runner up against these manky fucks this is not what we are
  14. Just not good enough mate plain and simple. I feel fucking let down man do you get what I mean?
  15. I hope the players go home and have a long hard think about what they just done today. I hope they realise that they just bowed down and let our oldest enemy absolutely walk all over us. There are a few players that should be hanging there head in shame. Garner was fucking invisible and waghorn your finishing is up there with the worst I have ever seen. Scunnered