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  1. Got a big fat mongo 17 year old emo looking cunt started with us a few months back, turned out hes bi he said even though he's never sniffed a pussy or cock in his puff, think he's one of these fad cunts. I don't really say much to him but he gets a fair ripping. Just stuck one of the boys in who got a warning today for filling his work shoes up wae coffee, can't see him lasting very long. Cunt of a place to add that type of ammunition to the mix when you're already named luke Mitchel by the boys I'm no arsed either way man, very liberal, got more stuff in life to worry about than who's shaggin who
  2. Smith wade ando durrant Hate the way the commentators say duh rant man. Mvg isn't playing well, think durrant averaged 106 in the last game could be in for a shock
  3. Could work out very well for us if he has a good loan. Sensible all round.
  4. I literally said this in ma group chat near word for word about an hour n a half ago. Left footed RW right footed LW to cut inside with room for the overlap and chance to shoot. Think that may be Gerrards goal
  5. Swap Jones for Kent and that's a league winning team btw
  6. Clicked bottom right of the picture but it just enlarged?
  7. Look how much better our gay flag is than theirs. Yep it's came to this
  8. The cheat goal ye used to score wae Henry right in the top bin was magnificent
  9. Yep, haven't played it since pro ev 7 or something other than about 1 game as a demo. Always follows the same routine, cunts get it cause they're sick of fifa not upping their game, pretend it's amazing for about 2 weeks then it goes in a drawer n fifa gets hammered for 8 months
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