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  1. Buick is my jockey too I honestly make so many simple mistakes that cost me money
  2. ^^^^
  3. Fav in the last wadigor
  4. Don't think he had much say TBH horse was having a mare Pun intended
  5. That was my first pick too I'm a fucking fat easy of space man hate my life Canny even call myself a fat waste of space without fucking it
  6. Wisconsin Hope no one listened to me lol
  7. I'd hump Hailey headturners leg like a dug
  8. The amount of 2ND strings O'Brien has that wins is my main reason. Cunt reminds me of dick dastardly or Prost in the senna battle Like he's a good baddy
  9. Wisconsin for me lads.
  10. why I oughta!!!! What you on in the next?
  11. Could have won that sitting backwards in the saddle That was the double of the week. Turned 100 into 300 without a sweat
  12. Good thing mate
  13. If Alves's English is good then the first thing I would do is give him the captaincy. I get the loyalty thing etc but to me alves looks a leader and by fuck the players won't want to let him down. I think being scared to let the captain down is a massive attribute for the armband. Wallace doesn't carry that
  14. get it up them am waiting on winter for 3 ton
  15. Piece of piss mate