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  1. He pulled it before he hit the shot. Weird but that was class from him Fitness coach should be shot if 2 players are going down wae hammys
  2. Spanish faggot. Imagine yer captain greetin cause he pulled his hammy a pulled ma hammy n played what is described as one of the best 5 aside goalkeeping performances at the Pits in the modern era
  3. You still pickin yer nose wae yer toes mate
  4. That’s how a added in run aboot everywhere a didn’t know how else to describe him 😂
  5. There was 1 DM (Jack) and on box to box (run about mental everywhere) player (kamara) and real 4 attacking players.
  6. Canny believe yous hired a boom to watch the game. Unreal effort
  7. Would have been mine. Looked sharp hagi looks off it for me, but he keeps showing glimpses of quality. Could genuinely be down to him trying too hard
  8. Professional as fuck performance. Hats off.
  9. Disappointing result but a good performance. Onwards and upwards
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