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  1. That was the old rangers mate
  2. Judas bastard
  3. Should be OK for a few months then until he gets injured again.
  4. What physio was it that had the whatsapp video going about of her dog licking her Cunt? she was a darling if I remember right. Ross county?
  5. Bayern at home please
  6. Pedro oot
  7. It's a simple X Y Z algebraic equation. So 43,000 x 450 equates to Tree fiddy
  8. Atakayi looks very good at youth level tbf
  9. Fuck up
  10. It was the lowest form of wit, which seemed to provide an obstacle too big for you to overcome. It was definitely a window licker question.
  11. It was sarcasm. Only a window licker wouldn't notice that.
  12. Would you take Scott Brown in our midfield?
  13. We better no lose this fucking record man. Sad day when I'm wanting a draw with they sheepshagging bastards