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  1. A like that wee navas and traore too, strong all over the park
  2. Wolves would put 4 past us, a actually could see them winning it btw
  3. There is a reason when the vast majority of posters that converse with you are in disagreement eejay. the reason is you talk absolute clueless shite 😂
  4. I’m absolutely devastated you’ve never liked my posts, like genuinely heart broken fucking walloper 😂
  5. 2 posts in a row I’ve used an astrological pun, outdone myself
  6. Your middle paragraph is one of the reasons katic isn’t great, he goes for balls that aren’t there to be won. Like literally every time. It’s been addressed by Gerrard weeks ago in a presser too. your second point about being a threat is a moot point, remember killie away? Regardless anyone who judges a defender by his attacking prowess is a space cadet and as much as I think you’re a decent poster you are talking absolute arse water
  7. Anycunt that thinks katic is a better defender than goldson is a fuckin moon howler
  8. Irony in its purest form.
  9. Last chance saloon next season for me, I’ve been as angry as anyone but there is too many pro factors to sack Gerrard, despite the obvious cons.
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