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  1. When will brenda have the guts to go back to England?

    Couldn't give a fuck. I want him to stay. I want his ira supporting family to watch him fail at 10ar. The odds are in his favour, massively. Even sweeter when he fails
  2. Wounded animal.

    I'm either tripping balls or blue avenger just posted
  3. Happy days at the friday Training.

    Listen, the guy's trying his best, but his best isn't good enough. He will feel the wrath on Sunday when he comes out the tunnel, of that there is not doubt. And deservedly so. If only a certain Mr king had the balls to attend and feel our anger too. Saying that, he might still hear it in Africa.
  4. Wounded animal.

    I can't help but link "Bambi on ice" and the mention of THE Dalcio, with the scene from Madagascar where Alex is chasing Marty. Guess what? Marty wins. Racism won't.
  5. Wounded animal.

    Why has Dalcio been brought in to this? I hope you're using the report button as that type of language is unacceptable
  6. Premier league darts

    He's screw your line too? Done me for 110
  7. Premier league darts

    Rob Cross is a fat baldy wank hope he dies
  8. Premier league darts

    Anderson on fucking fire
  9. Admin

    I still laugh like a wee girl when a think of @shit
  10. Did you get your bike back mate 

  11. Admin

  12. Talksport talking about Sundays chaos

    If true then the people responsible should be hounded out of Ibrox and never allowed to return. Guilty parties should be looked upon as fenians
  13. Premier league darts

    22112 Edit last one I'll say draw in fact
  14. Hummel

    Hopefully he is in the centre of defense with Mcrorie as he's not got a lot of pace. Glad we are being linked with such big names
  15. Union Bears Statement.

    90 minutes holding something above your head Craziest idea yet