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  1. They are unveiling Moyes on Monday. Take this as fact.
  2. Hazard asking price 130mil, bit on the cheap side but cant complain with only a year left in his contract
  3. This is what normal people wait for, I think we're doing excellent bulking up numbers the now. Anyone who's panicking or even worried about our signings 6 days after the leagues finished is either heavily retarded or just clueless.
  4. Should email the club see if they will change the design to fit your fashion demands
  5. Cunts voice annoys the life out of me, like farting through a vuvuzela
  6. Eskbank confirmed it will be available in adult sizes later in the summer.
  7. Aye but hus he been hut in the face wae a dug leash?
  8. Not got much hope but it's an ok interest as the fitbaw shite
  9. That was the worst it's been all season I've not missed a week, pathetic crowd man. RE Ando missing this year, I think the contenders have been a huge success, the highlander and in rotterdam being the highlights. Obviously it's shite Anderson missed out but I definitely wouldn't be opposed to something similar happening next year. Heard one of the organisers on a podcast yesterday hinting that is a possibility
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