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  1. born a blue nose


    Aye superb mate, I thought ferrari had fucked it early on, I couldn't have been more wrong!
  2. born a blue nose


    Chuffed for the Iceman
  3. born a blue nose


    Great finish to the race, tense as fuck
  4. born a blue nose

    Gerrard: Post Match Reaction

    Rossiter is in a constant state of 10 minutes after yer first line of prop
  5. born a blue nose


    Kimi with the dummy in to the pit haha brilliant
  6. born a blue nose


    The cunt in the background making the meeeeonnn noises or is that the actual cars 😂😂
  7. born a blue nose


    Verstappen cutting through the field too.
  8. born a blue nose

    Officialdom Conspiracy

    Cheers a was perplexed there thinking I had missed one 😂 Correct Inigo all three where spot on.
  9. born a blue nose

    Officialdom Conspiracy

  10. born a blue nose

    Hamilton v Rangers - Highlights

    A want to punch that boys teeth out so we get normal commentary for a week or two
  11. born a blue nose

    Lassana Coulibaly

    I'd rather judge him in the games he's been solid and very good, rather than an off day. There are a god few mitigating factors that explain why he was below par. Dust it off and get ready for taking us to the last 16 on Thursday.
  12. born a blue nose

    Gerrard: Post Match Reaction

    Rossiter just seems a pure gem of a boy a genuinely want him to succeed man. Gerrard was spot on again in his assessment and I think that flat performance might well be a blessing in disguise for Thursday, I think we will burst out of the traps.
  13. born a blue nose


    We've aw done it
  14. born a blue nose

    *** Official Rangers V Accies (Away) Thread ***

    For the second penalty anyone with any sense knows that on this exact instance it only takes minimal contact to disrupt the natural movement and cause you to trip over. Its simple biology. One of the few types of comings together you can't really help going down. Both stone wall penalties and both duly delivered by the Captain
  15. born a blue nose

    ****Official NFL Thread.****

    Both they anthems just sent shivers up my spine fuck me that was biblical man. Made me aw melty,