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  1. Pena

    Most definitely. I said a while ago it could be a 2.7MIL nail in the coffin. I hope not as I want Pedro to succeed so fucking much but it's not looking likely
  2. The Boxing News Thread

    Looking in decent shape for his sumo fight
  3. Pena

    I'm looking at him though and not seeing it. I'm by far never one to judge players or managers too early. This guy needs a salah type progression in the next few games to change my view on him.
  4. Pena

    For the rumoured 2.7 million we paid I'd be expecting a lot more. I'm giving him another game or two before thinking he's pish but I'm not holding much hope.
  5. Am I watching a different game

    Only fannies gather evidence before making factual claims you know. Car crash of a thread
  6. Am I watching a different game

    Some of the grand national horses would struggle to get over that penalty tackle without making contact and going to ground I am perplexed at people defending in what planet do you live on man
  7. Am I watching a different game

    On one I remember perfectly the ball was about 8 inches outside the outer most line Everyone knows the rules of the game mate
  8. Are celtic really that good?

    A good team would be beating teams at home comfortably I'll be fucking gutted if when we're good again we're only beating Dundee 1-0 at home. Your standards must be fucking horrendous a bet your burd is a mad rotter 😂😂
  9. Am I watching a different game

    I don't know how any sane minded person could watch that back and say the ref was making the right decisions 😂 I was fucking incensed at the decisions against us man
  10. Am I watching a different game

    I felt the referee was absolutely brutal for about the first 6 or 7 decisions he was left to decide on. In fact the big sarcastic applause from our fans when we finally got one pretty much echoed that thought.
  11. Am I watching a different game

    No you watched the same game You're just a fucking zoomer
  12. Are celtic really that good?

    Scraping by with about 8 home 1-0s last year Aye fucking globe trotters ya daft cunt. I
  13. Are celtic really that good?

    Dembele is pish. We missed a golden opportunity on Saturday to show that bunch a shite up for what they are n fucking bottled it. The state of our affairs on field are our own doing for being mediocre, rather than them being good.
  14. I dont give a fuck about donald duck cuz he doesnt givva fuck about me

    That's a bit better
  15. I dont give a fuck about donald duck cuz he doesnt givva fuck about me

    A cant believe cunts are still in bed man you'd hink we where playing arbroath lol