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  1. Don't mind him as a squad player, probably on fairly low wages too, shouldn'tbe a starter though.
  2. To win the match, go in to the off season on a cracking run of form and with high spirits. We weren't anywhere near good enough today, a shambles if we're honest. The only positive you can take today is that it shows we need to invest and puts a stop to any complacency we may have had due to the mini run of wins we just had. Kilmarnock have done us over this year we should have been going into that game to batter them
  3. Morelos would be an absolutely shocking choice to take the pens. His shooting is brutal at times. Hense why one of the best dead ball specialists ever to play the game has chosen Tav.
  4. Just think it's cringey as fuck when cunts think getting beat 2-1 off of absolute shite is ok. Each to their own bud, not for me though.
  5. Anybody brushing off defeat like it doesn't matter are mental. We should never settle for mediocrity, that's part of the reason we've been fucking shite for years
  6. Wilder will put joshua on his arse. I've never been totally convinced about joshuas chin if I'm honest and wilder has a silly amount of power, if it does happen I'm going to stick money on an early stoppage
  7. Tenner on us -2. Think us wanting to complete the top 6 winning run will give the players that wee bit of hunger for a nothing game
  8. I've fuckin missed the fight lol, I take It wilders punched the guy out his trainers? What round
  9. Taylor is conserving energy. He will take this in the next 2 rounds, opponents cunted
  10. Stuck a sky diver on france in the eurovision at 33s
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