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  1. I've screenshotted these and am going to send them to Doris. That's you my bitch until the wedding in 2021. Might even do an Eastenders type reveal and project it on to the side of the church tbh
  2. I started getting excited talking to the boys in work thinking if we can keep Morelos. Canny make up ma fucking mind with him He's the type of player who could genuinely win you the league. If he showed the same type of improvement he showed when Gerrard came in then fuck me he could be frightening. I get pissed off when he gets involved in shit though but then I love him again when he does something magic. Absolutely no doubt in my mind he gets different treatment than the likes of lego, wish he wouldn't give them the opportunity though at times n fuck me the thought of him rattling in 40 next year as a big fuck you would be glorious.
  3. Not as much as they would if he had an active transfer market, no.
  4. This is the best time ever for lampard to take the job. Just sold their top player and have a transfer embargo. Literally no pressure on him for the upcoming season whatsoever. It's a no lose situation for him, contrary to your opinion.
  5. Am a the only one that noticed the two crucifix earrings then aye? Send him back fuck that
  6. Does this mean you need a new best man?
  7. Aliens are coming we need to have sex to save the world Genius
  8. Don't get excited, it's guaranteed to lose now.
  9. Good timing I'm on your first 2 tomorrow and kept looking at your 3rd earlier.
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