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  1. Cmon poulter!
  2. "What do we want!?" "HEARING AIDS!!!" "When do we want them!?" "HEARING AIDS!!!"
  3. Big omeara is gonny set me aff man
  4. Sitting watching this wae a bottle of irn bru n pack of haribo's trying to pretend I am not absolutely gantin for a beer
  5. Rory is in the mood.
  6. Only shows a couple
  7. It's pish for following 3balls
  8. £150,000,000 has that affect on burds mate. He looks like a mole lol
  9. Is there any site that's easy to keep up with the 3 balls? I've got 4 accas on n it's fucking brutal trying to see if there sitting OK PS. My tip for the open is now Kevin Na
  10. I'm not expecting the world from him I'm expecting him to be the best defender in a diabolical league.
  11. Thought so.
  12. Name a better defender.
  13. If you have to even ask that question you're not worth conversing with. Fuck me
  14. He instantly becomes the best defender in the league, of course expectations are high.
  15. They can get to fuck, closely followed by you.
  16. Aye? I think he's a dire captain man
  17. Statistically 9 out of 10 people enjoy gang rape
  18. Been pretty poor mate. Imperative part of the team which requires someone better.
  19. I think we will play 442 It's the only fucking formation we haven't tried yet we are crying out for it.
  20. Don't know if there's been one but wouldn't mind there being a poll to see the thoughts of who we want to be club captain. Probably only be between Wallace Miller and Alves. Possibly Jack in the mix I think Alves would win quite easily.
  21. Got a tenner on poulter at 80s hopefully he makes a go of it n I can cash out at a decent figure! Rahm looks like my only other viable chance
  22. They have came up against a country who actually gives a fuck about it's people this time I hope they get held over the fucking coals for this. Long LONG overdue.
  23. Absolutely made up with his English there. Get the arm band on the big man n let him push this team to there fucking limits.
  24. Count me in x