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  1. Don't ever bet on ice hockey lads. Most random fucking sport on earth
  2. Armstrong is the new Xavi too Just fuck right off
  3. Never fail to amaze us mate Hopefully that gives the fund the kick on to get over the line
  4. My gaffer is cracking with the golf tips man. A sport I love but don't watch or keep up to date as much as I should. Got £100 back from a tenner treble last night Scotland Poland n Norn Iron. It's the first time I've cheered a Scotland goal in a long time, feels shit even saying that.
  5. Did he win it? I done a few accas but they where pish. Mind post yer tips in here
  6. I hope you are not thinking of driving the day after your going on the lash?
  7. Just with it being a must win I fancy Scotland to get a result
  8. There going to burst ma acca the cunts
  9. Took them on my acca
  10. Scotland can go take a flying fuck to themselves. I will not support a team full of tarriers from top to bottom.
  11. Can't get near him
  12. Your chances have just went from slim to fuck all now
  13. Ronaldo on a hattrick. Some freekick
  14. Ronaldo running about with his Willy oot
  15. That's heartbreaking man. Had to wipe a tear away there. God a picture can really do things to you I hope they can do something for him anything a medical breakthrough or something please
  16. Why not then. I hope renato sanchez gets a start I like the look of the young lad
  17. That's the one I had, lost it really recently gutted
  18. Worth watching the Portugal game? I don't even know if Hungary are any good any more
  19. Sums it up perfectly mate.
  20. 4/9 bookies think so too.
  21. Ffs
  22. I was reminiscing there reading they names. Back when we had.... Goalazioooooooooo
  23. Aye that will be good sounds like yev hit it off with that fixture I really fancy a German game but Germany is Fucked now so not too keen on actually visiting the place until shit settles with all these mad suicidal nuts