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  1. Feels like you've just gave me into trouble
  2. I've never met anyone who is anti bigotry, the only time I've ever seen it mentioned is online n even at that it's usually just 1 or 2 wee dweebs that get shut doon pretty quickly. Blueme is one of they dweebs btw
  3. You're an ex junkie looking chookter buddy, half a heed a hair deed the er half fag stained, trust me the jokes on you Heed like an ashtray
  4. Am one of the few boys on here that have been verified to skittle dafties, by a lot of posters. Don't rise above your station pal
  5. You've been a fuckin banger for a few weeks noo pal, don't make me come doon Ayrshire n turn they grey hairs in tae fuckin cinders ya ex junkie cunt
  6. Why yhe fuck ye typing like that for? Don't even pretend you swagger in your workplace and spout that type of patter. If you're typing in a different tone or style to the way you act in every day life then you are an absolute banger mate
  7. Don't quote me ever again celebrating a nil nil draw acting like fucking nostradamus ya fuckin prick Fuckin cunt scuttling away to a forum the minute we failed just to rub salt in other fans faces Get a fucking grip you stupid cunt
  8. That article the dude posted "Although Defoe is known as the joker in the team, he also scores goals" Off ye fuck
  9. Sick of telling yous cunts no to worry. 2-0 to the Famous
  10. Be warned the promise of a hangover munch of rolls n square sausage n irn bru are a fuckin let down in sinkys, pretty sure it's they farmfoods efforts
  11. Was that who scored aye? Was just coming in to add west brom to my growing cunt list
  12. Commentators said they think rashford offered him it
  13. You want them to get it wrong then. Edit, for good odds, not the result lol
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