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  1. I’ll be on be proud mate, despite me tending not to touch 5f
  2. Goldson > helander > katic > edmunson imo
  3. Burns ears are up there wae the worst man 🤢
  4. Katic must be in with a shout for most overrated
  5. A would laugh if you turned aw aggressive or something Mwi 😂
  6. He’s been gawn hard fae 1pm 😂
  7. Somecunt guessing IKEA here
  8. Starts with a K ends in an I and has an A in the middle
  9. I’m still looking for a refund for my old firm bonus ball win. Calculated it up using the ‘double bubble’ rule and it’s looking like govan blue owes me roughly £3000
  10. @eskbankloyal has fucked this a belter, always knew that last 99% being right was just luck imo
  11. Time is a great healer with most people. Rangers voted for the moral end to the league, there was more important things going on in the world (think back to our actions a century ago). the logical thing to do was null and void. We have not once as a club argued with the morality of the final decision. it’s how the decision was made, and who by, with their underhand tactics, hidden agendas and blasé way of doing it. That type of corruption shouldn’t be forgotten
  12. So the premiership will be finished by July. That’s good to know, be a wild 2 weeks. Cheers dude
  13. You do realise that’s a Bot post surely?
  14. How is the PL getting around these doomsday scenarios that you have stated?
  15. Read a few of Laura’s posts. Possibly the angriest woman on earth
  16. Hopefully this is an end to cunts saying it’s not a good deal
  17. Got to be man, they’ve not even checked it which is bizarre
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