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  1. Anything with a pulse mate lol
  2. That's kisses and cuddles btw
  3. I second this Ashley and also I'm still waiting on a pic of your Chevy Chase to see if you are a gip Xox
  4. I like your nails Ashley Xox
  5. Aim for the ski bro lol
  6. I think I'm favourite daft tomorrow.
  7. I don't think I've seen him play a good game in my life lol I just go by the fact the pundits praise him and his stats speak for themselves
  8. I'm with you mate. Think he's actually been a massive help to them this season
  9. That's because he's too busy rattling yer maw
  10. I'm not. I think my highest break is 40.
  11. I think Higgins strongest part of his game is his safety, and one of Selby's is getting out of safety's so he nullifies him in that department. Then at this moment in time the rest of Selby's game is stronger. Just my opinion of course
  12. Vile comment, call yourself a Rangers fan? That means you left him with one to stand on.
  13. A might go for a wee game of snooker tomorrow. It's amazing how the crucible makes you want a game, then you go and realise its no like it is on the telly, all the reds up the wrong side of the table and the brown on the pink spot lol
  14. Preferably with tits oot
  15. Hi Ashley as you can see there are a few 'rogue' posters on the site. Admin have gave me clearance to receive facial verification from you, then we can move on to the ticket situation. Look forward to hearing from you Xox
  16. Run the players into the absolute ground make them earn there last few weeks wages. The only problem with that is, they might be here for a lot longer than a few weeks.
  17. I don't think this bunch are smart enough for that.
  18. Chicken fwied wice
  19. Did you see his bets lol? Unreal man £5 to win £11 n shit. He must have a serious problem
  20. Nobody has the game to beat Selby.
  21. Full proddy workplace for me thankfully
  22. Somehow I don't think those who want to go will struggle too much.
  23. Let us know if he's coming then
  24. Fuck off