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  1. Naw
  2. Away ye go Ya fuckin wombat
  3. Please be real
  4. Does this mean TMB can bless himself aggressively again?
  5. I was going to ask the same question. Does all previous convictions get quashed? Banning orders lifted etc. Doubt it but not sure
  6. Good day for me. Big orange 7/1 and atty persse 7/1 with Mr wagyu 7/1 at ripon and a few other shorter prices
  7. I believe you Dean just pm me any info you get in the future and never mind these knuckle dragging hoodwinks
  8. Puma must be a big seller in SD I wonder if puma told Ashley to fuck off or lose his contact
  9. Hard day today man. Like mori n anty perse
  10. Aye but can he dae it on a rainy Wednesday night in fife
  11. Need to wait until winter mate to the long sleeved tops come out
  12. great description
  13. A couldn't stop laughing man
  14. Shove a goose up your arse
  15. Aye Awrite ya fuckin doom merchant
  16. Singles doubles trebles fivefolds n a sixfold 1 winner 5 losers u get that winner at dbl the odds..2 winners 4 losers you get 2 x singles 1 dbl ..3 winners is 3 singles 3 doubles and a treble and so on
  17. People who are picking out accas should think about doing lucky 63s even only for 10ps. Gives you a decent chance of a return even if a couple lose
  18. Are you Austin Powers?
  19. Albertz
  20. Bolt ya fuckin wombat
  21. Ko lol
  22. We live on a policed forum Left wing handwringing bastards Cunts cunts cunts
  23. Le brivido Happy like a full ( lump ) Laugh aloud Jack Hobbs Fastness tempest Queen of time