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  1. Defoe left back is the only option
  2. Macboyd is the new tannerall with his pure shite threads
  3. Agreed smile, thank God I'm not the only one to notice his tedious pish
  4. It seems I have started a fight then bailed out again
  5. Tbf I've met plumbger a few times. Cunts solid, and loaded. Don't even know the story here but I'm assuming you done a runner from a tramp or something. Fuck that
  6. Don't think so brer No cunt would admit to watching river city
  7. The cunt runs through walls for us man. Who would be his replacement? If we somehow managed to keep him, with another years progression in him, and added 3/4 quality players I'd be over the fucking moon. Can't think of any player that could do the job he does up top. Seriously
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