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  1. Just realised this is bears den, apologies. Jump over to the OT Robb mate
  2. Robb doesn't like gifs or memes Robb will get gifs or memes
  3. Was about to bash one out to my sparkle secretary fantasy but robbs meltdown might be a more satisfying wank
  4. You'd be surprised how accurate that is right now
  5. Am the same, shove their faux sympathy up their arse. It's no that when they're singing about the Ibrox disaster, booing remembrance day or glorifying terrorism. Our Rangers family is tight, foundations are strong and in no need of outsiders opinions. Fernando hated the scum judt as much as we did. A warrior until the end.
  6. Fuck sake they just done a wee video for Fernando n my heart sank
  7. As soon as that ball bounced you knew he was in trouble, basic defending tells you to head that away from danger n out for the corner.
  8. Being unemployed with lots of time on their hands will play a part.
  9. That's why I asked you cause I had a feeling it was kelty hearts n looked on livescore n it had a wee sign next to it, thought it meant postponed. It's actually meant started 45 min's early lol
  10. There's no way they don't sing Ira songs at European nights, it's the majority of their songbook so leaves me bemused we get done for TBB n they escape any action. Obviously the volume of their complaints dwarfs ours that will be part of the reason.
  11. It's clear morelos and defoe can't play in the same team together, they excell at the same position albeit playing it completely different from one and other. This has been echoed by Gerrard not trying it in a single game. I'm all for trying things in games against lesser opposition but this one's a non starter.
  12. 9 minutes feels like 60 seconds watching these pressers these days, nearly burnt ma turkey dinosaurs lol
  13. Pretty much my ratings apart from I'd swap jack and alfies ratings. No bad when we're arguing over an 8.5 and a 9 rating eh mate
  14. Defo mate good post. Had my suspicions about him for a while imo
  15. Done well for me, few class touches and put his head in dangers once or twice If his attributes click together we have a serious serious player on our hands.
  16. Couldn't give a fuck what anycunt says Zinedine Jack is unreal. I watch in utter amazement at how he plays now compared to the hard tackling hot head I thought we bought Mad bastard flicks it over cunts heeds n shit lol
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