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  1. Sites a joke streams a joke cunts need to get the finger oot
  2. We’ve not been very good. Don’t need to be to beat this shite tho
  3. Tottenhams golf handicap will come down after this latest news
  4. A genuinely love him as our player and that is like a dagger through the heart of common sense tin hat on but a would rather kamara and aribo as our 2 cdm’s
  5. @Dan Deacon you can share her scuddies now. send him a pm lads
  6. He’s probably the only guy on the site that thinks it’s all in our heads mate, I like to remind him he’s wrong now and again.
  7. A think they will be ok. Still got Ziyech, pulisic chilwell and Thiago Silva to go in that team.
  8. Just because you’re good enough for aberdeen doesn’t make you good enough for Rangers.
  9. What happened at the end of that game
  10. No bad mate, times a good healer. only started cutting down on all the shit last week mate so I’ll get back to you in a month or 2 need to cut down on the 60 odd beers a week tho lol
  11. Never knew he was having a bad time of it. Life’s just passing me by the now
  12. @ForeverAndEver you’re aswell chucking the gambling if these frogs don’t score
  13. Aye a seen that, no cunt managed to get that one that a seen every cunts betting account will end up minus the morra or something that got it
  14. Cunts got 25 too buy typing in twentyfive as per a got fuck all
  15. A bet a guy a tenner that Harry Kane was finished and won’t get over 16 goals this season. Looking good
  16. aye mate, just they 2 gargoyles at the wind up
  17. Highlights around naked guys ya gay poofy bastard
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