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  1. Genius edit: probably won’t get the justice it deserves but I’m fuckin howling at than man
  2. Postage stamped with his head.
  3. Front 3 will play a little narrower in this one I’d imagine so will feel like 3 strikers at times. Creating space for borna and tav our wide, high line. ive got a feeling we will absolutely smash this shite tomorrow
  4. Cost me £120 last night so I’m over the moon with this news
  5. I’d wear it for moody tbh
  6. When did it become we don’t like ourselves no one cares? Get a fuckin grip I’ll stick to no one likes us we don’t care. fuck the pope
  7. Took us -2 cause am a mental bastard yasss hwfg
  8. You got that pizza for half time mate?
  9. Bad days when a physicist is struggling tae work it oot lol
  10. Away to google her images for a pre bed wank
  11. Burst out laughing when the burd bursts in with “Broxis happy smileeeee”
  12. That presser was fucking tedious The burd that was talking sounds decent looking tho
  13. 100% mate, looked like he just fucking loved ripping the piss too 😂
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