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  1. Wolves are a good outfit that’s a really good 3 points there.
  2. Surprised he doesn’t get more tbh , walking away with 40k a week hes absolute dug shite tho
  3. Got sent that earlier and will be investigating properly all aspects of the video tomorrow including the site being searched
  4. To skate defoe is verging on clueless, despite you being one of the best posters on here mcewans.
  5. A had a joke starting with card a gain, went towards good jumper n lost wit the fuck a was trying to talk about 😂
  6. That’s the truth. kent needs to stop thinking the big games are the only important ones.
  7. 7 mins n vardy gets a shot on target, hope yees picked up that free doh
  8. Just got a pm from cushynumber saying that for the first time ever the queue doesn’t matter in this thread and first in line is the most liked RM member, taking it with a pinch of salt tho
  9. Looking for an adult n child, workmates looking to take his boy to his first game, cheers in advance
  10. 8 minutes in that worry will be gone. early goal, big daft double decker that’s parked will have to be moved, 2/3/4/5/6..../10 hwfg
  11. There’s a bet boost on willy hills, Vardy to have 2+ shots on target 4/1, up to £10 stake, looks like printing money
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