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  1. That goal started with Morelos half arsing Kent’s dummy
  2. That or he expects them to play a high line and be susceptible to the counter attack
  3. I’ve never seen you as reserved as that, ever 😂
  4. Pick 7? you’re going to end up with A Sebastian faure signed top mate
  5. Repugnant is a great word. Ye know if a farts repugnant it’s a room clearer
  6. the one n only time dan deacon might actually be the guy to PM and no one suggests him lol
  7. Batter fuck out yer burd watch game with pals
  8. Their waterproof hoody looks decent on the Castore site
  9. Ever Harry ate a kangaroo bollock a knew he was a top man. This confirms it
  10. That’s a lot better than the first vid
  11. Was a good post until you started talking about the captaincy. And unfortunately that was the main point of the post
  12. Hagi is not captain material
  13. Wonder if the by kick that went over borucs heed a few years ago would have been a SOT
  14. After watching his videos a can’t see us spending 4 million on him mate if I’m perfectly honest. but the Impending Alfredo money means we would have that luxury for once I’d assume.
  15. It will be kent roofe hagi with itten as back up, defoe will get cameos. That’s definitely the way we shape up next year
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