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  1. He's done well in nothing games yes youre right. Good point well made
  2. Toss uo between him n jack but I've got a wee love in for jack the now and couldn't drop him
  3. As soon as jones is back from injury I'd have him in for ojo unless he steps up massively in the next 6 weeks.
  4. Sobered up asshole or were you no that bad? First time I've noticed you on the bevy
  5. Still in a bit of a mess with the sports direct deal mate
  6. Who would you change Don't really know what other options we have? Lazyness on my part mate
  7. Would like to see Arfield back through the middle, and Borna given another chance, with Kent cutting inside it will open up space for the overlap. Ojo needs to step up sharpish too.
  8. Hopefully he's ok, he's in my strongest starting line up now and crucial going forward.
  9. Autocorrect nearly made me call you a she mut there
  10. Do not take today's hangover out on me ATG grumpy shit
  11. I thought for a second khabib was in trouble with a choke just before the stoppage, was probably not even struggling
  12. Somecunts (atg) just don't appreciate the art of it
  13. Looked to me like he took a glance up at his trainer at a fucking stupid moment n it left his neck open for khabib to get the lock on it.
  14. Any bed builder suggestions for the England game?
  15. Watched a few of them when you posted the other week, crazy bastard
  16. From a guy selling me a roll n sausage is up there, even for RMs standards.
  17. How far did you get on your last one? I've been on the moon for the last week or so
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