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  1. The scum are straight on the offensive to get the title awarded. They literally don't care it would come with a massive asterix beside it. An even bigger one than the others.
  2. McGregor, Katic, Helander, Edmundson, Jack, Kamara, Aribo, Arfield, Hagi, Kent, Kamberi, Defoe. Barisic will be away I reckon probably for very decent money. Morelos also but not for the sort of money we once hoped. I'm aware we would need to sign Kamberi and there is no option to buy but think him and Defoe would be decent options. Kamara possibly a controversial choice but he has been a great player at times when in form. I think Kent could produce more in the right system. Try and sign 3 -4 starters and build the squad with our best youngsters. Unfortunately I think Goldson, Tav and possibly even Davis will still be here and key fixtures of the team.
  3. He signed most of it or kept it as captain
  4. celtic are losing and we cannot deal with Hamilton at home to get ourselves back in a title race. Utterly pathetic and embarrassing.
  5. OP does a good job summarising progress made under Gerrard. No doubt there has been a lot of it. However I think as long as he shows an unwillingness or inability to try something different to arrest the slide domestically he is putting himself under pressure. The prospect of a 3rd season of faith in the same core group of players playing the same system is what is concerning to a lot of people. Even TLB (who I dont think anyone would regard as a master tactician) has shown he can change their system with effective results which he has done since the break. Gerrard just does the same thing and asks for a 'performance' or a 'reaction' after every setback, he needs to show he is capable of more than that for me.
  6. middli


    Yeah I get that. He went with what had got us there and I can understand that as frustrating as it is to look back on. I think if Cousin had been available up top instead of Darcheville it may have been more effective. The fact we are quoting these names though shows what an achievement it was to get there with that squad. Kirk Broadfoot started a european final. Kirk Broadfoot ffs!
  7. middli


    I remember the moaning that used to go with Walters lineups, tactics and style of football but it won games, it won titles and it won trophies and thats the name of the game at Rangers.
  8. Rangers, who have already made more than £7m from the Europa League this season, will benefit from celtic's failure to join them in the last 16 as they will now receive all of the Scottish share of the television market pool, worth £11.4m, instead of splitting it 50-50 with their city rivals. (Daily Record) Oooooft
  9. Just showed the locked down Tenerife hotel on Good Morning Britain there. One of them waving and giving the thumbs up from the hotel window clad in face mask and the green and grey hoops 🙈 Maybe he's no heard the score 😂
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