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  1. Got no issue with the theory of selling Morelos and using the money to bring n his replacement and a couple of other starters. However the timing of it the week of our first game is horrendous.
  2. He was just on a different level to everyone else. Reminds me of when you see old highlights of George Best. Its like him and Laudrup have been added in with CGI as they seem to be moving at a faster speed to all the other players and doing things no one else on the pitch can do.
  3. I wonder if no winter break will suit us given our form seems to fall off a cliff after it.
  4. Christ I've been done here. Will buy it when it comes out.
  5. Well it seems its been confirmed its not so there you go.
  6. Is that real? Glorious if so.
  7. At the moment we've only got Morelos and Defoe so we need to sign an additional 3rd striker. Kamberi or Dykes are different types of striker but suitable candidates for that 3rd choice role IMO. If Morelos goes then we need to sign someone who is good enough to replace him as the number one striker, possibly two players if we're looking at a change of system. That for me needs to be better quality than Dykes and Kamberi and possibly the sort of business we could only do if/when Morelos is actually sold and we reinvest some of the transfer fee in replacing him.
  8. I think we will treat the Leverkusen game as a sort of 'competitive friendly' to build fitness. I am sure we have played friendlies against big teams just after the start of the domestic season before. For qualifiers for next seasons EL single legs the home team is decided by a draw so could work for us as well as against.
  9. Only players registered before the 3rd Feb deadline can play against Leverkusen so no new signings can feature.
  10. In the scenario that we have to beat a higher seeded team away in a one off match it certainly stacks the deck.
  11. Also UEFA have confirmed the EL qualifying rounds are one leg not two. Not seen any confirmation as to whether a top seed plays at home or whether its a neutral venue. Cant think of any other way of doing it.
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