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  1. For a pint or 2 tonight as that is a beautiful result thats been long time coming.
  2. If Katic was dropped for a sub par display against Livi then we should see Katic and Edmundson on sat as both Helanders and Goldsons performances against Livi were far worse. Not going to happen but I just don't get Gerrards treatment of Katic this season or last.
  3. Katic should be the first name on the team sheet after last night.
  4. Our goal has led a charmed life last few games fuck me.
  5. On the plus side at the back Barisic seems to have found a bit more fight and dig.
  6. Need to kill this off on the break 2nd half but that may require Ojo to pick up a bit.
  7. Their no 9 is giving Goldson and Helander a terrible time. Get big Katic on. Helander is very slow over more than 5 yards or so.
  8. Gerrards reasoning for dropping Katic on Thursday doesn't hold up when he wasn't in the squad yesterday. Doubt anyone would say St Johnstone away is a 'more technical' game.
  9. Thought this had 1-1 written all over it. Great result and great tributes to Fernando tonight.
  10. Aribo like a wily veteran there. Good stuff.
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