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  1. Shagger will give him one back now if he gets the chance
  2. We've turned up, not really played terrifically in all honestly, yet are giving this lot a dicking.
  3. Give Arfield a rest in 2nd half. He's done his work.
  4. There are gaps for us to exploit in the final third here if we find the right pass.
  5. The filth will be spewing at Rogers over this. Wonder if they've burned their bridges with him with the way they abused him when he left.
  6. I think we would have seen him by now if he hadn't got injured. Is he fit for Sunday? Would be interested to see if he is involved if fit.
  7. Tom English BBC Scotland's chief sports writer It's a catastrophic performance, catastrophic result. celtic defended really, really poorly, they were slack multiple times. This was the night when the defence caught them out. celtic got what they deserved, which is nothing. You concede four goals in your own stadium when you limit them to one away from home. It's awful. I'm really shocked. Up ye!
  8. They are shocking at the back and we need to get after them on Sept 1st and show no respect
  9. What a top pro and class act Jermain Defoe is.
  10. Jordan Jones proving me wrong again. Didn't see what anyone saw in him before Thursday. Aye I get it now.
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