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  1. celtic caretaker manager Neil Lennon says he will build his side around captain Scott Brown if he is given the job of revamping the team this summer. (The National) This is why Lennon getting the job will take them backwards.
  2. Sorry if it's already been said, haven't been through full thread but small silver lining out of today could be papers over the cracks for the scum and they appoint Lennon full time. They will stay the same or go backwards under him next season whereas we can improve with the right moves over the summer.
  3. Only one bar Morelos I can think of that has attracted offers and interest
  4. Would you accept this to fund a rebuild if it meant bringing in 4 or 5 players for about £5m each? Signing your Jordon Jones and Jake Hasties isn’t going to sort this.
  5. Why the fuck is Candeias not filling in for Tav there? He even has a look at him.
  6. At the least the ref went and got Tav out the way and didnt book him for fighting back or something ridiculous like you half expect.
  7. The consensus on an earlier thread was he is off in the summer. This is good news either way you look at it. Either he is still off in the summer but his value has just increased or he is staying for another season.
  8. Better be a hell of a transfer fee for Morelos to fund a rebuild.
  9. He will go in the summer and i'll give him my support and best wishes unlike the scum treatment of Rodgers. They have really showed themselves up with that big time.
  10. He has again mentioned an approach by Rangers in 2018 for the managers position. He is a bigger bullet dodged than McInnes going by this weeks events.
  11. Morelos didn't do anything wrong last night to seize upon so lets reach for the sectarian abuse card.
  12. Christ I really don't want to see this again
  13. Get Middleton on and push Kent into Arfields position
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