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  1. Agree with this. We need to tweak the formation without Morelos up there. Thinking back to end of last season where Arfield and Defoe were very effective playing up there.
  2. Good to love the desire of these youngsters. Kai Kennedy has run out the barbers chair half way through when he got the call to say he was in the squad
  3. Im not bothered by these signings they've made. I wouldnt trust Lennon at all to spot a good player and integrate them into the team properly. Would be more concerned if they were loaning in quality from the EPL but hopefully West Brom's public criticism of how Lennon dealt with Oli Burke has put English clubs off sending them there.
  4. Cheers OP for posting this, like the photo gallery especially. Would love to see the club distributing something similar publicising all the positive things that Alfie does outside of football. Morelos temperament and behaviour in games was far, far worse last year but the criticism was not nearly as intense and has ramped up to all time levels when we win at celtic Park. Just shows that the people against us cant stand the fact he has got his act together and is spearheading a promising and hopefully successful Rangers team. There is an agenda against him plain and simple and I would like to see us defend him as far as possible.
  5. I do wonder what their foreign signings think of Lennon when they turn up. Like do they google him before they arrive and get the video of the studio pundits laughing at his fat belly after a champs league game or him falling down clutching his face after a coin hits his padded jacket. Then they realise Steven Gerrard is in charge across the city, someone they don't need to google as he was an iconic player of his generation that they grew up watching. Just think of the paycheque Patryk and don't ask any questions about the history of the organisation you've just joined whatever you do.
  6. Morelos spends his spare time establishing a charitable foundation to help people and this cunt calls him a 'waster' in a national paper. This article, if you can call it that, is a fucking disgrace.
  7. Great that we released this after a win rather than the cup final when it could have been dismissed as sour grapes and boxing clever giving a proactive explanation of Alfies gesture before any charges get concocted.
  8. Crockers subdued commentary compared to their goal is a disgrace. Even Andy fucking Walker gives Barisic and Katic their due credit here ffs.
  9. middli


    He won 'defensive header of the season' today. It wasn't as good as Scott Allans pass of the season of course but it was up there.
  10. My favourite thing he says here is that himself and the staff are 'living it'. That's what it takes. It's more than just a job and little comments like the reference to Walter Smith shows he gets that.
  11. Wee Aribo ran himself into the ground for us today. Barisic MOTM for me. Will go to sleep thinking of big Katic's header.
  12. This fucking cesspit can't help itself. Couldn't quite get them the win but can get Morelos suspended when Christie and Bolongoli let off blatant 2nd yellows. Gerrard knows now and he's fucking showing it there. Fucking brilliant result against 12 men.
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