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  1. If Katic came back jaded from international break he could have been rested against Dundee
  2. middli

    ***** The Official Beasts v Rangers Match Thread*****

    Crying out for Coulibalys pressing here
  3. Tav again. At fault for 2 goals not even trying a leg to stay with his man. FFS
  4. Travelling bears a credit with noise coming through on tv.
  5. Goldson is not moving freely at all
  6. Hope Bordeaux arent watching today
  7. Close but controversial, morelos only one appealing, this one will run and run?!
  8. The bbc live text entries about the disallowed goal are a new low even for them btw.
  9. Been a big critic of Alfredo's heading but that was a great finish from him. Fantastic stuff.
  10. Wes channeling his inner McGregor there
  11. Candeias not permitted to lay a marker there
  12. Didnt they say at the start that VAR was available. Why did they not go to it?!?!
  13. middli

    ***The Official Aberdeen v Rangers Match Thread***

    It must be hard to explain to Morelos, a young guy from a different culture, who doesnt speak the language that he is operating in a league where his club is held to a different standard than everyone else and he needs to just let himself be kicked and barged and accept it.