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  1. All the best to him, my wife had kidney cancer, her op was an ordeal I pray Scott’s is easier.
  2. Disclosure is only as good as the TRAINED disclosure for want of a better word officer, as disclosure falls into three categories, which in its simplest terms are proves guilt, proves innocence or provides no evidence either way, the panel are absolutely reliant of a disclosure officer being above board and meticulous in their duties, this wee panel will be fed evidence by the disclosure officer(s) that is where the real scrutiny is, I care not who is on the panel (that’s a given its bent) but your disclosure officers is where the hunt is.
  3. If he was on a par with Messi or Ronaldo and was actually legible to play for Scotland, I would have more chance of walking to Mars than him being selected.
  4. I’d doubt that very much, UEFA/FIFA haven’t covered themselves in glory in recent years, the corruption in their hallowed halls makes them Olympic champions at corruption after the IOC of course, then there is that mob and their cover ups and blatant corruption of football via the boards of the SFA and SPFL, I’m sure whatever the outcome of this claim by Hearts and PT, he will be welcomed with open arms and pockets.
  5. I was just thinking that, if these are deliberate misdeeds I’d assume that several internet servers are being deleted/destroyed Clinton style as we speak. The main question to be asked in that case was who benefits from the actions of the SPFL when lockdown occurred, if they lied and misled clubs and handed the title to them so that they could capitalise on TV rights for the tainted Ten IAR then there may be reasonable cause to suspect a crime has been committed (I’m no expert on the fraud laws of Scotland tho). Then the next question, who was involved in the decision making process, why and where are the minutes or recordings of this process.
  6. I respect and understand your position, having loathed the (un)dignified silences of the past decade and being particularly disappointed with the clubs response to the blatant racism shown to Morelos from the press, referees and footballing authorities, I see your point completely. In this scenario though the onerous plodding of our past seems to be just that, not one club (as far as I have seen) has commented on the Hearts & PT action prior to the papers being submitted to the courts - missives via the press from a club like no other excepted- I just feel this may be a turning point, we have very recently forthrightly and robustly challenged the authorities and predictably were ignored and derided by them and the press. I care not for Hearts or any other team, but this case may expose some truths about Scottish Footballs maladministration and we may well have a decades worth of evidence to impart, if our dossier is drawn in then the doors are open to other evidence that shows a biased shambolic maladministration that cannot be defended. I hope I’m right and Sir I hope you are wrong, either way no hard feelings.
  7. I think this is why we have been so quiet, we have a dossier, they saw it, denigrated it in public through their press shills and all that they dismissed has come to pass, they are bricking it big style and I’m willing to bet we have more than just that dossier, to reveal.
  8. Also be declared N&V
  9. If that gets through ten in a row confirmed for them at the first sign of a red nose and a cough.
  10. Yeah, yeah, but he wouldn’t want people who supported Rangers, singing his song and specifically - not- altering the lyrics. If he were alive today, he would have spoken out about it frequently...
  11. Next it will be The Blue Sea of Ibrox, no doubt one of their fans drowned in a blue sea on holiday, that dastardly sectarian blue water!!
  12. Agree 100%, we tried to help - were shut down. I believe Dave King made a “house of cards” claim targeted at someone/something in Scottish football, maybe we now know what he was actually took aim at was the whole cabal.
  13. Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of him. If he can play, rest assured the Scottish media will ensure you know all about him from his mental health, his psychopathy and all of the other negative things they can dig up about him.
  14. I’d go with that that, I’m convinced if we backed any system/idea proposed by separate entity F.C. they would spike it just to spite us, no matter what we do or propose it will be overlooked, derided, ridiculed and dismissed without any consideration whatsoever. We have showed willing to compromise for the good of the game, now let’s see what happens.
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