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  1. I would like to believe that they will not be allowed to keep this report to themselves as it must be a matter of public interest, Ive l’ve Lived in England for the last 35 years so I’m not sure if Public Interest Immunity can be applied or indeed challenged under Scottish law, however i think the “Every Child Matters” Policy is UK wide and IF its heeded should result in total disclosure.
  2. Agree 100%, i also think that this “secret 2 year inquiry” by their insurers was about finding out how many pederast’s are still within the walls of that club and its affiliates, once you are infected by those vile creatures (who were had cart blanche, due to the cover up and fear of the companies future exposure) its hard to expunge them and they do like a fellow fiend to share their deviance with.
  3. I think its wonderful that someone was kind enough to take some time out of their busy day to spell it correctly for them.
  4. I would expect that any club worth its mettle would still have the lawyers involved for that blatant and deliberate falsehood, I’m sure they (the press) all but called Souness out as a grass over this creature and his involvement with our club, which means it’s there in black and white to be fact checked. That club know they are on the ropes and are lashing out like a wounded animal using their useful idiots, hoping to deflect from their deliberate complicity in ignoring systematic child abuse by members of their staff to protect a brand.
  5. Agree 100%, the statement made by that councillor makes it clear that there should never be an objection to a bus parade as long as appropriate safety measures are taken, and when 55 comes it makes it plain and clear that as long as H&S are complied with a parade should be permitted. However when it was clear that they were going to attain their tainted record the authorities should have anticipated their want for an open top bus parade yet no one in the Council/Police had considered it or planned for it (hence its abrupt cancellation) if they as dyed in the wood followers of that lot didn’t have the foresight to plan for their victory, what hope have we of them being able to forward plan any success we achieve. Its a big if, but, for arguments sake (next season) Rangers win the UEFA or they win The CL one would like to assume that the Council/Police and even Scottish Govt would have plans in place for a rightly deserved parade to take place as a contingency, but i suspect it would be a last minute mess as we have just witnessed as those in charge are unfit for the jobs they are in.
  6. I hope we get 55 next season, however i suspect that we will never get an open top bus parade, those in charge of that comedy council illegally prevented us from having a fanzone and not a month later gave the scum a free area to have one, in their bitterness they will do their utmost to prevent it (if we win the league).
  7. I am astounded myself that SFA/SPFL clubs have not called for an extraordinary board meeting re this, two teams have something to answer for and one of them needs direct sanction from the Scottish footballing authorities. It is not just a matter for our club but all clubs, this matter affects all clubs as at some point they have played at all the league grounds in Scotland and some of their perpetrators and enablers will have had access to vulnerable people. However i suspect that this has not happened as other clubs may also have something to answer for.
  8. Surely the police should be all over this, yet again a magnificent piece of demonising others whilst forsaking your own sins
  9. Forcing the press narrative of constant attacks on us our players and the vainglorious “whataboutery and pointscoring” in the hope that this would disappear has been the worst piece of risk management. This was always going to come out, I said earlier in this topic unlike the hypothesised surmations of our financial woes, not one human suffered at our hands. They have very real victims who have been ignored, denigrated, undermined and treated as non persons, this abuse has harmed real people, their parents and families. Lives have been ruined, lives have been lost and many people have suffered a trauma that we can’t comprehend. The victims and their families need real closure as do the the people of Scotland. The board(s) should grip the tail for perverting the course of justice and be forced to disclose the true number of victims and offenders they have allowed to run free throughout the whole of British football.
  10. With all this light being shone upon them now, those lumps under the carpet will become more obvious. i just hope that the Police have been carrying out a covert investigation building a case against those still in the game from that club and their networks. I don’t understand why the Clubs haven’t called for a board meeting regarding their actions (unless like celtic/Hibs they have something to answer - we know they tried to tar Rangers when Souness called in the Police), they were quick to damn us over our financial woes but nothing over this very real, very sad series of sexual deviants from one club whom have all caused children, their parents and families to suffer horrors none of us could imagine nor would wish upon our fellow man. Lives have been lost, lives have been ruined, irreparable damage done to many who may well be functioning but will never forget their trauma, this has real implications for the NHS also. I would have respected any club including them if they had done the right thing in the first place or owned up when they realised their initial mistake and as stakeholders in their feeder club, took responsibility for what they allowed to perpetuate, but they haven’t and wont admit liability and seem to be hell bent on making the victims and families revisit the horrors in a court of law in the hope that many wont want to go through that ordeal again. Expulsion from the league is too good for them, but that wont happen.
  11. If he develops with us and stays long term, this is the stuff of legends. I may be wrong but I thought he had a smirk on his face all through it.
  12. Well at least he will never be “Father of the Year” also he will never be “The Cure for Cancer” nor “The Solution to World Peace” he will be what he has strived to be and that is himself in his totality, anything around him (including a baby) is nothing as it is all about him and his needs. Bring a baby to football match - no bother - take responsibility for a defenceless, vulnerable , weak and unaware little human, get photographed (and take selfies too) and then go not guilty, astounding! He should get a few years for endangering a child.
  13. Watched an OF game in a bar in Koh Tao about a decade ago we won, there were two of the unwashed watching also but got thrown out when they started fighting each other, the other tourists cheered at that. Saw one of them the following day in the back of a Thai police van looking like he’d been battered all day by the Thai authorities, which at the time i thought was a bad show, then remembered that he deserved it.
  14. And no doubt within 10 minutes of that pic being taken it was filthier than it too.
  15. The toilet looks like it’s in shock at its surroundings
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