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  1. GM63

    SFA Charge

    Imagine from now on when we score, the team does not celebrate, the headlines would be about our arrogant disrespect for other teams by not celebrating our goals. It would be a shame if we didn’t, and what would we do with the fake firearms we take onto the pitch.
  2. GM63

    SFA Charge

    Two invisible guns, hope he remembers where he keeps them.
  3. If we win the league and/or get within touching distance of the Europa league trophy, and Alfredo keeps scoring (tho there is much more to his game) along the way, when he heartbreakingly leaves he will go for a record amount, no matter what any hack with a vendetta or former player who did nothing of any note in their career has to say.
  4. It could be made into a child safety book called Where’s Noncey.
  5. Great news, lets hope the PF can keep hold of their evidence this time.
  6. Every team that voted us down or abstained settled for second best at most. They laid down and got their tummies tickled with the odd victory to make it look legit. They were ALL grovelling Renfields to them, and still are.
  7. That club is an embarrassment, graceless and the only club I know of that are bad winners (We have all seen it) and even sadder is how badly they loose.
  8. If the Catholic Church or Govt in Columbia gave him some sort of honour, could you imagine the meltdown but the press here would be all negative.
  9. Rangers played a blinder today, as in all big games there is ebb and flow, especially away from home. We battered them today. No matter how the game ended sending off Morelos was a disingenuous act (to help them after the winter break), and was made more notable by the fact that after the ball went back towards their end the whistle blew..funny that after all the extra extra time we’d had at our end.
  10. GM63

    Glasgow Derby

    No doubt the letters to FIFA and UEFA have already been sent (in the wrong language).
  11. Don’t know Glasgow now, moved away 35 years ago, but even given urban regeneration - where in the world is that, and evidentially what does it prove?
  12. In this Metoo world,a blatant sexual assault that was televised would be of interest to the press and the authorities, however a red card and response to “we will destroy you” is what will be the big news.
  13. There will be slip ups for both teams, just pray their slip ups are against poorer teams and then fail against us.
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