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  1. Who in the HMRC is responsible for this? Will they be disciplined? - it would be nice to know who they are (wont happen due to threats etc). Surely with the large figures involved there was some form double/triple checking (due diligence) carried out, why did this fail? There should be a public inquiry into this but it will never happen.
  2. Amazing, our talented manager proposes a threat to their dominance, so a top level club in the EPL is in for him! Yet all of our quality players are constantly linked with the bargain basement of the EPL/English Championship,, yet thiers are linked, with for instance Barcelona , these dopey sectarian journalists are truly Bi-polar when it comes to us,
  3. I genuinely hope you guys are through the worst of it, and if its in the past, I hope you are enjoying your new present and future, its new world for us, like our team onwards and upwards. All the best to you both.
  4. Thank you all for your kind replies, what a family the Rangers family are, my wife is a fan too, and the best result is after five years we are worry free and capping it off was brilliant result a day we will never forget. Thank you all and thank you Rangers from my wife.
  5. What a day, my wife gets the all clear from the cancer clinic (thank you NHS) and then this result! I’m buzzing!
  6. No matter what ANY other teams supporters, screams, sings, shouts or displays there is only one team they would target for punishment under this rule. Which we know all too well for us will be us, no matter what is sung or shouted elsewhere
  7. BT Sport is uncomfortable with this question, it challenges their ‘impartial stance’
  8. If I recall correctly, when this non story was first used in an attempt to involve us in that mobs vile cover up of a peadophile ring (If i was suspicious I’d say continuing ring), the inference of the story was that Souness and Smith were grasses for doing the right thing. Rangers can't win either way, and only by taking the hacks to task in a court of law may be the only option. I bet if we did, this would be the only story that was not covered by the MSM, not because it shines a light on their clear sectarian bias, but, because in defence of our great club the evidence presented by our legal team would clearly show that Rangers acted properly whilst ALL the other clubs acted shamefully and put reputation and profit before peados and the lives they uncaringly destroyed. I have said this before, I loathe that mob but I would have respected them if they had done the right thing all those decades ago, instead they brought the Scottish game down to their level and became a bitter, litigious, lying, cowardly, finger pointing, hiding behind victimhood, obfuscating and victim shaming “Club like no other”.
  9. How quickly through our doors would the SFA be if there was any truth to this obfuscation and deliberately misleading piece of true hack journalism?
  10. Of which I’m thankful, needs some rest to loose any wee niggles he may have and to be at the training ground getting sharper for us.
  11. There was a positive one on the mail online yesterday also
  12. His goal on Sunday, dragging that ball from behind himself and the defender was exceptional, he if he continues to develop he will continue to be a major player for Rangers (or heartbreakingly an EPL team), however the hatefest the press has for him in Scotland, may make his stay with us much longer than they want, I expect to see stories praising him to high hell, in the hope that he will be sold ASAP.
  13. Maybe they were fighting to get away from the smell..
  14. I was thinking that myself, it appears we have something they don’t have, then that council blocks it.
  15. I never thought there would be so many Hammarby fans in Glasgow...
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