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  1. That’s how to do it, subtle, dignified and tastefully aesthetic with no historical massaging of fact
  2. Clearly provoked by the orange indicators
  3. The dopey fucker, has spent all day looking at Rangers training photos, then added 2+2 and got the result her education provided her with.
  4. The Galactico’s better get their thumbs out..
  5. GM63


    Don’t you hate it when the Emperor parades his new clothes
  6. He was a shark in a goldfish bowl, now he’s a minnow. Since Gerrard was linked with us no one has given a hoot about him or his billion lira team of world beaters (if that world was Scotland obviously).
  7. Good point well made, they threatened to stop following their clubs if they didn’t vote us out. When they did that, they then didn’t follow their teams! I wonder why, oh yeah that’s right I remember now, because they were no competition at all.
  8. They all to a man jack dobbed us in (even the abstainer) and then settled for at best a second place, at no time did they attempt any challenge. They thought the money would come rolling in (which it didn’t). forgetting that the biggest travelling fan base is ours. I also believe they were so deluded by their hatred that they all thought that Rangers fans would stop supporting the club and that they would pick up supporters from our ranks.
  9. GM63


    And former Rangers player to boot.
  10. It’s a massive double standard that shows their real views on child abuse ok for them but not those whom they fear and hate.
  11. GM63

    BBC Article

    If their intention is to force the club to accept a liability, in what appears to have been an appropriate and correct response form us at the time. Then they had better be careful for what they wish for. I wouldn’t be surprised if the BBC have had a call from a specific club to change the timbre of that deflection article.
  12. GM63


    I’m surprised he managed to see that fat manager running onto the pitch impersonating the Hindenburg.
  13. I think John Gaunt said many years ago that football had eaten itself. He may have stolen it from somewhere else but looks correct now.
  14. GM63

    The difference in fitness levels,

    Not one of them played for their job today, never mind the fans, the team, the history, the pride they didn’t even play for themselves. These are loathsome times and as a fan I have like all of us have hated this season with a passion, a long overdue change is coming, and as my balls are made of meat and not crystal I can’t see the future however I will err towards the positive and hope that things will change for better for all of our sakes.
  15. GM63

    Postmatch interviews

    He would miss the letterbox