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  1. GM63


    They have a random computer algorithm that selects which games they attend and report to the Police, SFA, et al. There is a flaw in the algorithm which is it only accepts the letters A,E,G,N,R & S. for teams to complain about. There is another flaw and that one is unavoidable, any game must be attended by the professionally offended middle class haters with pre-determined expectation of our fan base to be demons, they sadly will always have the ear of those who hate us - which as our manager has discovered is myriad.
  2. GM63

    Jakey Clark outburst

    Was it not them that forced a black man off/or refused to let him on a Metro in Paris, which was caught on film.
  3. GM63

    Mcinnes Tells Rangers Players to Stop Singing

    I left Scotland 35 years ago, and until the new year and the sad rantings of those obsessed with us I thought Scotland - like the rest of the western world - used the Gregorian calendar. However it seems that when it comes to Rangers it’s April the first everyday. Bill Murray could make a movie out of it,
  4. Cue the fake disgust and horror from the usual suspects in the press tomorrow. I’ve never known such greeting faced rantings like this, it’s incessant thank god they are not forensic scientists! The scrutiny they put us under (in any game we are involved in) is incredible, and they are always wrong, the microscope they put us under clearly is set to their version of “sporting integrity”. The refs shouldn’t be sponsored by Specsavers it should be their pet - and I use this word advisedly - journalists.
  5. GM63

    Good Stuff

    There are two kinds of people in this world - Clowns and those who hate clowns. Lets hope he is no John Wayne Gacy tho judging by the way he is so easily had over he is, that’s a given.
  6. Operated by Morelos no doubt. And the blades played the Sash in hover mode..
  7. GM63

    Morelos temperament

    It’s getting very tedious now, they lost a game fair and square, and they were A) cheated, B) poisoned, C) were all I’ll from some bug in training a week before, D) the refs a cheat, E) the masons that run the SFA, F) there is a plan to stop them getting 10 in a row - that bits true, for Rangers at least, the rest all settled for second place at most, G) they didn’t have enough fans there, I could go on ad infinitum, but it’s like listening to a loosing yes voter, who also voted to remain in Europe who is screaming it was all lies that cost them twice, but the facts of the game are there for all to see we won fair and square, they are jealously coveting Morelos and wish to destroy his credibility from without, they are scared of him on field and shitting it if he goes for more than the price quoted last winter as it would be another record for us. Their sporting integrity as always is sadly lacking.
  8. I’ve lived in England for the last 35 years, down here even if a plea is guilty for a such serious offence it is a right of the victim, (or in the case of loss of life) their family to have the prosecuting barrister read out impact statements. I’ve written, read and listened to some that would bring tears to a wooden leg, never mind a glass eye. If they have that process in Scotland (forgive my ignorance) because even though the judge isn’t supposed to take it into account upon sentencing they do. More importantly these statements are aired publicly and an interested press may well want to report and comment on the heartfelt, heart breaking words from the victims and their families.
  9. GM63

    The latest from Tom Irish

    This is a kafkaesque situation, we win a match fair and square. They get upset about decisions against them (conveniently forgetting their advantageous decisions), their media go to war for them baying for the blood of Morelos - ignoring how piss poor that team was on the day. SFA forced to look at our controversial acts and asking the ref to account for them, the decisions made on the 29th stand. Their press go to mental claiming conspiracy and corruption and having a go at the ref, whose details are leaked to the public. They issue a statement screaming like the greeting faced wee creatures they are (Calimero comes to mind) Threats made to the ref and his family, police protection (costing the public purse). Nothing to do with us officer scream the media. Media who loose their voices about other activities at that club BTW. Referees rep releases a statement regarding how bad the treatment of referees is at this moment in time. I would not be surprised if they go on strike again. Seperately but included here a Rangers player is hounded out of a club for being one of us. (Not yet widely reported). And its all the fault of Rangers! Another person on here opened a thread and wrote about our intimidation on the field on the 29th and how afraid, cowardly and weak (I could go on) that team were. They no longer need to intimidate on the field they have used this loss to try to scare (HA!) Rangers players and all other teams players not to perform but to let them win, because if you don’t they will use their media to intimidate you and yours over any contentious issue that does not go their way, whilst it avoids and obfuscates the massive elephant in the room. I’m just surprised they haven’t used those words “Sporting Integrity”, as we know nothing is beneath them when we beat them at their midden I’m sure the ball will be too round, our socks weren’t regulation length, and as for Morelos even if he doesn’t play it will be his fault. And when we win 55....
  10. GM63

    Beaton calls in the police

    Well that’s the end of strict lisbility
  11. GM63

    No further punishment for Morelos

    They seem to be frothing at the mouth, getting hot under the collar and have the screaming ab dabs over this! Maybe come what may, at seasons end they should book a holiday to somwhere known for calmness. There are many places they could go to find inner peace, just off the top of my head I think Japan..
  12. GM63

    No further punishment for Morelos

    I agree, however I would also demand advanced CRB checks on all celtic staff who are in attendance at any games between us and them, anywhere, and also the SFA, Police Scotland and the NSPCC to approve their child safety risk assessment for every game they play.
  13. GM63


    I’m sure Police Scotland are hot on the trail of those “hacked accounts” and will find them like they did the glass throwers, bus arsonists and..
  14. GM63

    "Someone to put Scott Brown in his place"

    They strolled on to the pitch wearing their tracksuit tops, the inference was there for all to see - take of our jackets do the job go home - he especially got a shock, their and his unchallenged arrogance is on the wane now.