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  1. GM63


    If he knuckles down and can put in a shift and stays sober, I wish him luck (especially if playing for us), if he does stay he may have to have some kind of minder. I only say that because of what happens/ed to Paul Gascogine, where “journalists” would leave bottles of booze out to get an off the wagon again scoop, it would hardly be earth shattering news in Glasgow but would probably done with malice against the club at the fore front.
  2. GM63

    Candeias Red Card

    At least we now know, exactly how the formal complaint against Collum is going to go. Still at least that will be cheaper than retraining a poor referee or two.
  3. GM63

    Another effin international break

    Gives Atakaŷ time to recover
  4. GM63

    Lest We Forget - Walter Tull

    He joined us and went to war, and, he despite all the racist barriers put in front of him became the first black officer in the British Army he gave up his life leading a sortie shortly before the end of the war.
  5. When it comes to peadophillia there is NO such thing as a coincidence but there are cabals tho.
  6. And as we know they stay very very silent on some very very current matters, so observing a silence to commerate the war dead, should be second nature..
  7. If there were any true journalists interested in this then they would have their arses handed to them on a plate, but none of them have the stomach for it. As it stands they all (Daly excepted) are sticking their heads in the sand, the trouble is the truth will out..
  8. GM63

    Wee Things In Football That Annoy You.

    Commentators who bang on about the age of a veteran player, when they are still capable of putting in a shift.
  9. All corporate or govt bodies - MOD has limits - usually fear two words “Vicarious Liability”, they have claimed they have policies in place to protect all their employees and vaulnerable persons, which clearly have failed, any good brief will ask some simple but devastating questions - Who wrote the policy? How often was it reviewed? How often was it updated? By whom? When CRB checks became a requirement for ALL staff who have contact with children and vaulnerable people, who was reviewed and by whom? How many members of staff were sacked/removed from access to children and vaulnerable people? What police involvement was required? Ad infinitum
  10. GM63


    Morelos was lucky that coin didn’t ricochet onto a St Mirren fan or player as it would have been deemed an instant red,
  11. GM63

    Brenda rodgers

    Let’s be fair to him, all managers crave consistency, and in backing sanctions for any action against the TLB, and within a matter of days it being “nothing to do with me” re Morelos shows he is consistently a backtracking Janus.
  12. GM63


    I wholeheartedly agree but he can’t be recognised as such come the awards season in case SFA board members refuse to attend the ceremony
  13. Because they need to confirm who was onboard, which will be done via familial contact, also until the families are informed in person those details won’t/shouldn’t be released.
  14. GM63


    Should excel at playing the piano
  15. GM63

    CLUB 1872 statement on the fanzone

    It’s incredible how blatant their bigotry and hatred is what’s more disturbing is their belief that it is their duty to interfere in every imaginable way possible with Rangers and their brand, you’d think they were being renumerated in some way such is their vigour to destroy us, or are we (and I’m not big on hyperbole) on the cusp of the SNP version of “First they came for...”