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  1. GM63


    I hope I’m wrong, but I believe there’s more chance of me walking to the moon than Rossiter being fit for more than a game.
  2. It youse no me n anywan ah hing aboot wae, weez pure urny byassed
  3. GM63

    Gerrard's Eyes

    Shouldn’t that be the lovely colour of blue that James Cameron adorned them with in Avatar.
  4. GM63

    Bobby Madley

    Is he corgi registered
  5. I assume the in certain ghettoes in and around Glasgow the most used search question on Google will be “How long does the grass have to be on a football pitch before it’s illegal?”
  6. GM63

    Police Scotland once again

    Giving people a five minute ultimatum, twat.. All that had to be done there was for the button to get on the bus and tell them to keep it down and to tell the bus driver to get a thicker skin. And if you are on video telling people they have criminally damaged the bus then arrest them for the said allegation, not eject a parent without his child.
  7. Scottish drill video?
  8. The Armed Services at our Forces day engaged in “sectarian dancing”, the drivel they print.
  9. GM63

    Nacho putting beast in his place

    You are right it has began, he is in a local newspaper full of contrition for his actions, and realises his action have had consequences as he is being pilloried on social media.
  10. That’s how to do it, subtle, dignified and tastefully aesthetic with no historical massaging of fact
  11. Clearly provoked by the orange indicators
  12. The dopey fucker, has spent all day looking at Rangers training photos, then added 2+2 and got the result her education provided her with.
  13. The Galactico’s better get their thumbs out..
  14. GM63


    Don’t you hate it when the Emperor parades his new clothes
  15. He was a shark in a goldfish bowl, now he’s a minnow. Since Gerrard was linked with us no one has given a hoot about him or his billion lira team of world beaters (if that world was Scotland obviously).